Skype is one of the trending video calling software in the market today. Now that we can even chat and share photos, people find it more interesting. Well sometimes things don’t work and you end up having problems with your application. This article will clear all our doubts. It talks about the specific issue with the connection problem of Skype i.e. The Skype Can’t Connect.

Many people boil up their heads trying to solve out these problems. This is the perfect article for you. Not one or two but here you have ten different, illustrated solutions to the problem given below. You might be a victim of any of the problems below but surely the solution is here.

Skype Can't Connect
Skype Can’t Connect

Best Methods to Solve Skype Can’t Connect Error

Network Headache

The first and most important thing to check is the network connection. You might have spent hours trying to figure out what is the problem with your application but end up baffled and tired. It is the most basic requirement which frustrates the user.

Check for the WiFi network connection
Check for the WiFi network connection

Check for the Wi-Fi/ mobile network connection. If you are using a dongle or Photon like device then try reinstalling the software. Once you do it, browse internet to check your connection.

Drivers Gone Crazy

Next up are the problems on the part of the “Drivers” installed on your computer. It is often found that the drivers are either not installed or out-dated as per the requirements of the software. In both the cases the solution is to check for the drivers for the particular Windows and install them one by one in case they are not apt.

Suppose there are issues related to network then you have to (re)install the network and communication drivers. I would also suggest that it would be better to update the “Ethernet Network Adapter”, “Mouse and Keyboard” and “Microphone” drivers as well.

Time to Upgrade

Now that you are done with the basic problems if the “Skype Can’t Connect” error exists then you need to install the latest version of the software. Uninstall Skype that is installed on your pc.

Upgrade Skype
Upgrade Skype

Search “Skype download” in Google and then download it from the official website for the particular operating system you have. Install the new version and login. This method also solves the problem.

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Permissions and Access

Even after installing the latest version of Skype if the problem persists then check for “Permissions and Accesses”. It might be the case that the permissions like using the PC’s network or storage is not allowed.

Certain accesses like the contacts and use of microphone and speaker is not granted. Correcting these issues is possible by making the changes in the settings of Skype.

Fierce Firewall Problems

You must also check the firewall settings of your computer. It sometimes happens that the firewall of your computer blocks the functions of Skype because of which it is unable to connect. You must go through the blocked apps and functions of your computer.

If there are certain restrictions for Skype then you must remove them. This way you can remove the Skype Can’t Connect.

Proxy Issues

Trifle issues like proxy settings also create an error. The best way to resolve this is by fixing the proxy settings manually. Click on “Tools” and then under options select “Advanced”. Go to “Connection” and then select on the alternative options available because Skype automatically selects the proxy.

Enter the “Host” and “Port” details of the proxy server. If the proxy you have entered requires authentication details then enter the username password and save it. Close the Skype application completely and sign in again. This would solve the Skype can’t connect problem.


Problems can also crop up because of compatibility. After you have installed the latest version of Skype just right click on the icon. Click on “Properties” and then select “Compatibility”. It will show the different versions of windows from which you can choose.

My suggestion is that if nothing works click on Windows XP and then try running the program. It will surely remove the Skype can’t connect error.

Change the Password

One of the tricks to solve the Skype can’t error is to change the password of the existing Skype account. This may solve the issue as sometimes due to technical problems.

Just login to your Skype account on any of the browsers installed on your computer. Change the password of your account following the steps.

Trippy Trick

You can also try solving this issue by using the internet explorer. Open internet explorer and click on settings present the right most corner (as per the version of internet explorer it may vary).

In the advanced section drag down the settings column and in the end check all the boxes from “Use SSL 2.0” to “Use TLS 1.2”. This trick is useful sometimes and may remove the Skype Can’t Connect error. (In my case, this solution worked.)

Time to go Back

If you are having the Skype Can’t Connect error after updating it to a newer version then it would be better that you switch to an older version.

It is easily available on the internet. It’s better to get the older version as sometimes due to the hardware many PCs do not support updated versions.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you don’t get to see Skype Can’t Connect error anymore.


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