Resetting Xbox Live Password | A Simple How to Guide

The gaming industry is constantly growing due to the rise in the craze of digital games among the new generation. Moreover, there are several players who tend to spend thousands of dollars on games. This further involves purchasing highly capable computers and monitors that can support modern games. There is no doubt in the fact that PC gaming is one the peak right now. However, we often see a separate community for console gamers in the world. Consoles are one of the toughest systems to run high-speed games without any lag. Moreover, these consoles are quite affordable and are much better than a gaming PC. Also, you can buy exclusive games that can only run on the consoles with the latest technology. One of the most popular consoles in the community right now is the Xbox that is manufactured by Microsoft.

xbox live
Xbox live

The players are completely satisfied by the features provided by the developers inside this tiny piece of technology. Moreover, you can take advantage of Xbox Live that will act as a gaming platform. This means that players can purchase games directly from their console and download them accordingly. You will need a separate account of Microsoft to proceed with the purchase. However, many users look for methods for Xbox Live password reset and getting access to the account. Thus, if you are someone with similar needs, make sure to read this guide. We have covered everything that you need to know about resetting Xbox Live password without any issue for Xbox account recovery. Also, make sure to follow the steps carefully to avoid any potential problems.

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What is Xbox Live Password?

Some of you might not be aware of the fact that you need to set up an account on Xbox Live for Xbox live account recovery. Moreover, you have to generate a strong password for keeping the game and profile data safe from misuse. So whenever you create an account, Microsoft will ask you to create a password. Moreover, this password will act as a credential for your account for future references. Also, in case you want to login into your account, you have to fill in this password along with the username. In case you don’t remember the original details, an error will appear on the screen. Therefore it is very important that you should safeguard the Xbox Live password.

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Why Should I Reset Xbox Password?

Further, you might be wondering that what the need is to reset my Xbox light password. Well, there can be several reasons that will force you for resetting Xbox live password. Some of the common reasons of the users are,

Forget Xbox Password-  This is the most common reason

that players tend to choose a method to change the account credentials. No

doubt that Microsoft has an Xbox recovery feature where the users are given

access. Thus, it is better to reset the password rather than going for the

recovery method.

Security Purpose-  As mentioned earlier, the

password is used to access your Xbox Live account. Moreover, there are chances

that the password details are available to another person. This situation can

be risky as he can misuse your account. Therefore, it is recommended to reset Xbox

Live password.

Other Reasons-  There are several general

reasons to force you to take this step. In case you want to transfer the

account to someone else, you need to change the password. Also, it is better to

keep resetting Xbox Live password to safeguard the account.

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How to Recover Xbox Live Account Password?

It is quite common for users to forget their Xbox Live password. There is nothing to worry about as you can easily reset it. Moreover, the only thing that you require is the email through which you made the account. Therefore, the method for resetting the password is mentioned below. Hence, follow the steps carefully to avoid any mistakes during the process of resetting Xbox live password.

Step 1

First, you need to go to the official Microsoft website to get the job done. 

microsoft home page
Microsoft home page

Step 2

Further, the user needs to fill in the correct Email ID in the space provided. Make sure that this is the same id linked with your account.

Step 3

Click on the Next button, and you will be directed to the password page. You don’t need to fill in the password as you are trying to reset it.

Step 4 

Rather, click on the ‘forgot your password’ option present below that.

forgot password
Forgot password

Step 5

Finally, the system will ask you to choose the recovery method. It can be either the email itself or the phone number.

Step 6

As you decide the method, you will receive a One Time Password on the respective platform. Fill the same on the website itself.

Step 7

Once you get the access, you can reset the password. Make sure to have a strong password that is easy to remember. Hence, now you can use this new password to login in the future.

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We hope that there is no confusion in the steps present in this resetting Xbox Live password guide. However, you may face some minor issues that can be neglected. Moreover, you can always make contact with the Xbox support team to guide you through the process. Also, you can contact them on their 24×7 live chat for the same. Further, avoid sharing personal details like your password or other credentials with an unknown person. It can possess a threat in the long run.

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