3 Ways to Root LG G3 Smartphone With Ease


The LG G3 is one of the famous devices out there. It was the first ever smartphone to pack a QHD display panel. The specs are pretty good too, running on a Snapdragon 801 CPU with 3 gigs of RAM. The phone has one of the thinnest bezels on the market, even since back in its early days. But the real power of an android phone is released only after it has been rooted! Thus, you must know how to Root LG G3.

Sure, it voids your LG warranty, but it gets you so much more. The flexibility and control on your phone are unparalleled by any other app or service that you can get. One of these rooted goodies is a custom recovery!

But even if you don’t want a custom recovery, the stock recovery can come in handy plenty of times. So it is always nice to know a few simple tricks and methods to get into it.

So you’ve got an LG G3, good. If you were looking for some simple ways to access your bootloader’s recovery menu on your phone, you are at the right place. Here are 3 simple ways to Root LG G3.

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How to Root LG G3

Through buttons

One of the common ways to access your phone’s recovery is by pressing the existent buttons in a particular combination. You know that the G3 has the power and volume buttons situated at the backup of the phone. You can use those to get into recovery mode. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Power down your LG G3 by pressing down on the power button and selecting power off from the menu, as usual.
  • Press and hold the volume down button and then press the power button until you see the LG boot up the screen. Don’t let go of the volume down button yet, but you can release the power button.
LG Bootup Screen
LG Bootup Screen
  • You should see a hard reset screen now. Be careful, as it can erase all your data if you confirm by pressing the power button again. However, if you have another recovery installed, like CWM or TWRP, it will show up on screen.
  • Now you have successfully launched recovery mode on your LG G3. You can use the available options now by using the volume keys to navigate and power key to confirm the selection.

It depends on the recovery. TWRP is a touch-based recovery which does not need you to play around with volume buttons to highlight different options. CWM is typically a basic recovery which requires volume buttons for navigation, as mentioned earlier.

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Using an App

Yes! You can directly enter the recovery mode on your G3 by using an app. If the above methods, which is quite simple on its own, seems to be tedious for some reason, you can go this route too. But note that your LG G3 has to be mandatory rooted for this app to work. But I imagine you have already made sure of root access so that it wouldn’t be an issue. If you haven’t, you need to get your G3 rooted first.

Quick Reboot
Quick Reboot

Now that you have root access download the Quickreboot app from the play store.
Open it, and it will prompt you to grant it root access. Do it, hit grant.

Then, head over to the Recovery menu in the app and tap on it. It will prompt you and say that the device will now boot into recovery mode. Select OK and wait for it! Your Root LG G3 will automatically boot into the recovery that you have installed.

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Using ADB

This method is slightly lengthier compared to the other two above. It requires you to download some drivers and stuff, and also have a PC. If you’re okay with all that, great! Let’s begin to Root LG G3.

You need to know that ADB stands for android debug bridge. It essentially allows you to control your phone’s settings via a USB connection. For that, you will also need to enable USB debugging setting to Root LG G3.

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To enable USB debugging:

  • Head over to About phone>Version Info>Build Number and Tap on the build number 6 to 7 times. It will say ‘you are now a developer.’ Awesome!
Turn on developer options
Turn on developer options
  • Next, hit back button and you will notice that developer option is now a separate setting right above the About phone option. Select it.
  • In there, scroll down until you see an option called ‘USB Debugging.’ Check that box. It will show you a warning prompt, never mind that. Just hit OK.
Turn On USB Debugging
Turn On USB Debugging

You will also need to have some fundamental ADB drivers installed on your system. You can get universal ADB drivers who work for all phones, from here.

So now, you’re set to launch recovery on your Root LG G3. Now connect the phone to the PC via USB and follow these simple steps:

  • Accept the USB debugging prompt that you might get on your phone upon connection.
  • Head over to where you have downloaded and installed the ADB software. It will usually be under C:\adb location.
  • Press and hold shift button on your computer’s keyboard and right-click anywhere on the adb file location.
  • Select the ‘open command window here’ option from the right-click menu that you get there. A command prompt window will open up.
  • In that prompt, type this effortless command: adb reboot recovery.

Done! Your LG G3 will automatically reboot into the respective recovery mode that is installed on it. Just make sure you have the USB drivers for the phone already installed on the system, which you probably will have since USB drivers are usually automatically downloaded in most cases. So no need to worry. Enjoy!


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