Evolution is the very concept of creating new organisms. It is the foundation for developing sophisticated creatures like humans, from microorganisms to Darwin beings like us. This ideology is incorporated into the games, taking the gaming experience to a different level. One such game is Spore. If you are interested in spore, you will also be interested in knowing other Spore like games. You may also like to play some problematic and puzzling kinds of games, like Sudoku. Learn how to solve it when you are stuck.

Spore is the fabrication that falls into this category. This game gives us the powers of God that allow us to create new species. It covers three different genres of games. Firstly, it is an RPG, i.e., Role Playing Game genre. Then it is also RTS which stands for Real-time Strategy genre. Spore and spore-like games have become very popular among RPG gamers.

Moreover, it involves action. Such a great combination, right? These are the reasons for the success and popularity of the Spore game. In this article, we will check Spore like games

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10 Games like Spore

Let us spiral down the list of top ten Spore-like games ranging from high to low without further ado.

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The first game that comes to mind when we try to list out Spore-like games is Evolva. You will face a new planet that faces extension due to an asteroid attack.


It is now on us to generate a new race on the alien planet. It would be best if you made the team with various attributes to customize, such as Type, Name, Geno, and Colour. This game is on Steam and is compatible with PC

Download: Evolva


SimLife is one of the evolution games like Spore. We can generate new species, usually animals, ecosystems, eatables, etc.


You can create veggies or fruits that are new and owned by you. This game can be played online and for free. SimLife comes under free games like Spore.

Download: SimLife

Endless Space 2

Talking about Spore games, we need to talk about Endless Space 2. It has numerous versions of this game. Some are Awakening, Vaulters, Dark Matter, Penumbra, Supremacy, etc.

endless space 2

Some of the versions are free, while others are premium. This game is accessible on Steam. 

Download: Endless Space 2


The game DarkSpore consists of high-end modern graphics. We get the chance to create 90+ main characters. A wide range of roles is possible in this game.


DarkSpore games can’t be played offline and are not free to play. It is compatible only with PCs but with older versions as well. 

Download: DarkSpore


While looking into games like Spore Cell Stage, Eufloria fits nicely into it. A unique RTS game consists of steps like Grow, Colonise, Expand, and Explore. It is a game powered by Steam that brings a unique experience of godly-like creation.


It has various stories that keep us hooked and enhance our RTS gaming experience to a new level.

Download: Eufloria


An open-source, which means free for any game, is Thrive. Usually, this game is for PC, but we can also play it on a smartphone.


One can play this game through the online version of Thrive. It comes under the category of Games like the Spore creature stage. 

Download: Thrive

No Man’s Sky

We experience a beautiful alien land trying to teem with new creatures. It can be dangerous because we can find various organisms thriving on an alien planet.

no mans sky

Create new characters that can fight with the existing animals and survive. No Man’s Sky is a wonderful RTG that one must try. It is free of cost, and there are no hidden surcharges. 

Download: No Man’s Sky

Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

Experience Natura Selection first hand through this game, Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution. We get a chance to see Evolution simulated from its first principles.

species artificial life, real evolution

This game is like spore creature stage. You can create the organisms through simulation with various attributes like Size, Walk speed, Walk Stamina, Attack Damage, and Growth cost. You can play this game only on PC and that too on Windows only. 

Download: Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution


Flow is a unique RTS game compatible with Play Stations, and it is also available to play on a browser. As the name suggests, Flow is designed for the creatures that survive underwater.


One can get the chance to experience underwater aquatic life right from the evolutionary stage. Create species that can thrive in water. It has excellent graphics and visual effects that enhance one’s gaming experience of RTS. 

Download: Flow


Osmos is one of the games like Spore. It is an open-source game free for all without additional charges. The player starts as a small molecule.


We have to absorb smaller moles to grow into advanced organisms. But beware, other molecules are growing with us, and we must be cautious about the world. Show the creator skills inside you and enjoy the game. 

Download: Osmos


Is there a game similar to Spore?

Yes, ‘No Man's Sky’ is a game similar to Spore. It offers exploration, crafting, and evolving gameplay. Just like in Spore, players can discover diverse planets and creatures, and even build their own spacecraft. It's an expansive universe to explore, making it a great choice for fans of Spore's creative and space-themed gameplay.

Is Spore the most pirated game?

Spore gained notoriety as one of the most pirated games due to its high demand and limited digital rights management DRM. Apprehensions were presented about the way this may affect game deals. While exact numbers vary, Spore's piracy rates were notably high during its release. However, the game's unique gameplay and innovative concept also garnered significant attention.

Why was Spore abandoned?

Spore, developed by Maxis and published by EA, faced mixed reception upon release due to high expectations and certain design choices. The game's simplified mechanics disappointed some players, leading to declining interest. Additionally, the gaming industry's evolving trends and Maxis' focus on other projects contributed to Spore's gradual fading from the spotlight.

Is Spore game for kids?

Spore's gameplay complexity and depth make it suitable for various age groups, including older children and adults. The game's diverse stages allow players to create and control creatures, civilizations, and even entire galaxies. However, parental guidance is recommended due to certain strategic and creative elements that might be better suited for older players.


In this TechWhoop article, we have looked at the top ten Spore like games. In this list, ten games that are ranging from high to low. You can now enjoy these fun, action-packed RPG and RTS games. There are a few free games on the list, do try them out. Share the list with your friends and have unlimited fun. Grab the chance to become a creator like God and create new species and organisms. Not just creation, you can still get power-packed performance. 

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