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Micro SD card is a place where you can store lots of data depending upon the storage of the card. It allows you to delete the data and also protect it. You can also make your Micro SD card as your internal memory and store apps in it if you are going to use the card permanently. Micro SD card can also be secured by using security pin for the card. This security pin helps you to prevent the card from formatting automatically. You can also prevent your SD card from other viruses by formatting it whenever required. But there are times when you forget you pin but need to modify your card. That’s when you’ll be needing to know, How To Remove Write Protection On Micro SD Card.

A problem that people often face when they are copying/transferring data from their SD card is that the write issue. Some SD cards show write protection while copying data. This is not a big issue it can be solved by sitting at home. You don’t need any expertise suggestions to solve this.

Write protection on your SD card is not any big deal it is just a protection that does not allow the user to format or copy any important data from the file and that is saved for ever. You can also keep a safety password for protecting the card from being formatted. Then whenever you select the option format on your SD card, it asks you for the password and entering the password helps you format your SD card. This is also one way to Remove Write Protection On Micro SD Card.

Steps to Remove Write Protection On Micro SD Card.

Unlocking the Adaptor

If you have placed your SD card in an adapter, then you need to know that the adapter has a lock. This lock prevents your micro SD card from writing over. You need to unlock it to write on your SD card. To unlock it you need to push the button on the left side of the adapter upwards, and then your SD card is unlocked. After unlocking you need to format your SD card then it may work properly.

If this arrangement does not work, then you need to lock and unlock the adapter for three times and then lock it for 70 secs and then unlock and then try to format. This will work for sure. There are also some other techniques, or I can say methods to remove write on SD card.


Regedit is Registry Editor. This can be used to remove the write issues that people often face during data transfer from their SD card.

  1. You need to click start and then search for regedit.
  2. Then click on the registry editor.
  3. Now you need to navigate through
  4. After that, you need to change the value from 0 to any number between 1 to 10.
  5. Now you can try copying data, and there will be no write issue on your SD card.


How To Remove Write Protection On Micro SD Card - TechWhoop

Insert your SD card into your PC through a card reader and then try copying data if it shows write issue then follow these steps:

  1. Launch command prompt after inserting your SD card.
  2. After launching command prompt type DISKPART in the dialogue box.
  3. As you type DISKPART then select LIST DISK option.
  4. As all the disk drives are listed, you need to select the SD card disk.
  5. Now after selecting the disk now, type ATTRIBUTES DISK CLEAR READONLY (in lower case letters).
  6. Then clean the card.
  7. You need to create a partition primary file.
  8. Now format your SD card and then you won’t find any writing issue on your SD card.

If the method one does not work, then this method would surely work. This method is also appreciated by the other users who faced the same issues.


Many of the SD cards have malware content in them and that malware, viruses prevent the SD card to behave normally and do not allow to transfer/copy data from one file to another file. They also prevent the card from being formatted. This frustrates the user.


So the best way is to scan the SD card with anti-virus and then try transferring data. You can get a free antivirus from the net. Then scan the card. Your issue will be solved. Then try formatting and send data without any writing issue.

File Disabling

You can also try this method to remove write protection. Just select the memory card and click Properties. From there find your account name (administrator) and then change the permission settings to READ AND WRITE or to READ AND EXECUTE or to FULL CONTROL. After this change, your write protection from the SD card is removed, and now you can try formatting your SD card.

File Disabling
File Disabling

These were some simple techniques or methods in which you can Remove Write Protection On Micro SD Card and then try formatting or copying of transferring data from SD card to your PC.


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