Rooting your mobile phone grants you root access to all the software on your phone. Rooting your mobile phone grants your administrator status. After rooting, you can remove system applications that otherwise you cannot without rooting your phone. Rooting your phone lets you download any app that you want. The phone manufacturers put some restrictions on some apps which can be removed by rooting your phone. Even the custom themes of your Android phone can be removed by rooting. You can update your phone to the latest released Android version even if it hasn’t been released for your phone yet by rooting the phone. Rooting overall unlocks many new features and increases the speed of your phone. Rooting has some risks attached to it. However, if you have decided to Root Samsung Galaxy S6, the following steps will help you in rooting your phone.


  • Before rooting your Samsung S6, make sure to make back up of all the files that you are afraid of losing.
  • This rooting tutorial requires a Windows computer.

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6

Root Samsung Galaxy S6
How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 (Complete Guide) – TechWhoop
  1. Knowing the model number of your phone is really important. So, the first thing you should do is go to settings > About Phone and write down the model number of your phone.
  2. Go to this link on your browser, locate your phone’s model number and click download.autoroot
  3. Download the root package from the above-mentioned link and save it to your desktop.
  4. Now right-click on the downloaded auto root file and extract it.
  5. After extracting, you will see an odin.exe file. Right-click on that file and run as administrator.odin file
  6. Now on your phone, go to phone settings > about phone and tap on it continuously a message appears which reads “you are a developer.”
  7. Now that you have enabled this option, go to settings > developer options and check on USB debugging.
  8. Installing proper USB drivers on your PC is important before continuing further. Plugin your Samsung Galaxy S 6 into your computer using the USB; this installs the required drivers. After finishing, unplug the phone from the PC.
  9. Switch off your phone and switch it back on by pressing the power, home and volume down button at the equivalent time until it gives you a blue screen.
  10. Press the volume up button to continue.
  11. Plugin the phone into your PC using a USB cord.usb cord
  12. From the extracted files on your PC, go to Odin, click on AP and choose the .tar.md5 file from within the extracted Autoroot folder.
  13. Click start, after this is completed your phone will reboot and an app named Superuser will appear on your phone amongst all the other apps.

If you cannot find this app, you must have done something wrong. If you did everything right, the app has to be there on your mobile. The Superuser app gives you root access to your phone, and now you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S6.

Furthermore, if you encounter difficulties or need assistance unlocking a locked Samsung phone, you can explore various methods outlined in this comprehensive guide: How to Unlock a Locked Samsung Phone.

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What should a person do if they want to root their Samsung galaxy?

There is a simple way with which a person can achieve this. First of all, they will have to make sure that the root availability tool is available on their phone and it supports it as well. Once they have done that, they can now download the program for One-click Root and put it on their computer device. Then, they will have to simply attach a USB cord to their phone and then connect their Samsung to the computer or the laptop. Once they have done that, they will now be required to give access to the debugging software on their laptop or computer for the USB that they have previously connected. Once the person who wants to root their phone has set this up, all they have to do is run the software called One Click Root, and then this program will be solely responsible for rooting the Samsung Galaxy device and the person can now have a rooted device with barely any hassle.

What should I do if I want to unroot the device that I have just rooted?

If a person has rooted their device and now has run into a problem and wants to unroot it, they will have to do it through the file manager of their phone. Firstly, the person will have to gain entry to their phone’s main drive and then search up the system. Look up the terms busybox and su and then the person will need to remove them from the system. But it can be a possibility that these terms are not present, so in that case, the person will need to go back to the systems section and find out where the xbin is. They will probably find busybox and su files in there. All they now need to do is delete it. They can also do it in a different way. They can opt for the option called app back in the systems folder. Once they are there, they can delete the apk called superuser. Once either of these is done, their phone should be unrooted successfully once they have rebooted it and checked again.

Is rooting a Samsung galaxy device considered to be safe and secure?

Even though rooting does have its own set of advantages, it does come with a flip side as well. Samsung galaxy phones have an operating system that is android in nature. Now, this kind of OS is made in a manner that is incredibly difficult to destroy the materials with a user profile that is very restricted in nature. Rooting a system with software like the superuser has more than enough capacity to completely destroy the system. They can do that very easily because they can just install an application that has malware or just make modifications to the phone by modifying the files in the system. Moreover, the worst part is that the phone also becomes incredibly at risk from viruses because the user compromises the security system of the android and practically throws it down the drain once they root the device.


One of the main advantages of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that after gaining root access to your Samsung Galaxy S6, you can now get rid of all the pre-installed applications on your mobile phone by the manufacturer. This will help in freeing up a lot of space on your mobile phone.

You can also overclock your phone for increasing the speed and under-clock your phone for saving your battery life accordingly. You can update to the latest version of Android before Android officially releases it for your phone. Rooting overall makes your phone faster and smarter, and you can keep and delete the apps according to your choice.

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