How to Remove Cyber Police Virus in Simple Steps

Many phones are falling victim to the Cyber Police virus. This is ransomware that locks the user out of their device and asks for a ransom to unlock it. The virus has nothing to do with the Police and uses it as a tactic for the users to get scared and make the transaction. Since the user is locked out till the payment is made, there is not much you can do.

Cyber Police Virus
Cyber Police Virus

In some cases, the virus even threatens to leak the individual’s personal information to all the contacts.

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Steps to Remove Cyber Police Virus

If your device has been infected by this virus, follow the steps given below in order to remove it:

  • Disconnect from any wireless services like WiFi and Bluetooth to protect your data. If you cannot do so, switch off your router or move out of range of the wireless connection.
    disconnect internet windows 10
    disconnect internet windows 10
  • Switch off your device. If you cannot switch off your device by tapping on the Power Off option, do it manually. For phones with removable batteries, remove the battery while for other phones with non-removable batteries, hold the power button for about 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Remove your SIM card/cards from the device and any memory cards too.
    sim card removal
    sim card removal
  • Boot up your device again by holding down the power button.
  • Once you boot up, hold down the power button till you see the power menu.
  • From here, tap and hold on the Power Off option to reboot your device into Safe Mode. If you have a Reboot option in the power menu instead, tap and hold the Reboot option. Safe mode only loads system applications and drivers for the bare functioning of your device.

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  • When in safe mode, you should not be locked by the Cyber Police virus any longer. However, this does not mean that you have got rid of it. If you still encounter the virus, it means that the virus has also infected even the system files. You will need professional support and have to reach out to the customer support of your device. You can also try factory resetting your device. The procedure to factory reset your device is given at the end of the article.
  • Now comes the tricky part, you have to search for the files that contain the Cyber Police virus. Since the virus plants into different files on different devices, you will have to figure out the infected files by yourselves. You can try seeking out help from someone who knows these things online. Also, uninstall any new apps that you might think planted the virus.
  • Once you have removed the files, reboot into Normal Mode. You should not see the Cyber Police virus anymore.

Use Reliable Antivirus to Avoid this Virus in Future

When you are successfully able to remove the Cyber Police virus from your phone, make sure that you install a good antivirus like McAfee Avast! To delete any remaining infected files.

This will prevent recurrence of any such problems and protect you from other viruses. Also, keep the virus definitions updated at all times. Pay attention while clicking on external links and downloading apks onto your device.

phone antivirus
phone antivirus

Also, while installing downloaded new apps, make sure that you read all the required permissions before clicking Install as you might be giving grants to install unwanted software.

If you instead use Play Store to download apps onto your device and only download attachments and other files from trusted sources, you can prevent this from happening to your device.

You can also prevent the Cyber Police virus from infecting your phone by keeping an antivirus app installed on your device at all times. Also, make it a point to download and install software updates for your device as Google makes new security patches every month to protect your device.

How to Factory Reset Your Device?

The following process is a hard reset and doesn’t need the device unlocking to perform the reset:

  • Power off your device.
  • Now, you need to press a hardware key combination in order to activate the recovery mode from where you can factory reset your device. For most of the phones, the key combination is holding down both the volume buttons and the power button at the same time. Google the recovery key combination if the above combination doesn’t work for you.
  • You will see with a recovery menu. Use the volume buttons to scroll through the list items. Keep clicking the volume down button till you see the Recovery mode option.
  • Press the power button to get into the recovery menu.
    factory reset your device
    factory reset your device
  • Once in the recovery menu, hold the power button and the volume up buttons at the same time. Use the volume buttons to select the wipe data/factory reset option.
  • Press the power button and select the Yes – delete all user data option to factory reset your device.

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  • Please note that this will erase all your data like apps and contacts from the internal memory of your device. Data on external memory devices like memory cards won’t be deleted.
  • Once sure that you need to erase all the internal memory, press the power button to perform the wipe.
  • Reboot your device to see if the Cyber Police virus has been removed from your device. You will need to set up your device again after the factory reset.

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So this was our guide about how to remove this Virus in simple steps. We hope after referring to this, you were able to come to your solutions. In case you’re still in confusion about anything or have questions for us, shoot them down in the comments section.

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