Top 4 Smart Home Apps for a Comforting Life in 2023

Our world is becoming smarter with each passing day. So our topic for discussion is on those lines only. I’m going to put forth my pick of the best smart home apps that can potentially make your life easier.

Smart homes are the kind of residences where applications control everything. The applications are powered by technology, IoT, in most cases. Everything from your television to your appliances in the kitchen operates from your phone. Sounds like a dream, right?

So let us be honest. We don’t like all the hustle that goes into some of our tasks regularly. It includes washing/ironing/drying clothes to something as small as picking the remote. It isn’t something we’re proud of, but it is the whole truth. We like our lives when we don’t have to get up.

Smart Home Apps
Smart Home Apps

So cashing up on that, technology and innovation go hand in hand. They don’t only make your day-to-day life comfortable but also provide a way to ensure security in your home. These hacks come into play when we are too lazy to get up and switch off the lights. Or in the cases where we forget to close the curtains when we leave the house.

Another scenario could be when we have been too busy to remember to pick up our laundry. These are just a very few minor instances I’ve counted. 

The said apps materialize in the form of smart home apps.

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Some of the Most Splendid Smart Home Apps

As we have been discussing, smart home apps are means that make our lives significantly more comfortable. They do so by controlling all that is important, whether tedious or not-so-tedious. Thus, allowing us to go hands-free. 

One thing I should tell you before we proceed is that these smart home apps are of two types.

The task-specific are not all-rounders. So they won’t function for everything. They have restrictions according to their designs. 

The multi-tasking ones, on the other hand, work with everything. No restrictions. They cover everything from the minor tasks to the major ones.

So let us see which smart home apps can do the bidding for us, and that too efficiently and effortlessly.

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Google Home

As the name indicates, the one app by the long-reigning king of technology, Google. You guys might have used the google assistant in your phones. The automation is its extended version.

Google home automation can be configured and operated from your smartphones. It works for both android and apple phones. A bonus!!

Google Home
Google Home

Google home offers you a bunch of possibilities. It controls the way the illumination works in your home. It will control how the lights will switch on and off. Also, it makes all that possible with the lowest effort reasonable. The google home smart app takes simplicity up a notch by adding shortcuts for frequent tasks.

It is no wonder one of the most talked-about smart home apps out there.

Download : Android | IOS

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Amazon’s Alexa 

Amazon’s Alexa has got hoards of popularity ever since its release. So much that its name is on everyone’s lips, all the people who watch television know what Alexa does.

Starting with the technicals, it comes with the app, which lets you control all it does from your phone. Not only does it work with devices of the same brand, but it has excellent coordination with other devices.

Amazon's Alexa
Amazon’s Alexa

The highlight of the Alexa is its activation that makes it one of the best smart home apps. All you gotta do to activate it is say the name “Alexa”!! And that is it. You can ask it to adjust the lighting for you, change the music, or the TV channel. Whatever you want, Alexa is at your disposal.

Also, it is compatible with a range of other brands. Phillips hue smart bulbs, for instance.

Also, check our comparison of Amazon Echo vs. Dot vs. Tap before taking a decision.

Download : Android | IOS

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Along with a fancy name, Ecobee has something elegant to offer as well. It is one of those smart home apps that take control of temperatures. We all know how crucial temperature can be for our comfort. Ecobee is an intelligent thermostat that makes the trouble into its own hands. It adjusts the warmth of your home, depending on your preset preferences. Read this article about the best apps for moms.


Also, it takes into consideration the season outside, of course. Not only that, but it also controls the illuminations as well. You can monitor whether you have switched the lights off. And REMOTELY!!!

Besides, it takes care of the environment, by toggling on the away mode, to reduce consumption.

Download : Android | IOS

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Phillips Hue 

I can safely say that Phillips’s hue is one of the most innovative smart home apps. Technology has meddled with everything in our homes (in the right way, of course). How could it leave the illumination system behind? It seems unfair. 

So Phillips has come out with another wonder that goes by the name “hue.” It allows you to control all the lights with just your smartphone. Also, the app comes with a selection of inbuilt pictures. You can turn any of these pictures to your light. Thus, illuminate your house the fancy way.

Philips Hue
Philips Hue

Along with that, it allows you to make up lighting time tables to alter the “hues.” What more, you don’t even need your phone to do all of it. Just say the words.

Download : Android | IOS


Those were some of the most spellbinding smart home apps, in my opinion. They can help you sleep better just like a great mattress. And similarly, knowing the quality of the material of your mattress is also a must. You can try out one of these by downloading through your WiFi routers.They may sound similar, but there is a whole world of difference, right from interfaces to the features. Even better? After all, what is more, exhilarating than trying out new stuff?

Since Smart TV are big yes to smart homes and if said yes to Vizio TVs, there learn how to get the latest apps like Disney on Vizio TV, here.

Don’t forget to visit us for more such stuff.

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