An Access Point Name or APN is the necessary set of information that we need on our device to route it to the correct server and hence get a mobile data connection. We have to include different values to APN settings including, name, APN, APN type, Proxy, etc. Your network service provider can read these settings from your mobile. This setting will help them to determine an IP address for your device correctly. And then they can also connect you to the correct secure gateway through which you can connect to the internet. Thus, you must know about Sprint APN Settings.

This settings also informs the network carrier whether you want them (service provider) to connect you to a private network such as a VPN.

To make sure that the carrier can provide all these services to you, you must have a correctly entered APN setting. Here we are looking at the Sprint APN Settings.

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About Sprint APN

A telecommunication company, Sprint was launched on December twenty-one, 1899. Land Park, Kansas, United States, is where there are sprint networks headquarters. Michel Combes is the Business Executive of the Sprint Company. The SoftBank Group and T-Mobile United States, are the owning company of this network. Jacob Brown and Clemson Brown are the founders of the Sprint network. The services provided by Sprint access points names- Mobile telecom, Wireless communications, net benefits, and Broadband.sprint apn settings

Sprint network provides unlimited speak, data, and text nationwide for purchasers. Users can also go along with basic details and free text for worldwide destinations to almost two hundred. This network offers several recharge plans that work for any budget. Sprint network provides purchasers with electronic communication, wireless voice, and broadband services. Sprint network additionally offers 5G services for purchasers. However, the 5G network is solely compatible with 5G phones. Let’s have a look at the APN Settings for Windows, iOS, Sprint on automaton, and Blackberry devices.

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Working Of Sprint APN Settings

Sprint is one of the top 5 largest telecommunication networks with millions of users. So if you are a Sprint user and are facing any issue with your mobile data connection, we are here to help you.

Access Point Name or APN is the connection between your network service provider and your device. You can only have a working data connection and related services if you have a correctly activated Access Point Name Settings.

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Therefore correctly activation your APN settings is a necessary step for you to connect your mobile device to the internet. Most probably your smartphone would automatically download and install the APN settings from your service provider.

But if it did not work that way, you can enter the APN settings manually. And we are here with the instructions on how to enter the APN settings manually. Just check this article on Sprint APN Settings and you will understand how to manually change the APN settings on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

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Sprint APN Settings for Android

There are certainly more android users these days than any other device. Thus here are the steps for APN settings for android.

  1. Open Settings. Read this article, to know about the Tracfone APN Settings.
  2. Open Wireless and Networks/ Connections/ More.(This Option will have different names according to the version of android you are using.)APN Settings for Android
  3. Tap on Mobile Networks.
  4. Select Access Point Names.""</li
  5. Select Add new APN option from the ‘add’ option or the menu(most probably 3 dots on the top right corner).
    Username: <Not Required>
    Password: <Not Required>
    Server: <Not Required>
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 120
    Authentication Type : <Not Required>
    APN Type: internet + mms
    APN Protocol: IPv4
    Save the APN settings.
    Select the APN setting that you just entered for current use.
    Check for a mobile data connection on your device.

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Sprint APN Settings For iPhone

Sprint APN settings for iPhone are given here. Follow the steps accurately and get the required details.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Mobile Data/ Cellular Data. Read this article, to learn about Consumer Cellular APN Settings.
  3. Choose Mobile Data Network/ Cellular Data NetworkAPN Settings for iOS
  4. Select the option to add new APN from the menu.""</em
  5. Fill in the new APN using the below information:
    Password: <Not Required>
    For MMS:
    Name: Sprint
    APN: cinet.spcs
    Username: <Not Required>
    Password: <Not Required>
    MMS Proxy:
    Max Message Size: <Not Required>
    MMS UA Prof URL: <Not Required>
  6. After entering these values, press the back arrow 3 times. These settings will be automatically saved

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Sprint APN Settings For Windows Phone

Here’s the setting of APN for Windows Phone. Go through with thoroughly.

