When one thinks of discussion forums, countless memes, and a platform to share your views on different topics, the first thing that comes to mind is Reddit. Reddit is one of the most used apps in today’s times. It was released back in 2005, and ever since, it has gained immense popularity. If you are looking for sites like Reddit, read this article until the end.

We’ve created a list of Top Sites like Reddit. Check out below:

  • Quora
  • Voat
  • Mashable
  • Digg
  • Popurls
  • Hacker News
  • 4chan

However, Reddit does have its setbacks. For example, Reddit is subjected to strict moderation, and the platform users perform this moderation. As a result, various threads and comments are removed due to prejudiced opinions. So, if you are looking to take a break from Reddit itself and seek a possible alternative, various other sites like Reddit are bound to deliver. Websites like Reddit can be hard to come by as some aren’t as popular or user-friendly. 

Top 11 Sites Similar To Reddit

So here is a list of the top 11 websites similar to Reddit.


One of the first and most sought-after sites like Reddit on our list is Quora. Quora is not precisely one of the alternatives to Reddit. However, the general theme of both sites is somewhat similar. Quora came into action in 2009 with a view of providing answers to questions to the public. It has attracted professionals of almost every field, students, and ordinary people seeking answers to some of their queries and problems or quench their curiosity regarding a particular topic.


There is also a possibility to like and upvote answers that you want. Quora mostly has healthy discussions, with strict moderation for any cyberbullying. You can ask questions or answers. Hence, Quora effectively allows you to share your thoughts and views on any particular topic without fear of strong retaliation.

Visit: Quora

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Voat is one of the alternatives to Reddit that is the most similar to it in terms of user interface and features. It was released back in 2014 and is extensively by the general public. Via Voat, you can access news on various topics and interests. Like Reddit has subreddits to categorize different topics, Voat utilizes “subversives.”


Voat is more lenient with the content uploaded on the platform than Reddit and does not impose bans on controversial “subversives.” You have the freedom to upload whatever you like and even earn some money off of it as long as the content is not illegal.

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Suppose Reddit was your go-to site for news related to what was going on in the internet space, then Mashable might just still be that place! Mashable is a site like Reddit in the sense that it brings news related to a plethora of topics together on one platform for easy access. Mashable publishes information related to innovations in the technological space, social issues, and entertainment. You also have the option of sending a guest post to Mashable for publishing.


This way, your content could reach hundreds and thousands of viewers. News on current and world affairs is what Mashable delivers best. So if you are looking to kill some time while learning more about what is happening in the world, then Mashable is your go-to platform.

Visit: Mashable

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It is the most similar in terms of the theme and purpose of all the sites are similar to Reddit. Digg came into action in 2004. We can regard Digg as the platform that inspired the creation of Reddit. Digg curates articles on unique and current news topics to engage their audience. They strive to bring all that is happening on the internet onto one place in clear and concise articles.


Digg covers news on topics like technology, innovation, and culture and has a section for the top picks of the day. It has forums like Reddit to join if they pique your interest and receive content posted by other members. If you want to know about how to add flair to your Reddit posts, click here.

Visit: Digg

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No article that talks of sites like Reddit is complete without a mention of Popurls. Popurls is a news aggregator ideal for the busy to access news on their areas of interest.


Since everything is available in one place, you no longer need to traverse the internet to find articles on different topics. You can know about everything that is going on in the world via the use of Popurls.

Visit: Popurls

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Hacker News

From all the platforms and apps like Reddit on our list, Hacker News is designed for all aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. Hacker news covers topics like cybersecurity, data breaches, cyberattacks, etc.

hacker news

Additionally, you have the chance to upvote blogs, links, etc., that you enjoy. Hacker News also has a discussion forum to share your thoughts and read that of others.

Visit: Hacker News

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As perhaps the most famous spot on the Internet, 4chan is an old-fashioned Reddit alternative that has not changed much in the previous 20 years. The site was established by Chris “MootPoole in 2003 and has different areas, from computer games to legislative issues and wellness to business counseling. Clients will post long messages and entertainment or stunning pictures.


Posts can randomly “bump” to the top of the page, so it’s nothing unexpected that extremely old posts abruptly become famous. Although the site is fascinating, it may be hard to explore and contains a great deal of irritating and offensive content.

Visit: 4chan


We have not failed to remember the current nerds. As you want to get the most recent innovation news, it is ideal to check Slashdot on your browser. The various aspects are a genuine issue. Slashdot makes it simple for you to keep up to date with the most recent news.

slashdot site

You need to visit this single site to get all the specialized news from various sources on the homepage. Then, at that point, you can join the conversation and comment to mention to everybody your opinion about the story. It is one of the best alternatives to Reddit.

Visit: Slashdot


If you want to know the most recent news on the Internet, StumbleUpon couldn’t be better because it is the best site to discover awesome content presented by various individuals from everywhere in the world. StumbleUpon can help you find out (seriously) great content from different users. Users send foreign news, stories, disclosures, etc., to the site, and all the submitted content is displayed to the stumblers.

stumble upon platform

Click the “Explore” button to begin your exploration and start your journey of finding extraordinary things. You could then like or dislike the content, save the page, or share it with others on the web. Keep stumbling until you discover something fascinating, which is the motto of this great service. It is the best Reddit replacement.

Visit: StumbleUpon


This site is slightly different from the others in this rundown since it is organized and rewards users. Steemit is a website like Reddit as it is a blockchain-based online media site that rewards clients for arranging and distributing content utilizing their STEEM cryptocurrency.


How this cryptocurrency will progress in worth and whether it’s a good idea for Steemit to keep paying its users remains unclear, yet it is unquestionably a great platform.

Visit: Steemit


As the name proposes, Product Hunt is to track down the ideal Product available on the market. Product Hunt has the best Product, from the best-in-class innovations to the best games. You can get a great food list. This incorporates the best web architecture, the best versatile applications, the most mainstream games, etc. Individuals can make their rundowns and offer them to the world. One of the best apps like Reddit.

product hunt platform

You can comment on the work of others to create your work and share it with everybody on the site. Individuals share stunning things related to innovation with everybody in the community to partake and communicate their perspectives on related technologies. Whether you need to find new items, whether it’s a versatile application or a basic game, Product Hunt is the best spot to track down the following big thing in innovation.

Visit: Product Hunt

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Here are the top 6 sites like Reddit that work like, if not better than, Reddit. So if you’re wanting to take a break from Reddit and search for a better alternative to killing time, you have found what you’ve been looking for!

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