How to Remove Newpoptab Virus from Chrome/Firefox

Newpoptab is a type of computer virus that comes under the class of Adware. Adware is specially designed software that creates and show fake advertisements that can lead you to malicious websites or even infect your computer with a virus when clicked. Thus, you should know how to remove Newpoptab virus. These advertisements can be seen in different forms such as popup windows, whole page ads or even annoying toolbar and extensions.

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The virus might change your browser settings, add net extensions, change default search engines, etc. And these settings might be changed without your permission or knowledge if you don’t remove Newpoptab virus.

Why is this Adware Dangerous?

Firstly, most of the ads come up by these adwares are fake or false ads. Therefore they are very annoying and an absolute waste of time. These ads can fill your browser screen and reduce the quality of your browsing experience.

These adware are perfectly compatible with your most common browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Therefore they can easily attack your browsing.

Once they get in a browser if you don’t remove Newpoptab virus, then these adware spread very fast and soon your browser will be in floods with advertisements and pop-ups that take up almost all of your screen space.

Another way in which they can affect you is by fooling you into thinking these products in the ads are accurate. This can lead you to click the advertisement. Or even sometimes they can force you into thinking that there is some software that you must install immediately for you to keep your computer safe from some dangerous malware.

But in fact they are the malware, once you click the bait soon, you will be redirected to some hackers or malicious website. These websites can infect your computer with deadly viruses or even steal your files and information stored on the computer. Once you are affected by such a virus or have been hacked, your passwords, usernames, search queries, personal files, all are not safe anymore.

So always be careful of what you click on or download from the Internet. Never open suspicious websites or click on false promise advertisement. Your carelessness can lead you to an infected computer. And always remember to have a good anti-Malware program installed on your computer as these can scan and detect any potentially dangerous programs that you should delete.

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How can you get infected with Newpoptab Virus?

The most common ways in which this adware can get into your computer is bundled along with other freeware or genuine software. These sneaky parasites hide in the software bundles that you download from the internet and automatically installs into your computer along with the other software without your knowledge.

The possibility of a bundled malware is very high especially if you have downloaded the freeware from an illegal website. So always be careful of what you download and from where.

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And while installing a freeware, you downloaded from the internet, always check what you are installing and what are its contents. You can opt out of these installations by choosing the custom or manual installation instead of going for the standard installation.

This way you can keep your computer safe from not only adware but also from more dangerous malware out there. Next place you should be careful is spam emails.

Always be cautious while opening emails from unknown senders as it may be a spam email containing a virus. Once you open it, your computer will get infected with the virus. So we recommend that you delete the spam emails even without opening them.

Remember that once your PC security is in compromise, then it will be hackers and other cyber criminals if you don’t remove Newpoptab virus to steal everything from your PC including your identity. So always be cautious while surfing the web and downloading, installing software from the internet.

How to Remove Newpoptab Virus in 3 Steps?

Follow the below mentioned steps to remove the nepoptab Virus.

Step 1: Uninstall the Adware from your Computer

  • Press the Windows Key + R together.
  • When the run command window opens type ‘appwiz.cpl.’

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appwiz cpl
appwiz cpl
  • Now you are on the control panel.
  • Search for the Newpoptab program from the program list.
  • Click uninstall/change. And uninstall the program.

Step 2: To remove Newpoptab from Google Chrome

  • Open the Chrome Browser & navigate to browser settings menu.
  • Select tools.
  • Choose extensions.
  • Remove any extensions that seem suspicious or is unknown.
  • To make it more secure, reset Google Chrome.

    reset Google Chrome
    reset Google Chrome
  • To reset chrome:
    • Go to settings.
    • Add person.
    • Create a new id with a preferred name and picture.
    • Go back to settings and remove the currently existing person.
    • All the settings will reset and browser is free of the adware now.

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Step 3: To remove Newpoptab from Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the Firefox Browser.
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  • When the settings open, disable and remove any suspicious or unknown Add-ons.
  • To reset Firefox:
    • Open the Firefox Help Menu.
    • Select Troubleshoot information.
    • Click Reset Firefox.

      reset FireFox
      reset FireFox
    • Now this will reset browser to its default settings.


These are the step by step instructions to remove virus from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

We highly recommend that after all these are done, you scan your computer with a professional Anti-Malware program so that any leftover registry entries or temporary files can be erased.

Hope that these instructions helped you to recover your computer from this Newpoptab adware. Always be careful on the internet and while downloading data, and have an Anti-Malware program installed on your computer. It is always better to remove Newpoptab virus and prevent a virus infection.

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