Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar are all paid and costly websites. The worst part is you might not always get what you want, even when you have all of them! So, you might wish to know about Putlocker. Here are some sites like Putlocker that you can use to watch free movies and web series. Since they are free, you can explore every option before selecting one.

Some sites like Putlocker is

  • 123Movies
  • Fmovies
  • Popcornflix
  • Megashare
  • Rainierland
  • Los Movies
  • Yes Movies
  • Movies

sites like putlocker

Putlocker is a free site in the USA that allows people to watch everything a non-Netflix or non-Amazon user desires. It was one of the top 50 sites that were visited highly. A lot of companies banned Putlocker, and it was eventually shut down.

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Free And Safe Sites Like Putlocker

Numerous free sites can give you all the movies you wish for. However, you also have to consider the safety of these sites. The list below has a set of free and safe sites like Putlocker, so you do not need to feel bad anymore!

1. 123Movies

The first option is one of the sites, like Putlocker, will be 123Movies. It is one of the most popular sites worldwide, providing free movies and web series access. It does not compromise on security measures and continues to provide people with free content.

123moviesThe user interface has been made so that you will get everything instantly. Categories have made it easier for users to locate what they want.

Visit: 123Movies

2. Fmovies

Another alternative that hits the list of sites like Putlocker is Fmovies. The sleek user interface is why people use this option and not others. You can find numerous categories on Fmovies. You should use a VPN if you want a fantastic experience using Fmovies.

fmoviesThe only drawback is that you will see a lot of advertisements popping up. 

Visit: Fmovies

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3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is one of the sites like Putlocker that you can rely on. This is the perfect site to watch free movies on your mobile. Note that this is ideal for only movie lovers. No online web series has been posted on this site. For people who are obsessed with classics, this is a safe space for you.

popcornflixYou can surf through the site easily because of its user-friendliness. It works both on Android and iOS, so you do not have to worry.

Visit: Popcornflix

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4. Megashare

If you look at sites like Putlocker, Megashare should always be there. It has a primary user interface that enables everyone to use it easily. You will get access to a wide range of movies and online television series. There is no requirement for any registration fee to be paid.


You have the flexibility to alter the quality of the movie or series that you watch. Of course, it depends on the speed of your internet.

Visit: Megashare

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5. Rainierland

Rainierland is an average option when looking out for sites like Putlocker. The most profound downfall of this site is that there are a lot of disturbing advertisements. However, it is one of the most fantastic sites.rainierland

You will get access to most of the latest movies and series. They also provide additional information about the starring in the particular film or series. 

Visit: Rainierland

6. Los Movies

Los Movies falls in the category of sites like Putlocker because of the wide range of shows and movies. If you are looking for films and series in English, this site is perfect. You will not get the audio in a different language, but the subtitles can be translated. It can translate into any language that you want!

los movies

There is no compromise in quality in the movies or series on this site. Everything is available in HD and on the main page itself. The user does not have to hunt around for anything.

Installing an ad-blocker means you do not have to worry about dull advertisements.

Visit: Los Movies

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7. Yes Movies

If you want a site that gives you everything instantly, Yes Movies is the one. Be it a daily soap or the latest movie in the cinema, Yes Movies gets everything to you. You don’t have to wait too long for Yes Movies to publish it on their site.

yes movies site like putlocker

This site updates itself regularly and adapts to the most user-friendly interface. There is a lot of freedom for you to look out for movies and series. Numerous genres of different regions exist on this site.

Visit: Yes Movies

8. 5Movies

This site is more than just the regular movies and web series you watch. You will get unscripted drama if you want!

5movies site like putlocker

Apart from the regular movies and online shows, you can also hear music. There is also a mobile application for 5Movies.

Visit: 5Movies

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Is it illegal to download or submit movies?

Yes. You violate the law if you download or distribute protected media without the owner's consent. The term distribution refers to various activities, including burning copies of copyrighted media and sharing media files online. Thus, it is illegal.

What are Peacock TV's two paid tiers?

The two premium tiers are the $5/month Peacock Premium with ads and the $10/month Premium Plus without ads. However, you can access Peacock for less or perhaps for nothing if you utilize a specific cable provider.

Can you trust using GoMovies?

If you use Gomovies carefully, it is safe and secure to trust. Because of its various streaming options, it is challenging to know the availability of GoMovies. However, most movies that are a part of GoMovies are not licensable.

How safe is Tubi TV?

Regarding legal considerations, using Tubi TV is entirely safe and legal. While some of the advertisements you encounter might make you cringe, Tubi TV is generally secure.

Is using Putlocker safe without VPN?

Without a VPN, Putlocker is not secure. Without a VPN, you risk losing your online privacy and security, whether you're watching a single episode of your favorite program or multiple movies on Putlocker. However, the most excellent approach to prevent access from online criminals and other third parties is via a VPN.


You now have a list of sites like Putlocker that are safe and free to use! However, antivirus software always comes in handy when using these sites. This will prevent your device from being prone to potential danger.

Overall, you can rely on 123Movies and Fmovies entirely. They are the best sites; you will never be in a dilemma using them. These sites are incredibly user-friendly, so don’t worry about adapting to them. The other alternatives are also great, but this is what I will suggest to you.

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