Whenever the term computer comes in mind, we only think about the speed and efficiency. There are so many things one can perform with these high performance devices such as combining and editing images, videos , watching movies, gaming etc. But there are also some tasks on the computer that takes a tonne of time such as renaming the large number files individually. And so follow this blog to know the four convenient ways to Rename Multiple Files.

Rename Multiple Files Windows
Rename Multiple Files Windows

For example, in case if you came across a large group of files with no appropriate names then you may find the difficulty in understanding what they suggest or working with them. But there are also solutions to this problem depending upon which windows system it is which is as follows:

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How to Rename Multiple Files

Here are 4 convenient ways to rename multiple files at one go.

#1 Method

It is the traditional method for renaming the file and can be applied to the Windows 7 or 8.1. In this method, first of all, open the windows explorer in windows 7 or file explorer in 8.1. Then browse to the folder where the needed files are kept. Now just right click and hold the first file you want to rename.

Ways to Rename Multiple Files in Windows
Ways to Rename Multiple Files in Windows

Then press rename or simply the “F2” key, type the new name of the file. Now to go file below, you only have to hit the “Tab” key and then file below get highlighted.

So now all you to do is type the name. In case you have to go upward then hit the “Shift +Tab.” There is a possibility that user might misspell or might change their mind while typing something user can use “Ctrl + Z” instead of the Backspace key.

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#2 Method

In case if the user doesn’t like the earlier method there is another solution. It is suitable if you have to rename multiple files in the same category or same type. In other to do so at first open the windows explorer in windows 7 or file explorer in 8.1. Now browse to the folder where the files in need are present and select the file as per requirement and press the “F2” key.

rename multiple files

This will lead to the highlighting the first file and now type the new as per you desire followed by hitting the Enter key. So here we go all the files are now complete with renaming the same name and numbering according to their selection. This method is also applicable for the Windows 10.

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#3 Method

If you are more curious about the command prompt, then this method is for you and can be used in case of Windows 10. This offers command prompt method has more flexibility than regular way, but yet it is not more advanced option available.


For example, if you have to change the multiple text files to the HTML files at once. To use this method firstly locate folder which contains the files, you wanted to rename. Now hold the “Shift” key, right click on the folder and open the command prompt window.

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When that command prompt window pop, add “ren” command along with the current file type and file type desired. Now hit the Enter and there you go, this will lead to desired file format (or name) conversion.

#4 Method

Windows 10 has the most potent built-in tool for renaming the various files at a time such PowerShell. It can offer most options to the user, but it is time consuming as well and also the complicated one, so most of the users try to avoid it. If you have got the time and haven’t played with the PowerShell yet, then there is nothing wrong in checking it out once.rename multiple files

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At first, go to the PowerShell and open it then enter the command “cd” along with the location of the folder that contains the files that you want to rename and hit the Enter ( take precaution in keeping files that needed to rename in the separate folder, so other files shouldn’t involve and cause problems ). So now try to add new commands to customize renaming of your files.

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Again after all of these methods, if you still do not get how to do multiple file renaming by reading all of the above textual theory then you can see a practical solution on YouTube as well and below are some videos for your convenience:


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