How to Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac | 10 Easy Ways

Are you an iPhone user? Have you ever felt of doing the same stuff you do on your mobile device on a larger view? Will you like to play with your iPhone and show up in your Mac? Yes, this is possible to Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac. There are a lot of ways of doing screen mirroring hack.

It would be great to see your iPhone work on a bigger screen. If you want to do this, just stick to this article, and we will show you how to do it. Let’s get started.

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10 Simple Ways to Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac

These 10 ways will surely help you to enjoy and get the full benefit of using a bigger screen. And if you use Just Stream, you can even mirror your Mac to your TV! Make sure to use them all to get to know the best one out of all of them for you.

Quick time

You can use the built-in software provided by the Mac known as QuickTime. It will help you to Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac with the help of a USB cable. You need to select the new video recording option and select your iPhone into it.


That’s it; now you can see your iPhone on the screen. You can even record the things you want on your iPhone by clicking the record button. If you wish to use your iPhone on Mac and not want to record anything, just keep it going as it is.

Visit: QuickTime

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This is third-party software that you can install for Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac. This software is available for a free trial for seven days, but if you need it for a longer time, it may cost you. We just need to install the software from the authentic site and launch the reflector software in the Mac.

Reflector 3
Reflector 3

Then enable the screen mirroring on your iPhone and select the respective Mac you want to connect with. Once you join, the i-phone will be visible on the Mac. If you wish to disconnect, just disable the screen mirroring option.

Visit: Reflector

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Apower Mirror

This is a powerful desktop application available for both Android and IOS devices. It enables you to Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac. Apower mirror is a handy application as it can be used for many purposes.

Apower mirror
Apower mirror

It helps you to control your iPhone from Mac using a keyboard and mouse. Apower mirror can be used in the classroom to illustrate and teach, for live conferences and meetings, and many other purposes.

Visit: Apower Mirror

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Apower soft iPhone recorder

This is a third-party software that you can install from authentic site to screen mirror iPhone to Mac. It helps you to connect wirelessly through the airplay screen mirror seamlessly.

Apower soft iPhone recorder
Apower soft iPhone recorder

A lot of customization options available to the user in the real-time monitoring of the software. You can record and save it in your local disk and even have the option to upload it and share it on social media.

Visit: Apower soft iPhone recorder 

Lonely screen

This is another software that can be used for real-time Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac. However, this software is not free and works better in the wireless local area network.

Lonely Screen
Lonely Screen

You can use this software to demonstrate your gameplay, represent something on your Mac stored on your iPhone.The software is available for PC and Mac both.

Visit: Lonely screen

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This is an excellent choice for gameplay as it enables them to Screen Mirror iPhone to Mac . It is a great screen mirroring software available for the iPhone to be displayed on Mac.

X Mirage
X Mirage

Although it does not have an excellent interface as the other software available in the market, you can wirelessly stream your iPhone Screen content to Mac and have a good time.

Visit: X-Mirage


Many people like to use this software to connect iPhone with Mac. It is a popular screen monitoring software that is used by people to stream there on screen mobile activity.


It helps you to connect your iPhone wirelessly and make use of it in the field of education entertainment presentation and whatever you like to do with the software.

Visit: Airserver

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Ace thinker mirror

It is a free software available to use for screen mirroring. It helps you to record video and audio correctly. You can download the software from the site. There are also a lot of other products they have made available for iPhone users.

Ace Thinker Mirror
Ace Thinker Mirror

It has a lot of features included for you to play with it and use it in your conferences live meetings and wherever you like.

Visit: Ace thinker mirror


As the name of the software suggests, you can mirror your iPhone to Mac. It is available for both Windows PC and Mac computer. You can even broadcast your screen with a limit of 40 participants through a simple web link provided.

Mirroring 360
Mirroring 360

So when are you using this software to share your ideas and work? It is not available for free, and you have to buy the subscription package for it.

Visit: Mirroring360

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If you want to have a mobile interactive whiteboard and you are an iPhone user, then you can make use of this software.


It helps you in screen mirroring and setting up a remote desktop. You have to free sign up on the site to use this software.

Visit: Annotate

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This software gets updates which includes lots of new features for iPhone users to make use of. These are some of the best screen mirroring option for iPhone to Mac available in the market today. If you are an iPhone user, you must have felt interested in using this software and trying it out once.

See how does it feel to look at your iPhone in the Mac. I hope this article helps you to fulfill this fantastic feeling and help out your work for screen mirroring iPhone to Mac.

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