If your system does not have much protection against spam, you will encounter the Zbot virus, also known as the Zeus Trojan.

Beware of the Zeus Virus – a deceptive warning that appears when interacting with harmful links or ads. This ploy coerces you into contacting a fraudulent support hotline, enabling unauthorized remote access to your computer. Stay vigilant against this threat.

To Remove Zeus Virus from Windows, try using Malwarebytes Scanner, Use the Zemana AntiMalware Portable Software or Use the HitmanPro Software.

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What is the Zeus Virus?

You are probably aware of how precious data is in today’s world.

remove zeus virus

The Zeus Trojan is a form of malware that steals significant data from your system if it is found to be infecting your computer.

How Does the Zeus Virus Compromise Your System?

The virus gets to your computer through emails that are of a spam format, and the bots sending these emails claim to be representatives from large tech companies or organizations- for example, Microsoft, Facebook, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC), or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

You may also invite the Trojan into your computer by accessing the drive-by downloads and regular spam distribution systems.


Suppose you suspect that your spam is delivering this virus. In that case, you should look for the following signs: the email will suggest you click on the link the organization sends you to overcome a problem regarding your online bank details and virtual financial accounts.

If your system is not protected and you have already clicked on the link, your computer will likely be affected by Zeus.

What Does the Zeus Virus Do?

You must be aware of the various sources of information that the Zbot Trojan will hijack. First, the virus will survey your configuration file and the web pages it contains and will often add an extra section to web pages that previously would not have had more than two sections of data input.

The attacker decides what information to target by altering the configuration files on the installer.

hack master

He can update the list of information to affect by updating the files. The Zeus Trojan can modify any form of data but usually tries to affect your banking details, online identification data, and the computer’s inherent data.

Next, the virus will quickly attack the passwords in your PStore or Protected Storage unit. This includes browser passwords, Post Office Protocol or POP3 data, and File Transfer Protocol or FTP passwords.

The Zeus virus also has access to a C&C server. The Command and Control server is how an attacker can order the Zeus Trojan to shut down, reboot and cause havoc to your computer, delete essential files, or download and open unnecessary files.

All these problems will ultimately force you to reinstall your Windows operating system and will render repair costs. You can remove Zeus Trojan from your Windows system using several methods.

3 Methods to Remove Zeus Virus

Using Malwarebytes Scanner

You can use the Malwarebytes Scanner in addition to removing the Zeus virus. It’s an anti-malware software available for Windows & Mac both.

  1. One must install the Malwarebytes software from an online source and set it up. You must follow the Malwarebytes Setup Wizard instructions by clicking Next, Yes, and Continue wherever appropriate. Now, allow Malwarebytes to make changes on your device.
  2. Your Malwarebytes software will offer a Scan Now Option as soon as it is installed. You must click on it. After a while, the software will finish scanning your computer and detect the Zeus virus and other harmful files.malwarebytes adwcleaner dashboard
  3. You must go through all the files tagged as “Malware” and the ones tagged as “Potentially unwanted,” as you might lose some necessary data if you are not cautious. Once you are sure you want to eliminate the detected programs, click on the option at the end of the Quarantine Selected page.

4. Malwarebytes will quarantine all harmful files, including the Zeus Trojan. You must allow the software to restart your computer to remove the Zeus virus. Finally, you may exit the Malwarebytes software.

Using the Zemana AntiMalware Portable Software

  1. You must install the software Zemana AntiMalware Portable. You will find this free download online. When installing and opening the software, you must allow it to change your device.
  2. The software will let you know if you have scanned your system previously. You can scan specific files from your computer by dragging and dropping them. However, as you do not know what data have been affected by the Zeus Virus, you should prefer the general Scan option for scanning your whole system.

3. After a specified period, you will find the number of infected files out of the total number of data scanned. The names of these files will be listed to you by the Zemana Portable software. You can get rid of the malware-infected files by clicking Next.

4. Zemana AntiMalware Portable will rid your system of all the malware, including the dreaded Zeus. You can let the software complete its cleaning and exit the program.

Using the HitmanPro Software

You must remember that this software is a paid service but offers a 30-day free trial, which you should use.

hitmanpro installation window

  1. You must install this software on your Windows system. Click Next, Continue, and Finish wherever appropriate to install HitmanPro successfully. In downloading, you must allow the software to change your device.
  2. Once installed, HitmanPro will ask you if you can scan your computer for malware. You must click on Next.
  3.  The software will finish scanning your system and list all the infected malware files, including those touched by the Zeus virus. You must click Next if you are ready to get rid of the malware.
  4.  Also, you can quickly proceed if you accept the 30-day free trial. Once HitmanPro removes your malware, you can uninstall the software and cancel your trial.

These are the ways to remove the Zeus virus and protect your system’s information. After all, you can never be too careful with your data.


How did my computer get infect with the Zeus virus?

The Zeus virus can infect your computer through various means, such as visiting compromised websites, opening infected email attachments, downloading malicious files, or clicking on deceptive links. It is essential to practice safe browsing habits, avoid suspicious websites and emails, and keep your operating system and software up to date to reduce the risk of infection.

Can the Zeus virus steal my personal information?

Yes, the Zeus virus is known for its capability to steal personal information, such as login credentials, banking details, and credit card information. It can do so by logging keystrokes, capturing screenshots, or redirecting you to fake websites designed to collect sensitive information. Removing the Zeus virus promptly is crucial to protect your personal and financial data from being compromised.

Will removing the Zeus virus restore my computer to normal?

While removing the Zeus virus is an essential step, it may only partially restore your computer to normal if it has already cause system damage or modified essential files. After removing the Zeus virus, check for any system anomalies or errors and consider restoring your computer to a previous clean backup or seeking professional assistance.

What should I do if my antivirus software cannot remove the Zeus virus?

If your antivirus software fails to remove the Zeus virus, it is recommend to seek professional assistance from a reputable computer security expert. They can employ advanced techniques to identify and remove the virus effectively. Additionally, they can guide you in strengthening your computer's security measures to prevent future infections.

Can reinstalling the operating system remove the Zeus virus?

Reinstalling the operating system can effectively remove the Zeus virus, but it should be considered a last resort. Reinstalling the operating system erases all data on your computer, so ensure you have backed up important files before proceeding. After reinstalling, remember to install updated antivirus software and practice safe browsing habits to prevent future infections.

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