How To Remove Homepage From Your Browser?


Recently, browser hijackers are increasing at an alarming rate globally. As the name suggests, browser hijackers “hijacks” the browsers in your system such that they function out of your control. The main motive behind these corrupted programs is to generate revenue by tracking and affecting your online searches. is one such browser hijacker. Learn how to Remove Homepage here.

Relatively characteristic of all browser hijackers, once installed in your system, it modifies the Web browser’s settings in the system, replacing itself as the homepage. The homepage looks similar to any normal search engine page, with links to several of your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Please do not let that disguise fool you.

From directing you to dangerous sites, possible thefts of personal information including card credential information, tracking your online clicks, to display relevant ads to support their revenue generation, and also downloading unwanted plugins and toolbars that lead to slow browser operation, it spoils your web browsing experience to a great extent.
Even restarting the browser does not solve it always. This is because the browser hijacker makes changes in the Windows registry itself, namely, add a startup entry to the Windows registry.

There is enough reason as to why we should not want this in our system. Not only does the word “hijacker” seem intimidating, but we also don’t want strangers messing with our personal information. Hence we shall explore ways to remove this threat from our system.

Remove Homepage now

Broadly, we can do this in two ways:

  • Remove manually from your computer
  • Use malware removal tools to remove it automatically

Manual Removal

Uninstall from your computer

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Under Programs, choose to Uninstall a program (Windows 7,8, Vista). Windows XP users need to click on Add/Remove Programs.
  3. The window lists all installed programs. Uninstall from there.
  4. Subsequently, you would also like to uninstall other unwanted programs as I have specified in a list below.

Suspicious Programs:

  • Web Cake 3.0
  • Browser protect
  • Browser Protect by Conduit
  • Yealt
  • Privacy safe ground
  • HD-Plus 1.8
  • Download Terms 1.0

There are much more not listed here, and it is advisable to uninstall them all.

Remove from your browser (Internet Explorer)

Remove from home page

  • Go to Tools menu in Internet Explorer.
  • Click on Internet Options, which will open up a configuration tab. Click on the General tab.
Remove from home page
Remove from home page
  • Under homepage edit box, you shall find Replace it with your preferred site. Apply and close it.

Remove add-on

  • Open the configuration tab from Tools -> Internet Options.
  • Click on Programs tab, then on Manage Add-ons.
Remove add-on
Remove add-on
  • Disable the add-on, consecutively disabling other unwanted add-ons.

Reset Internet Explorer

  • Open the configuration tab from Tools -> Internet Options.
  • Click on Advanced tab, and then on the RESET button.
Reset Internet Explorer
Reset Internet Explorer
  • A popup appears for confirmation. Mark the Delete personal setting, then click on RESET button.
  • After this, Internet Explorer will be reset to default settings.

Remove Homepage from Windows Shortcuts

  • Remove it from your browser’s properties. Under Shortcut tab of Internet Explorer, delete the string from the target field.
  • Remove it from the start menu shortcuts.
  • Take it out of the taskbar shortcuts.

Remove from Windows Registry

  • Tap on “windows key + R” to open the Run box. Type REGEDIT in it. The registry editor will open.
  • Open find option from Edit menu. Search “” using the find dialog box.
  • The search result will highlight the key having the string.
  • Also, delete this Key/Value/Value-data from the registry.
  • Find all such keys and delete them.

Remove Homepage from Autorun Tasks

  • Right click on the Start button, and then click on Computer Management.
  • In the manage window, open the Task Scheduler Library under the Task Scheduler option. Under this, remove all tasks that contain the “” string.

Remove Homepage from Startup

  • Tap on “windows key + R” to open up the Run box. Type MSCONFIG to open the msconfig window.
  • In this window, you will get all the startup entries under the Startup tab. Un-check all those entries which contain “”
Remove Homepage from msconfig
Remove Homepage from msconfig

Remove Homepage from Services

  • Tap on “windows key + R” to open the Run box. Type MSCONFIG to open the msconfig window.
  • On the services tab, click “Hide Windows Services,” so all windows related services will be hidden. Now it shall display only third party installed services. Uncheck all which contain “”

Malware Removal Tools



It is a powerful malware removal tool, able to detect and remove malware like Trojans, worms, rootkits, etc. Download and install SpyHunter on your PC. Also, after updating it to the latest version, click on Scan Computer Now to scan for malware infections.  When scanning is done, click on Fix Threats to clear all infections.

Plumbytes Antivirus

Plumbytes security tool can find and remove unwanted programs like browser hijackers, adware, malicious toolbars, etc. After installing the program, scan your system. Select those you want to remove.

Plumbytes Antivirus
Plumbytes Antivirus

To delete the threats, you need to register for the full version. These were just some of the malware removal tools. Others like PCKeeper Antivirus, AdwCleaner, Hitman-Pro perform equally well.

The manual methods do not always work well. For example, when fiddling with the registry, we may accidentally delete important keys, which can cause the whole system to disrupt. Therefore, the malware removal tools are a safer option.


You must keep in mind that “” can infect our systems only if we allow it to. As the proverb goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” And how do we prevent it?

Most often the browser hijacker comes bundled with free third party applications. Enough attention to be given to installation process of these applications. Also, you have to avoid any quick installation. Custom Installations may provide for unchecking the unwanted packages to be installed. Also, malicious websites, or clicking on dubious popups should be refrained from. Also, unknown attachments in emails are not to be opened.

All in all, there is no need to worry if proper measures are taken to Remove Homepage if actions are taken cautiously.

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