Today’s article is about how to fix the “Secure Connection Failed On Firefox” error. Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is used by millions of people all around the world. It is free and open for everyone and is available on Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems, Android, iOS, etc. Firefox is the original alternate browser, and Mozilla is the not-for-profit added to Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is one of the vital web browsers, and millions of people depend on it for their survival, especially students, for whom the web browser is the only hope to pass their upcoming examinations with flying colors.

It creates products and policies to keep the Internet in the service of the people and not for profit. When you use Firefox, you are helping Mozilla fight misinformation online, teach digital skills, etc. Mozilla has an Information Trust Initiative, Empower Women Online, Coral Project, Internet Health Report, etc.

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Thus when an error shows on the screen ‘Secure Connection Failed on Firefox,’ it is very depressing, and the following methods can correct it.

How To Fix Secure Connection Failed On Firefox

Here are some tips to fix the secure connection failed error:

Check Your Firefox Proxy Setting

  • If the error Secure Connection Failed on Firefox keeps on showing and is not fixing on its own, This error might occur because your computer or device’s configuration is via proxy.
  • You should click on the Tools menu, select the Options tab, then go to the ‘Advance’ panel and press the Network tab. You should then click the Setting button in the Connection field and see a popup on the screen displaying Connection Setting.install firefox
  • Check for the manual proxy connection in the connection setting window. If it has, it means your device is configured using a Manual proxy server.
  • For this, you must verify whether all the protocol fields, such as HTTP Proxy, SSL Proxy, FTP Proxy, SOCKS Host, etc., are correct. If not, you need to modify them and press OK.
  • If the Manual proxy connection is not selected, one should not change it. You should then close the window and contact the person who handles your network.

Test Your Firefox Browser to Fix Secure Connection Failed On Firefox.

Secure Connection Failed on Firefox is a failure that may occur on Firefox if Firefox finds that the website you are trying to open is dangerous or untrustworthy.

firefox mainDue to this, the testing of the Firefox browser is very crucial. You should first reload the page and check whether you’re using the latest version of Firefox or not. If not, you should install the new version without much ado.

There may be some technical issue on the part of your ISP, i.e., Internet Service Provider, and the error might be showing due to slow internet. You should call your ISP to inquire if the error is happening because of them; if not, you should report the error and try different methods to fix it.

Disable Firefox Extensions

If you have a lot of extensions on your Firefox, they might be causing problems in your Firefox browser. You should restart the browser in Safe mode and turn off the add-ons. To do that, go to the menu settings and press help, and click on Restart with Add-ons Disabled.

firefox homeAfter turning off the add-ons, if the websites are opening without any issues, it means that there was a problem with more than one add-on.

To determine which add-on created the problem, turn off the add-ons individually and check for the error. Being a monotonous procedure, it needs a lot of time, but it solves the problem and is worth it.

Reset Firefox To Default Settings

You should reset Firefox to its default settings by going to the menu and clicking on Troubleshooting Information. There will be a Refresh Firefox button on the top right side of your device’s screen, which will delete all of your Firefox caches and restore the original settings of Firefox.

reinstall firefoxYou can also try re-installing the web browser to remove the error of Secure Connection Failed on Firefox.

Sometimes, when the safe mode is not one, you might be redirected to a fake page asking you to download an urgent or critical update, and your system might be infected with a virus.

Removing the Firefox update virus from Windows by uninstalling the virus and resetting the browser to default will also fix the issue.

The Secure Connection Failed On Firefox Error Is due To Your Anti-virus

At times, there is a chance that there is no problem with Mozilla Firefox; the error Secure Connection Failed on Firefox can also be seen on other web browsers like Chrome, Edge, etc.

mozilla firefoxIn such cases, re-installing your web browser does not help. There may be a problem with your anti-virus; for example – if you are using ESET Nod32 anti-virus, you will need to tweak some settings to eliminate the error. You can do so by the steps given below:

Disable the SSL Scanning Feature Of Your Security Software

Secure Socket Layer is a cryptographic protocol that keeps you safe. If the device screen shows the error Secure Connection Failed in Firefox, it might be because of software.

mozillaAll the security software comes with a built-in feature named SSL filtering or SSL scanning, which, if enabled, tries to filter the website you are trying to open to fulfill its purpose of creating a reliable and safe network connection.

Go to your security software’s settings and locate this feature, then click on it to uncheck it. After turning off the SSL scanning feature, visit the website you tried to reach earlier.

Adjust the SSL setting On Firefox.

To rectify the error of Secure Connection Failed on Firefox, open Firefox and type about. Config, and click Enter. A popup will appear on the screen, showing that you will void your warranty by continuing this action.

firefox web browserIt would be best not to panic; click on the ‘I accept the risk’ option and move further. Then, type security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling in the search bar. Next, double-click on it from the result to change its value to False. Now, you should connect to the website again.


Is bypassing the Secure Connection Fail warning in Firefox safe?

Bypassing the Secure Connection Failed warning in Firefox is generally not recommended unless you trust the website and understand the potential risks. The warning indicates that the connection may not be secure, which could expose your data to interception or manipulation. Proceed with caution and only bypass the alarm if necessary.

Why does the Secure Connection Fail error occur on some websites but not others?

The Secure Connection Fail error can occur on some websites but not others due to differences in the websites' SSL certificates and security configurations. Websites with expired or improperly configured certificates or outdated encryption protocols are more likely to trigger the error. Well-maintain and secure websites typically will avoid this issue.

Can antivirus or firewall software cause the Secure Connection Fail error in Firefox?

Yes, antivirus or firewall software can potentially cause Firefox's Secure Connection Fail error. Some security software might intercept and inspect SSL/TLS traffic, leading to certificate errors or conflicts. Temporarily turning off such software or configuring it to allow secure connections can help determine if it's the cause of the error.

What should I do if I encounter the Secure Connection Fail error on a trusted website?

If you encounter the Secure Connection Fail error on a trusted website, you should contact the administrator or support team to report the issue. They can investigate and resolve any potential problems with their SSL certificate or security configuration to ensure a secure connection can be established.

Could a misconfigured system clock cause Firefox's Secure Connection Failed error?

Yes, a misconfigured system clock can cause the Secure Connection Failed error in Firefox. SSL certificates have expiration dates, and if your system clock is set incorrectly, it may interpret a valid certificate as expired. Double-check your computer's date, time, and time zone settings to ensure they are accurate and aligned with the current time.

Are there any browser-specific settings that can trigger the Secure Connection Failed error in Firefox?

Yes, Firefox-specific settings or preferences can potentially trigger the Secure Connection Failed error. For example, if you have turned off specific encryption protocols or enabled strict certificate checks in Firefox's advanced settings. This can lead to connection failures. Review your Firefox settings and restore default configurations if necessary to troubleshoot the error.


If you are facing the Secure Connection Failed on Firefox issue, then you should follow the above steps. The last resort would be to download browser that is much better or to directly contact Mozilla Firefox and ask them for help to resolve the issue.

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