Personal Computer users may have questioned “How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive / Computer” at least once during their usage period. This guide gives all the answers which arise in your mind regarding the shortcut virus. In this case, you may have faced one common problem “Unable to delete the shortcut folder.”

The attrib command is frequently suggested for eliminating shortcut infections from USB flash drives and pen drives. Make a BAT file clean and delete the shortcut virus from a USB drive. A BAT file can be executed to clear and eliminate the shortcut virus already there.

To overcome this problem, I would like to share the information and ideas about removing the Shortcut virus from your PC. First, before knowing how to remove the shortcut virus in your laptop to save your documents, I let you know about the shortcut virus and its types.

What Is Shortcut Virus?

The program spreads throughout the software, the internet, and flash drives. It is the one that creates the replica of the original files and folders. If you try to open the folder, it will make multiple files and may install some viruses on your PC.

shortcut virus
The effects due to this program are it may steal your data, it may try to advertise on your browser, or it can monitor your PC activity.

Types Of Shortcut Virus

  • The most common shortcut virus is the Flashdrive shortcut virus.
  • And the other one is File and Folder Shortcut Virus.

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

This virus will fuse all your files in the drive, save them in a hidden folder, and create a .exe folder.

Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

Here you can see the files, but you may have no choice but to perform any action. It may steal your records and install some miscellaneous applications while fixed in your system.

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

This type will replicate the files stored on your PC and hide or replace them as sortcut.lnk Shortcut.VBS, shortcut.exe, file.ini, etc. It can easily steal your data and essential details from your PC. You will not have any options to delete the virus. Instead, you can only open the folders to view the files.

File and Folder Shortcut Virus

You may think of destroying this virus program from your system and pen drive. Here are some of the methods to delete the shortcut virus permanently.

Methods To Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive / Computer

The best tools to Remove Shortcut Viruses are the Shortcut virus fixer and the Trojorm Removal tool.

Download tools to Remove Shortcut Virus

    1. After getting this tool on your system, use any file decompressor to extract the files.file decompressor
    2. The next step is to run the Trojorm Removal Tool inside the flash drive.Shortcut Virus Fixer
    3. Then wait for scanning to complete and then press Enter. Next, you have to copy the Shortcut Virus.shortcut remover
    4. Folder and paste it inside the flash drive or in the external drive. Then open it with the Notepad by right-clicking the with notepad
    5. Then look for the H and change it according to your flash drive’s letter. After editing it, save it. Next, double-click on the VBS file and choose Windows Based, Script Host.
    6. Run the script. After the completion of the process, the shortcut virus will be gone, and you can see your files.

Using CMD

This is another easy way to remove shortcut viruses without downloading any software to remove the virus. Here are the steps to perform this method.

Using CMD to fix Shortcut Virus

  1. The first step is to Open CMD. To open, type CMD in Run or find the command prompt in the start menu. Open by clicking on it.
  2. Next, enter the name of the drive filled with the virus. For example, if you have the virus in the f drive, type “F:”
  3. Next type attrib f:*.*/d/s –h –r –s
    -h is to unhide all the files in drive W.
    -r is to create the files in drive W which are free of the read-only attribute
    -s is to make the files on the drive W which is to be not part of the system again
    f is W drive.
  4. The command given will Remove Shortcut Virus from the drive and can have a virus-free movement.

Using. Bat file

If the above CMD method does not give the better result, you may opt for this method. .Bat file is an execution of any file, and this file can be easily made using Notepad. Write the following commands in Notepad, and using this method, you can quickly clear the virus from all the drives at a time. This is one of the advantages in.Bat file because, in CMD, you have to Remove Shortcut Viruses separately one by one.

Perform the following steps:

  1. First, open Notepadopen notepad
  2. Type the code given underneath in the Notepad
    @echo off
    attrib –h –s –r –a /s /d Drive Name: *.*
    attrib –h –s –r –a /s /d Drive Name: *.*
    @echo complete
  3. You can give code according to the number of drives you need clean.
  4. In the Drive, Name replace it with the name of the drive you need to clean
  5. Then save it in the name remove virus.bat and save it to the desktop for the easy access
  6. Then double-click on the file and run it.

Now you can see the virus has been removed, and all the files will be visible.

Different Features Of Both Viruses

Here are some of the different features of both viruses:

Table showing different features of both viruses

Flashdrive Shortcut VirusFile and Folder Shortcut Virus
DefinitionA type of virus that creates shortcuts to all files and folders on a flash drive and hides the original files and folders.A type of virus that creates shortcuts to all files and folders on a computer and hides the original files and folders.
SpreadSpreads through flash drives or other external storage devices connected to an infected computer.Spreads through emails, downloads from untrusted websites, and infected software installations.
EffectsIt hides the original files and folders, making them inaccessible.It hides the original files and folders, making them inaccessible.
RemovalShortcut removed using antivirus software or manually deleting the shortcut files and restoring the original files and folders.Shortcut removed using antivirus software or manually deleting the shortcut files and restoring the original files and folders.
PreventionScan all external storage devices with antivirus software before using them.Be cautious when opening emails, downloading files from untrusted websites or installing software from untrusted sources. Scan all files and folders with antivirus software before opening them.


What is a shortcut virus, and how can I prevent my computer from getting one?

A shortcut virus is a particular kind of malware that creates shortcuts and turns off all files and folders on your computer. It usually spreads through infected external storage devices, such as USB drives connected to your computer.

How can I know if a shortcut virus has infected my computer?

The most common sign of a shortcut virus infection is the appearance of shortcut files for all your files and folders. Additionally, you may notice that your computer is running more slowly than usual or that programs are crashing unexpectedly.

How to remove a virus from laptop?

You can remove a shortcut virus using a shortcut virus remover program or manually deleting the shortcut files and restoring the original files and folders. To ensure the malware has been eliminated, run an antivirus scan on your computer.

Can I retrieve the files and directories the shortcut malware has hidden?

Yes, you may restore your original files and folders by removing the shortcut files and utilizing a data recovery application or a backup to restore your original files and directories.

Is it safe to use a shortcut virus remover program?

Yes, a reputable shortcut virus remover program can safely remove the shortcut virus from your computer. However, download the program from a trusted source and scan it with antivirus software before installing it.

Is Shortcut a virus?

The application Shortcut is not a virus, nevertheless. With this productivity tool, you may make shortcuts for commonly used files, directories, and programs. Use caution when downloading programs from unreliable sources or with similar names since they can contain viruses.


Surely, any one of the methods will Remove Shortcut Virus in your drive and your system. You can also use this process to remove the shortcut virus in the external hard drive. You can also use some malware removal tools for Windows if the methods do not work. But still, it is easy to remove shortcut viruses using CMD and . Bat files. Try to perform it first, and if your system does not perform well, use the Shortcut Remover tools.

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