Sharpening Your Tool: 5 Essential Mac Apps

Sharpen Your Mac & Enhance Productivity with these 5 Powerful Apps  

Explore these 5 nifty apps to provide added productivity and power to your Mac experience. Get the most out of your Mac.

The Mac computer has earned the role as an indispensable tool for many executives. As with any tool, it is most effective when it is honed to perfection. You can maximize the usefulness of your Mac by adding the latest cutting-edge applications.

A number of the top managed IT services professionals from Australia, Canada and the United States share their favorite applications.

Tailoring Your Mac to Your Workstyle

While there are thousands of apps in the marketplace targeted at business-focused Mac users, there is a handful that qualifies as essentials. To ensure your computer is the sharpest tool in the shed, consider the following five apps:

VLC Media Player

As the constant use of videos is now an expected capability, you want the ability to easily play videos in multiple formats. Unfortunately, the installed Mac QuickTime falls short as the go-to video player you need. Nick Hess, a Portland IT services professional claims “No worries, however, since you can easily add VLC Media Player. This nifty app will play all common video formats. It also empowers you to modify videos with such options as adding subtitles, audio editing, and other powerful features for customization. When it comes to video, this app delivers the full functionality you need.”


Whether it is a short memo or a long report, you will find that Ulysses is an excellent addition to any word processing capabilities. Ian Brady, one of the top IT support companies in Melbourne says “If you have used Microsoft Word, you will be familiar with the layout and functionality, but this app goes one better. The design employs “sheets” of any length that you can manipulate in any way you want. Start by typing in a new sheet of any length, and then you can combine or separate the content to fit your specific needs.”


It is the nature of every new capability that you end up struggling to keep them from overwhelming your workflow. Chat is a powerful form of communication in many work environments that fits this category. With the many options of Google Hangouts, Discord and others, it is challenging to keep track of and organize the conversations. Jorge Rojas with Toronto IT support company, Tektonic says “That is the specific problem that Franz is designed to solve. This app allows you to organize all those chats in one place, providing separate tabs for each application, even including email. This is a powerful addition to the chat world!”

Bartender 3

Another growing source of clutter is the number of apps themselves. While some apps are used frequently, you probably have a long list that are only used occasionally. Don Baham with Nashville IT services company, Kraft Technology Group shares “That is the situation where Bartender 3 is helpful. This app will solve the clutter of a busy menu by moving those occasional-use apps to a location under its icon. Then, all is required is to hover over the icon to find that needed application. You can fully customize what is hidden and what is always visible.”

Alfred 3

Just as VLC Media Player improves the built-in Mac video capabilities, Jeff Rapp with Arcis Technology Group in the Akron, OH area says “Alfred 3 takes its search power to the next level. It is a powerful search tool that allows you to conduct rapid complex searches of your content, as well as the web. This app also gives you the ability to set up useful hotkeys and other productivity boosters. Eliminating the frustration of finding that needed bit of information or file is a killer advantage of this app.”

Keep your Mac performing at maximum capabilities with these handy apps. Taking a few moments to sharpen your tool will make life easier and your work time more productive.



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