Sight Word Apps | Top 11 For Android & iOS (Updated 2023)

Bill Gates said “The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turnouts”. So it is essential to create interest in children in reading and writing, but children should know the sight words to get success in fluent reading. Thus, you must know about the finest Sight Word Apps of 2023.

Sight words are the words that we came across every day. Various Sight Word Apps for kindergarten provide sight word education which is as follows.

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11 Best Sight Word Apps of 2023

Read the following list of best sight word apps to use:

My Sight Words

It is a great way to enhance children’s excitement for reading through various addictive provides reverse not only audio communication but also voice recognition.

MySightWords also enables users to create their own sight words. Also, it allows recording the appropriate pronunciation by yourself as well as displaying the statistics of training progress.

My Sight Word
My Sight Word

It not only teach the correct sight word but also its voice recognition technology checks whether the children have pronounced the word correctly. It has overall 3 training modes designed and considered as suitable for the tablets and phones.

Teach Your Monster To Read (Sight Word App)

Teach your Monster to Read is one of the best sight words apps available. This app walks through a storyline that introduces the users to various characters at different levels. These characters interact with the user and make it easier to learn new words. The app also motivates the users to learn more as it provides different rewards at different levels as you pass them.

teach your monster to read
teach your monster to read

The kids can learn more different and more complicated words as they pass the levels one by one. At the harder levels, they can learn graphemes and other more complicated words and their applications.

This app is the best choice if your kid loves stories, as it will pull them instantly in with its fantasy-filled adventure and cute characters.

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Sprout Words

Sprout words app is largely known to be used and recommended by teachers themselves. This app makes it fun to learn new words for kids as it makes all the tasks extremely fun with well-thought-out games and colorful graphics that are child friendly.

sprout words
sprout words

Various tasks are planned out in an appropriate order to encourage step-by-step learning, which thus helps in learning new words and their integration to make a sentence. The app has different difficulty levels to make learning more organized, and it provides a platform for both parents and teachers to track their kid’s progress. This app is available for ios devices.

Words For kids (Sight Word Apps)

This app is considered as two in one package as children can be able to learn while playing and it is mainly targeted at children between the age group 2 to 8 years.

Words for Kids has unusual in the fact that the different words are grouped according to the specific location, for example, bath, kitchen, garden. It also provides interesting audio clips, due to this app children will can both play and learn at the same time.

Words for Kids
Words for Kids

It also gives some kinds of incentives to encourage the children for studying the new words. In other words, this app enables the child to distinguish the different objects that the child sees in everyday life.

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Kids Reading Sight Words Lite (Sight Word Apps)

In this app, the child goes on a journey with a frog from the start. This frog visits different places and along with giving a feast of 220 sight words. Kids Reading Sight Words is classified into the 5 vocabulary levels.

The vocabulary level gets higher as the story goes ahead. During this whole journey, the child learns to listen to the word and identify which was appropriate.

Kids Reading Sight Words Lite
Kids Reading Sight Words Lite

In other words, it is an entertainment-based educational app. During this entire time, the children do not get bored due to the funny and appealing graphics.

Sight Word Superhero

As its name suggests, this app requires your child to become a superhero to make progress in the game and learn new words. The player has to fight against a witch and several monsters to get back the words they have stolen to get free and advance to the next level. 

sight words superhero
sight words superhero

This app engages the children with its superheroic storyline, which also helps in instilling a sense of responsibility in them. This app is not free, and you have to purchase it at a small price of $0.99, but it is totally worth it. This is because the app has no in-app purchases or any advertising inside, which makes it children friendly. 

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Vocabulary Spelling City (Sight Word App)

Vocabulary Spelling City is also a game-based word learning app that allows a home-school tracking connection. This helps both the teachers and the parents track a child’s progress and growth at home or school. Teachers and parents can virtually give assignments to the kids to complete on time.

spelling city
spelling city

This app is free of cost and is very highly preferred because of its compatibility with all kinds of devices and special tracking features. 

A premium version is also available in 4 different categories (School/Districts, Teacher, Parents, and Home Schools), which provides more specific features according to each category. This makes this app one of the best options available out there and is definitely an app one should try out.

Sight Words List

Sight words list is one of the Sight Word Apps is a useful application for reading purposes. The whole application consists of 315 words and then again categorized according to the age group.

It is quite fun, affordable and most importantly, it is educational. This application targets the age group between 1 to 4 years. It also offers to add new sight words and record your voice due to the children do not get bored.

Sight Words
Sight Words

The user can also be able to set the flashcard viewing speed and can experience multi-sensor tools. The user can have different 5 game modes depending upon the level of complexity, and also one can be able to set the font setting.

Besides this new cards with the new sight words can also add as well as one can group the cards in the list which are appropriate for a child’s education.

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Sight Words Learning Games (Sight Word Apps)

If a child can identify sight words quickly, then there might be a possibility that he will learn to read fast as well. For that sole purpose, this app has a straightforward interface.

It offers six different category games and can train a single word in all those categories. Sight Words Learning Games also provides an option for the selection of avatars, letter cases, etc.

Sight Words Learning Games
Sight Words Learning Games

These are the different six categories included in this app like WORD MACHINE, SPELLING, SIGHT WORD BINGO WITH WORD ALIENS, MEMORY GEARS, FLASH CARDS. This app has maintained its a user interface as straightforward and user-friendly so that little children could easily understand it.

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Dolch Sight Words Flashcards

It is human nature that knowledge will remain last long if it gets tests time to time. So this one of the Sight Word App for kindergarten not only helps your child learn the reading but also test it.

The child learns almost up to 315 words along with its simple application. The children see the right words as well as hear their correct pronunciation.

Dolch Sight Words Flashcards
Dolch Sight Words Flashcards

This app has two sections namely the standard game, and the other is a quiz. In the first scenario, the child sees the word and listens to its appropriate pronunciation, and in the second case child has given the word but the child must have to provide the correct pronunciation with their own itself. It has an age range starting from 1 year.

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Phonics Spelling And Sight Words (Sight Word App)

If one learns the sight words but is not able to pronounce them, then it is a half thing over but why worry? This one of the Sight Word Apps for kindergarten and pre-school children is a kid’s favorite.

Phonics Spelling and Sight Words app help in remembering the children all the sight words and pronounce the words correctly as they are written and sounded.

Phonics Spelling & Sight Words
Phonics Spelling & Sight Words

Various fundamental things of reading and writing like phonetics, spelling, pronunciation, and all the sight words. Their spelling and sentence formation are available on this app.

It has different sight words approximately up to 300. And all are categorized into 2 different levels depending on the levels of difficulty. Also, it has exciting games based on the combination and ratio.

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