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In this very busy world where everyone is looking for a job and new ways to earn money, the first step toward getting a job is making an attractive and appealing curriculum vitae(CV) or Resume. A resume presents an overview of a person’s educational qualification and work experience to an employer on the basis of which he/she is hired. The more attractive your resume, better are the chances of getting a job. Thus, you must know about the best Resume Apps out there

People spend a lot of time in front of their computer screens. Making resumes, Trying different formats and positioning information on a piece of paper to make their CV look attractive and appealing to employers. But sitting in front of computer screens, spending hours on building a CV is now an old school thing.

Now, Smartphone technology has completely changed the scenario of building resumes. Now you don’t need to spend hours in building your CV; You just need to download a resume building app on your smartphone and by just providing your basic information and with a few clicks you’ll get an amazing and appealing resume. Both Android and iOS platform provides with amazing resume building apps.

Some of the top resume apps are listed below:

Make my Resume

This amazing app is available on Android platform and is provided by Unified apps. This is one of the best Android apps for making a resume. With a user-friendly interface, It provides some amazing resume formats. The reason why it is part of this list is that it has some famous resume formats used worldwide. The user just needs to enter their basic information in different tabs, and the app itself arranges the information in the creative format. The app also provides with interview tips and questions.

Resume Designer

A super fast resume app is available for iOS platform. This is a very basic and straightforward resume app with a predefined template with sections like Experience, Skills and Objectives. However, the user can create custom sections and can also add events to CV. You can print or download your CV once you are done with designing directly from the app.

Free Resume App

One of the top resume app available on Google Play Store. The app provides some brand new resume formats. The resume formats on this app are different and more innovative than others. Formats are very creative and attractive for new users and can represent all the necessary information about the person and his/her personal and professional details. The app is easy to use and has a very attractive user interface. There are no ads, and the resume can be downloaded in PDF format from the app.

Quick Resume

This is a very on the go resume app available for iOS platform. Despite being a very simple and straightforward app, the 3D touch support enhances the user’s experience and makes it a very amazing resume app for Apple users. The app has predefined modules and formats and but the user can remodel the structure according to their needs and once you are done the app can be saved in PDF format with seven different structures.

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VisualCV Resume Builder

A very attractive and modern resume builder app on Android platform provided by Workstory Inc., This app provides a very easy user interface for the users and make resume building easy. One of the most useful features of this app is that the user can easily import the data from pre existing PDF or word resumes and can edit them. The users can customize the resume fields and can publish and share their resumes with the employers.

Resume Maker – Pro CV Designer

It is a paid resume app on Apple app store and can be downloaded for 2.99 $ or nearly 191 Indian Rupees. Similar to other apps it processes the information provided by the users to make creative resumes from the resume formats provided in the app.

But the features that vary it from others resume apps are the cover letter and digital signature feature making the all over work easy for the user. The user can get a completely ready resume from the app and can get it printed or share it with the employers.

My Resume Builder

It is one of the best Resume Apps available on Google play store and that too free. It allows the users to enter all their details. They get a very attractive resume structured in the form of 10 pre existing templates. The resumes can be downloaded, printed or can be shared directly from the app.

The feature that makes it different from other apps is that the resumes created can be stored as back-ups and can be retrieved. Also, The resume created and saved by the users can be edited, and the information can update easily.


These are some of the highly rated Resume Apps available on Android and iOS platforms. Thus, making your life easy and helping you create new job opportunities. Most of these apps are free. They can be easily be downloaded from the app store of your Android or Apple smart phone.

However, there are other apps available on these platforms, but none of them can give you experience like this ones. Download these apps from play store, and you can create your resume anywhere and anytime. And if you have an interview in an hour and you don’t have a CV yet. Just download one of those apps and get your resume printed quick!

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