How to Remove Zepto Virus in 8 Simple Steps

There are vast varieties of malware all across the internet. And it is not uncommon for you to have one affect your computer system. Viruses are being made more powerful and harmful than ever before. They can have devastating effects on your PC. One of the latest of such viruses is the Zepto Virus.

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What is Zepto?

It is a dangerous ransomware type virus that is currently increasing in distribution. Ransomware is considered to be the most dangerous type of viruses mainly because their harmful effects are almost irreversible.

Zepto Virus
Zepto Virus

The Zepto virus does not steal your money or identity as other ransomware or malware do, but they do make a loss. In a computer affected by the virus, the virus starts copying the files in the computer to an encrypted format.

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And then this virus deletes the original versions of these files. So that finally you are just left with the encrypted file that requires a specific code for it to be opened.

After that, the Zepto virus reveals itself and asks for a ransom payment for you to be able to access your files. This can be an awful situation for anyone, especially if you have any critical files on your computer. So here we are to help you on how to prevent and if already infected, remove the virus from your computer.

How to make sure that your computer is safe from a virus infection?

  • Always check new emails or spam emails with caution. Since the Zepto virus is distributed mainly through emails. It is better to delete the suspicious emails even before opening them.

    spam emails
    spam emails
  • Refrain from visiting suspicious or illegal websites. These types of viruses lurk mostly on this kind of sites. So avoid them to prevent a virus from entering your computer. As viruses can enter your computer from this website even without your knowledge.
  • Have a good Anti-malware program installed on your computer. A good antivirus is the best way to identify and remove any known viruses.

  • Have a backup of your files. This is most probably the best solution to recover your files if affected by a ransomware program. There are possible chances that the ransomware may delete your files or cloned to decrypted formats. To avoid being affected by this ransomware we suggest you regularly backup your data to a safer location.

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How to Remove Zepto Virus?

Removing this ransomware from your computer is a highly complicated and time-consuming task. But it can surely help you to remove the virus and save your computer.

But, a wrong move can ultimately damage your computer system. These settings may be familiar if you are a pro computer user, but for a beginner, it may seem confusing.

All these steps need to be done with absolute care as a small mistake can cause you to lose all your files. So read these steps carefully before attempting to remove the virus from your computer.

  • Reboot your computer in Safe Mode.
  • Type ‘msconfig’ in the windows search field and open system configuration.

    msconfig windows
    msconfig windows
  • In the system configuration, click on the startup tab and uncheck all entries that have an ‘unknown’ manufacturer.
  • Press CTRL+Shift+ESC together. When the window opens, select the processes tab and then check the list thoroughly to find out the viruses. Since you are unfamiliar with the name or entry of this virus, you can easily find it on google.

    CTRL+SHIFT+ESC task manager
    CTRL+SHIFT+ESC task manager
  • There may be multiple virus files on the list, right-click each one separately and select open file location. Then after opening, end the process of that particular virus. Now, navigate to the opened file location and delete the directory.
  • Then, search regedit in the windows search field and open it. Once it is open, press CTRL+F together and enter the virus name, check for the virus in your registers and delete them.

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  • Be extremely careful not to remove any other entry as it can damage your computer system. You can search google for possible registry entries of the virus to pinpoint the exact virus registry entry.
  • Search the following in window search field and then delete all the temp files. And check the rest for anything that recently is in installation to your PC.
  1. AppData [Command: %AppData%]
  2. Temp [Command: %Temp%]
  3. LocalAppData [Command: %LocalAppData%]
  4. ProgramData [Command: %ProgramData%]
  5. WinDir [Command: %WinDir%]
  • The most devastating aftereffect of the Zepto virus is the decryption of important file. Since the method to decrypt files by hand is almost impossible. We suggest that you find some reliable file recovery app and install it.
  • The app will scan, look for encrypted files and then recover the files. And while installing a recovery app first look for shadow clone recovery software.

They can recover your files from the clones rather than the original files. Some ransomware can detect if you tamper with the original data and will delete it. So it is better to try to recover it from the clone.

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We also suggest you to backup your files before attempting recovery so that you will not lose your files during recovery.


After you have done all these, we recommend you to install any of the scanner or malware cleaner that can search and clean registry leftovers and temporary files from your computer.

This can help you to erase all data and components related to the Zepto Virus entirely. And you can use your computer as before but always be careful of virus infections and use the preventive methods we suggested earlier. We hope that this article helped you to clean your computer of the Zepto Virus infection.

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