In today’s article, we’ll discuss the “Spotify won’t open” error fixes. Who doesn’t like to hear music? Music comforts, celebrates happiness and connects people with similar tastes during sad times. Nowadays, books are our best friend of yore, and the new trend suggests that music is our best friend. When you get bored, plug in your headphones and enjoy the beats. These days, earphones have become a necessity, and we do not see anyone without them. Pop, rock, slow, jazz, classical, folk, etc., are the various genres and styles that music has to offer to people.

Reinstalling the software will restore any settings you might have unintentionally modified. Reinstalling Spotify might also resolve compatibility problems your previous installation might have overlooked. Visit the program Store or Google Play Store, remove the program, and then reinstall it to accomplish this.

YouTube, Wynk, Saavn, Spotify, and iTunes are some of the applications that help people to listen to music anywhere and everywhere, and they are some of the most popular apps these days. People depend on these apps; their morning starts with music and ends with music.

Thus, if there is some problem in the applications, it does not go down well. Spotify is an application that gives access to millions of songs from a century old to the latest and hit songs. It is appreciated and used by innumerable people spread over various nations. It connects people with music from all over the world. Thus, when Spotify doesn’t connect shows, it is criticized, and people wonder how to fix it.

8 Ways To Fix Spotify Won’t Open

Some of the issues due to which Spotify won’t open are:

Internet Connection (Spotify Won’t Open)

Most of the time, an application does not work because there are some issues with the network connection; either the WiFi is not working, or the link to the device on which Spotify is being used is poor.

The offline mode is not active on the device; thus, it would not have been working without the poor Internet connection to the WiFi. The modem should be restarted so that it starts working.

network connections

If the network connection is still weak, the operator should be called to complain and asked to fix the issue immediately to prevent the “Spotify won’t open” error.

Place Of Residence

Spotify is an application in only a few countries, like Finland, Denmark, Canada, Hong Kong, etc. It is not available in all nations, for example – India. The app will not work in India as it is unavailable in India.

Thus, the place of residence is an essential factor that affects the application’s working. The user’s responsible for checking whether the app is available in their country. If the app is not present in the user’s area, then they should shift to another application similar to Spotify that is present in their country.

availability spotify

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Firewall (Spotify Won’t Open)

The firewall settings can be a reason for the improper working of the Spotify app. Every device has different firewall settings, some by default and some manually.

The device’s Firewall may have blocked Spotify, and thus the error “Spotify won’t open” is occurring.


While checking the firewall settings, the user should ensure the application does not come under the unauthorized section. This would prevent the error, and the app would work properly.

Facebook Login

Sometimes, logging in from Facebook can cause Spotify won’t open an error. We might have logged out of Facebook at some point, which might be creating a problem in the application, and thus the app might be showing Spotify won’t open.

facebook login

The best way to avoid the issue will be to log in again with the username and password to use the application without any restriction.

Customer Support

If the Spotify app shows an error saying that Spotify won’t open, we should try reinstalling the application to make it work. If that does not help, we should contact customer support, as the app might be facing technical difficulties due to the application not working correctly.

customer support

We can either send an e-mail addressing the issue or a message or call on the given number. Thus, we can solve the problem as the technicians would resolve the issue and work out the problem, after which we can use the app and listen to our all-time favorite songs.

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Premium Version (Spotify Won’t Open)

There are instances in which we will see Spotify won’t open on the device’s screen because we don’t have the premium version. spotify

If we try to connect to PS4, for instance, and play music on that device, we will not be able to do so if we have not upgraded the application to the premium version. Thus, checking whether what we are trying to access comes within our package or if we need to pay more is necessary.


The device on which we have installed Spotify has to be eligible to let the app work. There are specific requirements for the app. However, it is pretty compatible and works with even older smartphones.

Ensure the device is in proper working condition and has all the features for the application to work without any hindrance.

Login Credentials (Spotify Won’t Open)

There might be a problem with the credentials while logging in. We can opt for forgot your password option to request a change of password to deal with this issue. It is an ordinary occurrence, and you can solve it quickly without much effort.

login credentials

Above are the various reasons and solutions to fix the problem of Spotify won’t opening, which can help prevent such an incident from occurring.

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