  1. Swipe Screen and Open Apps list
  2. Open settings
  3. Select Networks and Wireless
  4. Choose Mobile + Sim. Read this article, to earn about Freedompop APN Settings.
  5. Select Sim SettingsAPN Settings for Windows Phone
  6. There will be separate settings options for adding APN for internet and MMS
  7. Select Add an internet APN. Read this article, to get steps on metroPCS APN Settings | Step by Step Guide.


  1. Password: <Not Required>
  2. Proxy Server (URL): <Not Required>
  3. Proxy Port: <Not Required>
  4. IP Type: IPv4
  5. Select the box to use this APN for LTE also.
  6. Save the APN.
  7. Select the option to add an MMS APN.
  8. Enter the following information in the boxes:
    1. APN: cinet.spcs
    2. Username: <Not Required>
    3. Password: <Not Required>
    4. WAP Gateway (URL):
    5. WAP Gateway Port: 80
    6. MMSC:
    7. MMSC Port: <Not Required>
    8. Maximum MMS Size: 1024
    9. IP Type: IPv4
    10. Save the APN.

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Sprint APN Settings For Blackberry

Steps on Sprint APN Settings for Blackberry. Follow the steps sequentially to get the solution.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Network Connections
  3. Open Mobile Network. Read the article, to get the top 10 Sprint Flip Phones In 2023 | Bestseller Lists.APN Settings for BlackBerry
  4. Select APN. Read the article, to get details on Verizon APN Settings | Step by Step Guide.
  5. Open Mobile Plan and select from Contract or Prepay""</li
  6. Password: <Not Required>
  7. Save the APN settings.
  8. For adding an MMS APN.
  9. Go to messages.
  10. Open Message settings.
  11. Select Text Messages.
  12. Select MMS.
  13. Open Advanced.
  14. Enter the following information:
    The following is the information that will be used as input.

    1. Access Point Name (APN): cinet.spcs
    2. Username: <Not Required>
    3. Password: <Not Required>
    4. MMSC Settings:
    5. MMSC URL:
    6. Proxy URL:
    7. Username: <Not Required>
    8. Proxy Password: <Not Required>
    9. Save the entered APN Settings.

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How do I set up APN for data services?

Here are some steps to set up APN for data services. Tap Menu Button, which is on the home screen of the device. Go to the APN Settings. Select the Mobile networks. Choose the option of Access Point Names. Then tap on the Menu option. Then go to the APN settings. Choose the Name field option. After choosing Internet, tap OK and unlock APN settings.

What are my APN settings?

To know about the APN settings of your device, follow the below steps: To access the apps for the APN settings go to the home screen. Then directly go to Settings. Select Connections. After that, choose Mobile networks. Select the option of Access Point Names. Select the Access Point that needs to be checked.

What is APN for cellular?

The information of the APN setting that the phone analyses to set up a link is the Access Point Name (APN). APN sets up a link to the gateway. The link is between the public Internet and the carrier's cellular network.

Why are my APN settings locked?

At times, the settings of APN on the device get locked. Aforesaid happens when they show grayed out, which seems to be unmodified. The happening often indicates that your currently connected carrier has set them and that you shouldn't need to modify them.

Which APN type is best?

The best APN settings cant be described as each service provider has different facilities and approaches. The APN settings can be downloaded automatically in the phone condition being the user must have Android 8.0 or the latest version. MMS and data functioning facility will start after this two-tap installation process.


We hope that these instructions have helped you to solve the problem you are facing regarding your mobile data connection. Enjoy trouble free internet surfing and MMS services with the correct APN settings.

We request you to keep in mind that different smartphones working on different versions of various operating systems will have changes in naming as well as placement of particular options.

So if you could not find a specific option, do not worry. It will surely be available on your smartphone but most probably under a different name or option. Check thoroughly to get the correct settings. And enter the above values correctly.

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