How to Remove Four Virus from iPhone in 5 Simple Steps

If you are getting a popup on your iPhone that says Your system is heavily damaged by four virus, do not panic. This is just a creative way to fool you and make you install a tool which is actually a malware. The whole warning is nothing but a scam. The warning tells the users to install a tool from the App Store in order to fix this issue. Here is the warning that appears:

“Your system is heavily damaged by Four virus!

We detect that your Apple iPhone is 28.1% DAMAGE because of four harmful viruses from recent adult sites. Soon it will damage your phone’s SIM card and will corrupt your contacts, photos, data, applications, etc.

If you do not remove the virus now, it will cause severe damage to your phone. Here’s your NEED to do (step by step)”

You should not under any circumstances install or do anything the web page tells you to. If you have already clicked on the warning and installed the app, it recommended then just skip to the next section.

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Steps to Remove Four Virus

If you haven’t downloaded anything from the four virus warning, follow these steps to be on the safe side:

Safari Browser

  • Clear the browsing history. This will remove any temporary files or cache stored by four virus from your iPhone.
    Clear the browsing history Safari
    Clear the browsing history Safari
  • Open the Settings app. The full history of safari can be cleaned using the settings app and not directly through the safari app.
  • Search for Safari in the list and tap it.
  • In the Safari menu, look for Clear History and Website data and tap it. Tap Yes on any pop-ups that may appear to clear the history.
  • If the button is disabled, it means that you will have to bypass restrictions. To do this, select Restrictions from the settings app and enter the passcode. Then tap Websites and then select All websites to enable clearing history on your iPhone. Repeat the steps above to clear your history.

Also, note that the history will be cleared for your iCloud account. So the history will be erased from all the devices connected to the same iCloud account.

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Chrome Browser

  • Open the chrome app by launching it from the icon on home screen.
  • Tap the Menu button. The three vertical dots represent this in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Select the Privacy option from the menu.

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  • Tap the Privacy option and this should launch a menu with all the reset options.
  • Select the items you want to remove and tap on the Clear browsing data button once done. This will clear the history from all the accounts that use Chrome with the same Gmail ID.
    Clear browsing data chrome.jpg
    Clear browsing data chrome

Uninstall Any App You Installed Through Four Virus

However, if you have downloaded the app from the four virus link, follow these steps:

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  • The four virus asks users to download random apps so you will need to find the app that was downloaded yourself.
  • Once you have seen the app on the home screen, tap and hold on its icon till your device vibrates.
    delete apps iphone
    delete apps iphone
  • Tap on the cross button next to the app icon.
  • Click on the Delete button from the pop up that appears.
  • Restart your iPhone.

How to Keep Your iPhone Device Always Updated?

iPhones are one of the most secure devices out there. Any warnings like this should not trick you. You should always keep your iOS updated to the latest version to keep your device secure from threats like four virus or anything else. To check for the newest version of iOS available for your iPhone:

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  • Make sure your device is fully charged before starting the procedure. You can put your device to charge in order to not run into any issues during the update process. Also, make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection at all times.
  • Launch the Settings app.
  • From the list, look for the General entry and tap it.
  • Tap on the Software button in the General menu. Your phone should begin looking for updates and notify you accordingly.
  • If an update is available, tap on Download and install. You might need to remove some apps temporarily in order to make space for the new update:
    Download updates iphone
    Download updates iphone
  • Tap Install to begin the installation. You can also time the update to complete while you sleep.

If you want to update your iPhone more safely, you can use your computer to install the update via iTunes:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes if you don’t already have it from here. Connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Launch iTunes on your PC and select the device you want to update.
  • Click on Summary and then click Check for update.
  • Press on the Download and Update button in order to begin the update process.
  • Once done, disconnect your iPhone and power it on.

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The virus about which we have discussed above is only one of the many scams out there. The user needs to be extremely careful while getting any such warnings and act accordingly.

These are just quick methods used by scammers to make users install unwanted apps. They may even try to extract your personal information for illegal purposes.

Do not disclose any personal information to anyone and if you run into a problem, consider getting support from Apple themselves. It is best to look online for any issues or warnings before taking any action to stay safe.

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