6 Ways to Start Control Panel in Windows 10


The pivotal component of the Windows operating system which provides the user with the ability to change the many intricate settings of the system is known as the control panel. A control panel is a machine which makes sure the operating system runs according to ones tailored wishes. Irrespective, starting up or reaching the control panel could be a bit tricky for new users or users who are trying out older versions of Windows.

How to Start Control Panel | Easy Methods

Hence we are here to show you 6 ways you can start the control panel in Windows 10. To start control panel, the user can follow any of the following six tips:


One of the many ways the user can start control panel in Windows 10 is by using the newly introduced voice assistant named Cortana. Taking direct inspiration from the Halo franchise, Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri.

Windows Cortana
Windows Cortana

Initially released on the second of April 2014. To summon Cortana to the user’s aid he or she can just call her name, on the condition, only if you have a microphone on your PC or laptop.

To start control panel using Cortana, the user can ask her to just launch the corresponding application by calling her by her name and asking her to do the required or even the user by themselves can seek up the necessary software in the search bar conveniently provided along with it.

2. Shortcut for Desktop

Another way the user can use to start control panel is by the usage of shortcuts from the start menu. This is considered to be slower than other tips which will be mentioned on this list.

Control Panel
Control Panel

To start control panel in this manner, the user has to primarily open the start menu by clicking on the windows icon. After which the user can continue to execute this tip by clicking on all apps list.

Once the user has reached the application list he or she can scroll down to the Windows System folder within which the user can find control panel application.

3. Pinning to Start

One of the fastest and efficient ways the user can start control panel is by accessing the corresponding application after pinning it to the start menu.

To execute this tip in a fast manner of consecutive actions, the user primarily can search up the application which he or she wants to pin (in this condition the control panel), after which the user has to right click on the program which he/she can pin so that a drop down box may appear.

Once the drop down box has appeared, clicking on the option to pin the corresponding application to the start menu will do the necessary action. After executing the above steps correctly and in the right order, the user can finally start control panel from the start menu.

4. Pining it to the Taskbar

Just like the above tip of pinning the required application to the start menu, the user can also pin and start control panel by pinning it to the taskbar.

This tip compared to tip number three will be considered to be faster, but it’s better to have the users taskbar full of applications which he or she will be using on a daily basis, instead of an application rarely used as the control panel unless the user keeps on changing the system properties regularly.

To accomplish this tip of pinning the control panel to the taskbar, the user can follow the same steps mentioned in tip three but this time he or she must select the option to pin the application to the taskbar.

5. X Menu

The X menu is a special menu or drop up box which many people know but only few use, but it provides easy access to a handful of programs essential in making phenomenal changes to the operating system or to harvest the maximum potential of it.

Pressing the Windows key plus the X key will allow anyone with the Windows operating system to launch the X menu. Previously the process of starting the control panel would have been more comfortable with just launching the X menu and clicking the control panel option, but with the latest creator update, the option to start control panel now offers various other features.

To replace the new features with the ability to start control panel, the user will have to lean to third-party applications. The most recommended third-party application to execute this job is known as the Win+X Menu Editor.

With this application developed by Winaero, the user can edit the X menu quickly and efficiently to ones personally tailored needs.

6. Desktop Toolbar

This tip is considered as one of the slowest methods but its still capable, hence its mentioned in our list. However, this method can be more slow if your computer is slow or old. Try to find out how old is your computer & optimize it to run faster before using this method. To accomplish the execution of this suggestion the user must right-click the taskbar.

Once you click the task bar, right-click a drop up box will appear within which the user must select toolbar and then desktop. You have to do in order to ensure that the desktop is there.

Now to start control panel through the desktop toolbar, he or she just has to click on it to summon another drop up box. Once you summon the box, you can then observe the presence of the option called control panel.

Once the user clicks on the option, it will start the control panel application through the desktop toolbar.


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