Newpoptab is a type of computer virus that comes under the class Adware. Adware is specially designed software that creates and shows fake advertisements that can lead you to malicious websites or even infect your computer with a virus when clicked. Thus, you should know how to remove the Newpoptab virus. Different forms of advertisements can be observed, including pop-up windows, full-page ads, and even annoying toolbars and extensions.

You only need to enter the browser settings and head to the Extensions page, regardless of which web browser provider you use (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge). Restart your computer after removing everything associated with AdChoices from your list of add-ons.

The virus might change your browser settings, add net extensions, change default search engines, etc. If you don’t remove the Newpoptab virus, it can change these settings without your permission or knowledge.

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Why is this Adware Dangerous?

Firstly, most ads with this adware are fake or false. Therefore they are very annoying and an absolute waste of time. These ads can fill your browser screen and reduce the quality of your browsing experience.

This adware is perfectly compatible with your most common browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Therefore they can quickly attack your browsing.

Once they get in a browser, if you don’t remove the Newpoptab virus, this adware spreads very fast, and soon your browser will be flooded with advertisements and pop-ups that take up almost all of your screen space.

Another way they can affect you is by fooling you into thinking these products in the ads are accurate. This can lead you to click the advertisement. Or even sometimes, they can force you into thinking that you must install some software immediately to keep your computer safe from some dangerous malware.

But in fact, they are malware. Once you click the bait soon, you will be redirected to hackers or malicious websites. These websites can infect your computer with deadly viruses or even steal your files and information stored on the computer. Once you are affected by such a virus or have been hacked, your passwords, usernames, search queries, and personal files are not safe anymore.

So always be careful what you click on or download from the Internet. Never open suspicious websites or click on false promise advertisements. Your carelessness can lead you to an infected computer. And always remember to have an excellent anti-malware program installed on your computer, as these can scan and detect any potentially dangerous programs you should delete.

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How can you get infected with the Newpoptab Virus?

The most common way this adware can get into your computer is bundled with other freeware or genuine software. These sneaky parasites hide in the software bundles you download from the Internet and automatically install them into your computer with the other software without your knowledge.

The possibility of bundled malware is very high, especially if you have downloaded the freeware from an illegal website. So always be careful of what you download and from where. Click here to learn about the Amazonaws virus.

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Another common virus for Firefox, like Newpoptab, is the Firefox update virus, which affects your computer in a similar fashion by asking you to download an urgent or critical update. 

While installing freeware you downloaded from the Internet, always check what you are installing and its contents. You can opt out of these installations by choosing the custom or manual installation instead of the standard installation.

This way, you can keep your computer safe from not only adware but also from more dangerous malware out there. The next place you should be careful is spam emails.

Always be cautious while opening emails from unknown senders, as they may be spam emails containing viruses. Opening it will result in the virus infecting your computer. So we recommend that you delete the spam emails even without opening them.

Remember that once your PC security is compromised, hackers and other cybercriminals who don’t remove the Newpoptab virus steal everything from your PC, including your identity. So always be cautious while surfing the web, downloading and installing software from the Internet.

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How to Remove Newpoptab Virus in 3 Steps?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to remove the nepoptab Virus.

Step 1: Uninstall the Adware from your Computer

  1. Press the Windows Key + R key and r
  2. When the run command window opens, type ‘appwiz.cpl.’appwiz cpl
  3. Now you are on the control panel.opening control panel
  4. Search for the Newpoptab program from the program list.program list
  5. Click uninstall/change. And uninstall the program.

Step 2: To remove Newpoptab from Google Chrome.

  1. Open the Chrome Browser & navigate to the browser settings menu.browser settings
  2. Select tools.
  3. Choose extensions.extensions
  4. Remove any extensions that seem suspicious or are unknown.
  5. To make it more secure, reset Google Chrome.reset google chrome
  6. To reset Chrome:
    • Go to settings
    • Add person.add second account
    • Create a new id with a preferred name and picture.
    • Go back to settings and remove the currently existing person.delete chrome profile
    • All the settings will reset, and the browser is free of the adware now.

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Step 3: To remove Newpoptab from Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open the Firefox Browser.firefox browser.
  2. Press CTRL+SHIFT+Esc.ctrl+shift+esc
  3. When the settings open, disable and remove any suspicious or unknown Add-ons.
  4. To reset Firefox:
    • Open the Firefox Help the firefox help menu.
    • Select Troubleshoot information.troubleshoot on firefox
    • Click Reset Firefox.reset firefox
    • Now this will reset the browser to its default settings.


Why are new tabs opening in Chrome automatically?

Chrome extensions, spyware, or settings may be at blame for automatic new tab starts. Check for suspicious extensions, turn them off, run a virus scan, and, if necessary, reset Chrome settings. Make sure the URLs are specified for your startups.

Is Chrome safe without antivirus?

Yes. Although Chrome contains built-in security tools like Safe Browsing to guard against harmful websites, antivirus software is still recommendable. Safe browsing is helpful, but antivirus software offers a more comprehensive defense against malware, ransomware, and phishing assaults.

How do I block new tab ads in Firefox?

Open Firefox and choose Block New Tab Ads from the menu. Change the New Windows and Tabs setting under Home to Blank Page or a custom URL. Firefox must be closed and reopened for the modifications to take effect.

Does Firefox remove ads?

Yes. Firefox comes with Enhanced Tracking Protection, which reduces some types of advertisements and eliminates some trackers and ads. It does not, however, stop all advertisements. Use browser plugins like uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus, which offer extra ad-blocking features, for more thorough ad-blocking.


These are the step-by-step instructions to remove the virus from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

After completing these steps, we highly recommend scanning your computer with a professional Anti-Malware program to eliminate any remaining registry entries or temporary files.

I hope these instructions helped you recover your computer from this Newpoptab adware. Always be careful on the browser(Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox) and while downloading data, and have an Anti-Malware program installed on your computer. It is always better to remove the Newpoptab virus and prevent virus infection.

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