It is a huge challenge to keep your website updated with all the latest features. There are several obstacles to take into account before getting to final touches.

It is crucial to have a good website interface to provide the best experience for your website visitors and customers.

No one wants to visit a website that takes a long time to load. A fast-loading website is where a good web hosting provider makes all the difference.

No doubt, there are hundreds of web hosting companies on the internet that will charge a lot of money for their services.

You should always pick a web hosting service that will give you incredible support during your online journey and help you grow your website.

Today, I am going to review Skystra, one of the best web hosting service providers out there. We will also discuss some of the key features that make them unique from other web hosters.

Skystra Home
Skystra Homepage

No doubt, there are a number of best web hosting companies on the internet that will charge a lot of money for these services. However, reading reviews can help you pick a web hosting service that will give you incredible support during your online journey and help you grow your website.

If you are planning to get started with a blog or any type of WordPress website, they will have you covered.

What is Skystra?

Skystra is a popular web hosting company with all the latest services that you need for your website. To be precise, the company is primarily specialized in WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

Skystra Logo
Skystra Logo

Skystra is already successfully hosting more than 500,000 websites in 85 countries across the globe. Their clients mostly include influencers, developers, bloggers, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and anyone who needs a reliable web presence.

Users can easily promote their brand using a reliable web hosting platform. This makes them a good choice for new users as nobody wants to waste time and money when getting started online.


If we talk about the company as a whole, it is a complete package of services to manage your website. Apart from just hosting, Skystra will cover you from every direction and let you grow your website in the future.

Their services include Security, Backups, Email Hosting, Domains, Parked Domains, and many others related to your website. They have hundreds of satisfied clients who can back that claim and make them stand different from other web hosters.

It’s an excellent choice for users who have recently joined the online blogging community.

Major Features of Skystra

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Skystra that make them special in the web hosting business.

Fair Pricing

Budget is always a major concern while hosting a website, especially if you want extra features. Skystra provides you with a fair price range across their hosting services. Also, you will never be troubled by hiked-up renewal costs by 200% or 300% which is a common trend at other hosting companies.

24/7 Support Staff

You might have seen many web hosting companies using chatbots to answer support questions. At Skystra, you will get human support quickly for all of your questions. They are available 24/7 and are quite helpful.

Skystra kb
Skystra Help Center

Free Website Migration

If you have an existing website and want to migrate it, it is free. You can rely on their great service to migrate your website for you at no extra cost.

skystra website migration
Skystra Website Migration

Keep in mind that some hosting companies can charge you up to $150 to perform a migration, at Skystra it will cost you $0.

Free SSL Certificate

All of the hosting plans at Skystra come with free SSL.

Fast Website Speed

Skystra claims most websites load between 1 to 2 seconds on their web platform. In our evaluation, we found that to be true.

Pricing at Skystra

You might be thinking that they will charge a lot given all of the features. Well, at Skystra you will get quite reasonable price tags on every service. You can start building your own WordPress website for as little as $3.89 per month. Moreover, you can browse their different subscription plans and choose the most suitable option.

The three different plans on Skystra for WordPress are:

  • Go ($3.89/month)
  • Plus ($5.89/month)
  • Max ($12.89/month)

WordPress Go includes getting your website online along with 50GB of SSD storage. Also, you will have additional features like a free SSL certificate and website migration.

Skystra WordPress Pricing Plans
Skystra WordPress Pricing Plans

WordPress Plus is the recommended plan that allows you to host unlimited websites. In addition, there will be a 2x processing power to boost performance. There are no restrictions on SSD storage space as well.

WordPress Plus Dashboard
WordPress Plus Dashboard

WordPress Max will contain everything in the previous plans and further provide Advanced Security for your hosting account for free. Additionally, you will get 4x processing power along with those features.


On the other hand, subscription plans available on WooCommerce are:

  • Go ($5.89/month)
  • Plus ($9.89/month)
  • Max ($19.89/month)

WooCommerce Go will help you to get your store online with unlimited products. Further, you will have access to free SEO and CDN tools. Make sure to use the Website Analytics feature.

WooCommerce Plus is the most suitable plan for high-performance stores and unlimited SSD storage. It also supports 2x processing power if you have a higher traffic store that will sustain the traffic.

skystra woocommerce pricing plans
Skystra WooCommerce pricing plans

WooCommerce Max gives you the privilege to choose anything for your store. In addition, you will get Advanced Security for free and 4x processing power to sustain even higher levels of traffic. 

Personal Review

Taking everything into consideration, Skystra provides top-notch services to their clients. Also, you can visit their website and get discounts on getting your blog started by clicking HERE! I am highly satisfied with their web hosting services. There is no doubt in my mind that customer satisfaction is their top priority as every time I ask a question, I get very thorough and knowledgeable help.

I would recommend Skystra to everyone who wants a fast website at a fair price.

Pros and Cons

There are always pros and cons to every choice, we will cover a few relating to using Skystra as your web host.

pros and cons
Pros and Cons


  • Your site will load much faster, which will enhance your website’s online experience. The average website on Skystra loads in less than 1.1 seconds.
  • You will get a free SSL certificate related to the complete encryption protocol of your website. This SSL certificate will keep your website visitor connections encrypted while on your website. 
  • You will get your hands on the latest and free SEO tools for WordPress to boost your website rankings and search result visibility.  
  • You will get complete transparency for every dollar that you spend on your website and domain.


  • Although Skystra doesn’t hike up renewals to a crazy price compared to other hosts, there are still renewal costs, so keep those in mind. 
  • There is no telephone-based support. Although this may seem like a drawback, it does follow the trend of major technology companies who provide efficient tech support through an online HelpDesk exclusively. We found Skystra’s HelpDesk support quite efficient. It also meant we didn’t have to wait hours on the phone for someone to finally pick up. That said, if the telephone is important to you, it’s not a form of support channel they provide.

All things considered, if you decide to create your website through Skystra, it will prove to be effective in the long run.

Final Take

We hope that you have a clear picture of how Skystra can help you get online. It is common to look online for user reviews and opinions. I hope this has helped clarify why Skystra is a good choice for your website.

Maybe you have more questions as you’re deciding, Skystra’s team is always available, and you can easily contact them through their website on their live chat.

Based on the features and our positive experience, we definitely recommend Skystra as your go-to for hosting your website, email, and domains.

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