How to Remove Pluto TV Virus in 6 Simple Steps

Pluto TV is not basically a virus; it is an entirely legal program. Some people may even find it useful and necessary. But for most users, Pluto TV is an unwanted malware that floods your browser with various ads and annoys you by starting up at unwanted times. And hence we are going to talke about Pluto TV Virus here.

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Also, it is a sneaky app that installs itself without your knowledge; this is the main reason why Pluto TV is considered a virus. The Pluto TV browser extension can lead to annoying pop-ups and advertisement windows that can be a block to your browsing experience.

What is the Pluto TV?

Even though this is a harmless and sometimes useful product, you may find it unwanted because of the many problems it causes. Pluto TV is what is called a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). These kind of PUP or bloatware are useless programs that you are better off without them.

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Such programs are widely available all over the internet causing problems to numerous users worldwide. Another issue with this bloatware is that, even though they maybe not harmful at the start, they can become very dangerous by making your computer an open target for malware on the internet. This only happens very rarely as mostly these PUPs are annoying and intrusive programs.

Pluto TV also has applications built for Android and iPhone but the PC version is the most problematic version. The intrusiveness of the software is one thing that makes it undesirable. The appearance of these ads and banners have made the internet browsing such an irritating process.

Another reason why Pluto TV is considered a virus is because it installs and starts working on your computer without your knowledge. They can integrate with your browser even before you come to know it has been installed on your system.

Pluto TV can read your browser setting and also change the settings such as browser history, apps, extensions and add-ons. Etc. Pluto TV can even manage your downloads without your knowledge.

How can your computer get infected with Pluto TV Virus?

There are numerous ways in which Pluto TV can infect your computer. Like, Pluto TV can crawl into your computer by bundling itself along with some free downloaded software. It may even come along with a torrent download. But if you really want to download it for use, it is available on the legal website.

Other ways in which you can get infected pluto tv is ads and banners. It can lead you to download the software even without your knowledge. Unknowingly clicking an ad can lead you to download the Pluto TV software.

Always be vigilant of whatever software you are installing, make sure to go through all the bundled application and install only what you need. Be careful while surfing the web and try to avoid suspicious or illegal websites.

Viruses lurk on these sites and can easily infect your system. Never install programs from unknown or questionable third-party websites, they will add malicious programs bundled along with the software you downloaded.

Be careful while downloading and installing freeware. Make sure to check these things and you can prevent your computer being infected with Pluto TV Virus. And always have a good Anti-Malware program on your computer. These programs will scan and remove or warn you of any potential threats. It is the best protection for your system.

How to Remove Pluto TV Virus?

Follow these steps to remove Pluto TV Virus.

Step 1: Show all hidden files on your computer

  • In the file explorer, click on the View tab.
  • Check the box labeled hidden items/select show hidden items.

    Show all hidden files on your computer
    Show all hidden files on your computer

Step 2: Uninstall Pluto TV

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  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Open programs and features.

    Uninstall Pluto TV
    Uninstall Pluto TV
  • Check for the Pluto TV virus here and uninstall it.

Step 3: In windows search. Search for ‘msconfig’

  • A window will open.
  • Go to the startup tab.

    msconfig windows
    msconfig windows
  • Uncheck entries that show manufacturer name as ‘unknown.’
  • Also look for any suspicious entries and uncheck them.

Step 4: To remove changes made to browser shortcut

  • Right click on browser shortcut.
  • Select properties.
  • Under the shortcut, tab check the target field.

    browser shortcut windows
    browser shortcut windows
  • Delete everything after .exe in the target field.
  • Do this to all your browser shortcuts.

Step 5: To remove changes made to browser settings

  • Open your browser.
  • Navigate to browser settings.
  • Open add-ons or extensions settings.
  • Find the Pluto TV virus from the add-ons or extensions and disable/remove it.
  • Or reset your browser settings to default.

Step 6: Open task manager by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC together

  • Go to the Processes tab.
  • Check for the malicious processes.
  • Right click on each of the malicious processes and select open file location.
  • End the process after the folder is opened.
  • Then delete the folder that you were sent to.

    CTRL+SHIFT+ESC task manager
    CTRL+SHIFT+ESC task manager
  • After all these steps are done, we highly recommend you to use a professional Anti-Malware program to scan for any leftover registry entries or temporary files. Erase the leftovers and your computer is safe from Pluto TV virus.

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These are the steps to remove the Pluto TV malware from your computer. We hope that these instructions helped you to recover your computer from this virus.

Always be careful while surfing, downloading, installing files from the internet. And always remember to use a good anti-virus program on your computer to prevent it from getting infected with any virus. And scan your computer often to check for any suspicious files or virus threats.

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