See Who Reacted To Your Discord Message | Complete Guide

Discord is a popular gaming networking site where millions of users can use voice, text, and video to communicate and chat with one another. It may happen that you’re finding it difficult to see who reacted to your messages on Discord. Don’t worry because this article will portray how you can see who reacted to your Discord message. Also, try to fix the discord update if showing an error.

Discord is a great place where people come together to talk and find those with common tastes. They can even react to a text with different emojis. To see who reacted to your message, you have to go to a chat you’re in and long-press any text whose reactions you want to check. A menu appears with users and their reactions. Below is a step-by-step guide to see who reacted on Discord to your texts. 

see who reacted to your discord message

To enhance your online presence in Discord and to make new friends and communities, you first need to see what reactions you are getting from the group or community members about what you are saying to them. So down below is a guide to see all reactions discord members give you. Keep reading to find out how! Want to learn how to use Twitch Emotes on Discord? Read This.

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Guide To See Who Reacted To Your Discord Message 

Discord is filled up with new and cool features, including reactions. Instead of replying to acknowledge a message, you can send a simple emoji reaction to keep the conversation going and also to convey how you feel about the texts or posts. So, how can you see who reacted on Discord? Mentioned below are some mediums where you can see who reacted to your messages-

  • PC
  • iPhone
  • Android Phone

Reactions on discord work in different ways on different platforms.

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See Reactions On A PC

Down below are the steps to check who has reacted to your Discord message. It will be relatively easier to check this out on a PC because you’ll be able to navigate through the screen faster. See the following- 

  1. Firstly, Open the discord browser window or the app itself on your PC.  open the discord browser
  2. Secondly, Using a code or an invitation, join a server. There are many servers on Discord already, so feel free to join anyone that piques your interest. join a server
  3. Then, find some great servers that suit your interest. Click here to learn how to Cross Out Text in Discord.
  4. Now, Find a channel and go there to see the messages it contains and their reactions, too, because that is what you are mainly looking for. reaction with emojis
  5. Then, Right-click on the reactions now. A drop-down menu appears, which will show you many options. 
  6. Lastly, Out of those options available, you will see ‘Reactions‘ and ‘Add reactions‘ are there too. Click on the first option to see the people who have reacted to the highlighted message. 

You can now, in Discord, see who reacted to your Discord Message! Not only this, but you can also see how other people in that community think of their messages. Read this article If your discord mic is not working.  

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See Reactions On An iPhone

You may realize that finding out who reacted may be a bit difficult on an iPhone or a phone due to smaller screens and much smaller reaction icons. But don’t worry, just chill and check this guide out-

  1. First, search for and download the Discord app from the Apple store. It is better to use the app on the phone than a browser as the matter may not have all the features otherwise compatible with the app.discord app from the apple store
  2. Secondly, Sign in to your Discord. The most common way is by entering the email id and password.  sign in to your discord in phone
  3. Then, Join any server of your interest with a code or an invite link. Public servers are always there for you to join if you don’t have any of them. 
  4. Then, Find a channel, select it and move on to the chat where you want to see the messages. You may find some reactions already below some messages. emoji
  5. Lastly, choose a text and long-press on a certain reaction to see who reacted to your Discord Message and with what emoji. A small page shows the usernames of people who have reacted with that particular emoji and to that selected text. 

This was yet another simple way to check the people who have communicated with certain messages and reacted in different ways! You can also do many other things on Discord, such as Adding bots.

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See Reactions On Any Android Phone

Similar to an iPhone, despite the smaller screen size, you will not find it difficult to go through Discord to see who reacted, therefore presenting another small and simple action step to do just that-

  1. Firstly, Download the Discord app from the Playstore or any other app store you use.  discord app from the playstore
  2. Secondly, login to your discord account by entering your registered email ID and password.  login to your discord account in android
  3. Then, Find a server and access it, followed by a channel you have been invited to or using a code. Again, public servers are always available to explore. 
  4. Now, Go to any chat and see the messages you want. To see the reaction, long-press over a text and select it. emoji
  5. Lastly, A pop-up on the screen will show who reacted in what emoji to that specific message. 

Using an Android also, you can easily see who reacted to your Discord Message and what is in your Discord chat!

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What is Discord, and how it works?

Discord is a popular networking site and mainly a gaming space that enables people to come together and share their common interests online. With just opening an account, you can join any server and chat and share your ideas on public and private channels. Discord also offers its users to make a temporary account first, which they can later change to a permanent one if they like it or delete it altogether otherwise.

Is it safe to be in Discord?

It is advisable to stay careful on Discord, especially while sharing personal or critical information in any chat, because, unlike some other chatting apps, Discord does not have an end-to-end encryption feature. If you are cautious about keeping this in mind, then Discord is usually safe.

How do I create a Discord server on my phone?

This means that you are eagerly waiting to create your own community, which is easier than you think furthermore, simply scroll down the server at the bottom of your app, then click on the Add a server option, and now from there, you can either make a server from the beginning or use some pre-defined templates.

How do you check messages on Discord?

Go to the discord app or browser. Then choose a server, then a channel, followed by the chat. If you have texted anything in that chat only, then you will be able to find your messages and check them.

What is a discord server?

To explain it simply, it is a space to hang out with online friends and communities. These servers are grouped into specific topic-oriented channels that allow you to collaborate and share your thoughts without crowding the group chats.

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Congratulations! I hope this article finally helps you see who Reacted to your Discord Message. With the above-mentioned step-by-step guide, you can easily see who has reacted to your texts on the server on different platforms. On Discord, see who reacted to your messages, what they reacted and how you want to keep the conversation flowing easily.

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