The world is online, and almost everyone has a mobile device. People seek to know how to send SMS and what sent as SMS via server means, as these are the essential things every mobile user must know. Additionally, you must understand how to send an SMS using your mobile device.

Therefore, when users send RCS messages using the messaging app on Android, the text receipt “Sent as SMS via the server” displays. The message delivered through a third-party service could also imply that it avoided text message delays rather than being sent directly from your phone.

A third-party provider delivers the message when sending an SMS through a server rather than directly from your phone. This can be helpful if you want to send a group text or are experiencing problems sending messages from your phone.

Your phone is most likely using RCS if you receive ‘Sent as SMS via server‘ instead of the typical read receipts when you send a message. Samsung devices and mobile phones running more recent Android OS versions tend to experience this. This article describes what sending an SMS via server means, how SMS and MMS differ, how to send SMS via server, and basic information about the same. 

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What Is SMS?

You can send text messages to mobile phones via SMS or Short Message Service. Because servers send them, the communications transmit from anywhere worldwide.

Traditional text messages, which are typically longer, are less efficient than SMS messages that can be sent simultaneously to multiple recipients.

People can regularly send text messages to individuals using mobile phones and cellular networks. You can only send text messages, limiting themselves to 160 characters.

sms connecting everyoneThe Short Message Service has been the primary messaging protocol for Android handsets. However, this makes it challenging for users to communicate or receive multimedia content via text, such as photographs and movies.

What Do You Mean By Server?

A server is a computer that offers services to other computers. When you use a server to send an SMS, the server will act as your agent in sending the message.

computer server

This helps us understand what sending an SMS via a server truly means!

How Do SMS and MMS Differ?

SMS, or Short Message Service, is the most popular mobile text messaging service. sms vs mmsAt the same time, Multimedia Messaging Service or MMS is a platform for sending multimedia files like photographs, videos, and audio files. 

How can a server send an SMS?

Sent as SMS via server, meaning once cleared helps you to learn its sending procedure. The message delivers itself via a third-party provider when you send an SMS through a server rather than directly from your phone.

third party provider

This can be a great option if you want to send a group text or are experiencing problems sending messages from your phone. You must sign up for a service and adhere to their message-sending instructions to send an SMS through a server.

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What Are The Advantages Of Sending SMS Via A Server?

The messages route through an intermediary when sending SMS via a server, which has various advantages. For example, we can track and manage messages and have more control over the messages sent.


Additionally, using a server to send SMS can guarantee the timely delivery of messages.

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What Is RCS?

Its abbreviation, RCS, refers to Rich Communication Services. This messaging protocol powers the built-in messaging software on Android devices, primarily enabling various cutting-edge capabilities.


They introduced the protocol as a substitute or replacement for most Android-based smartphones’ widely used SMS protocols. The protocol updates standard text messaging with cutting-edge features, including multimedia messages, group conversations, and video sharing.

The objective is to enable basic text messaging on Android devices to work with more sophisticated messaging services like iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Sent As SMS Via Server: What Does It Mean?

The RCS messaging technology, which Google debuted in 2020, is why customers receive messages that state ‘Sent As SMS Via Server.’

Rich Communication Services is a mechanism for communication between mobile phone providers and between devices and carriers (RCS).

sms sent via server

It plans to replace SMS messages with a more powerful text messaging system. This can deliver in-call multimedia and phonebook polling. It is a component of the larger IP Multimedia Subsystem.

Most recent Android smartphones have switched from the antiquated messaging software to the RCS standard. As a result, we need to ensure that users are aware of when they have read, sent, or received their messages. Instead, receiving the usual news, ‘Sent as SMS Via Server.’

Thus, this is what sent as SMS via server means!

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How can one stop an SMS sent via a server?

Ensure the receiver has enabled RCS protocol messaging on their phone if you see the error message ‘Sent as SMS vias server.’ By doing this, you will no longer receive this message in your SMS.

To delete the message, adhere to the directions below. We have compiled a list of remedies to turn on your text receipts again.

  1. Select ‘Show When Delivered‘ and turn it on.sms delivered
  2. Check for Interference from Third-Party Apps.third party apps
  3. Make both devices have RSC enabled, and then wipe the cache partition.


Does the ability to send an SMS over a server exist on all mobile devices?

Yes, mostly all the devices have this option of sending an SMS via server, as these days, all the devices are placed with advanced technologies within them.

Does it support all devices?

Almost all devices support it, but these days we have been using smartphones, which incorporate amazing advanced features, wherein you can also do video calling, so this feature might not be compatible with the devices used in earlier days, but with the devices of these days, as RCS protocol supports the advanced features. Therefore, sent as SMS via a server is generally supported by Samsung.

Will the sent as SMS via server option been chosen every time you want to send the SMS in that form?

Yes, you must choose that option whenever you want to send it in that form, as it uses the RCS protocol. You can also look into your device and see if you have that toggle option to keep it on every time.

Is it better to send SMS via server only or through the sim option?

The sim option is the default option set in all the devices to send the SMS. To try something new, you can go ahead with the option of sending SMS via a server that uses RCS protocol, which is similar to sending the SMS through a sim only but is a bit different in its layout and method of sending it.

Does send as SMS via server mean I'm blocked?

No, the sent as SMS via server does not mean that you are blocked, as it is a method of sending SMS with the help of RCS protocol.


As you saw, the RCS messaging protocol allows your phone to display ‘sent as SMS through the server’ next to your texts.

The phrase ‘sent as SMS through the server‘ simply indicates that the server has sent your Rich SMS, so you don’t need to worry.

Try one of our workarounds to stop receiving this message and start seeing your text receipts instead.

Thus, if you were unaware of the ‘sent as SMS via server,’ we hope this article has helped you understand what it truly means! 

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