Best SWOT Analysis Generator Tools To Use In 2021

There is a huge demand for SWOT analysis in the current scenario of the market. It helps all the new startups and businesses to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Also, it will propose a strategic way to accomplish the long-term goals

8 Effective SWOT Analysis Generator Tools :

Let’s look at some popular SWOT Analysis Generator Tools to use in 2021.


The first name on our list of swot generator tools is Grapholite which is a dependable tool for the job. Users can easily download it on devices working on Android or Windows system. Moreover, the main function of the tool is to generate an informative flow chart that is quite important for the business. Also, you can find there are the general features that you need for the SWOT analysis. Further, it assists in creating normal mathematical figures such as Venn Diagrams. Users can even make use of the drag and drop feature that reduces the overall effort during the process. However, you will need to purchase a premium subscription that can cost you around $100 for the desktop version.

grapholite app
Grapholite app



Canva is one of the most popular names in the business industry, especially among new users. Moreover, there is a provision of a relevant template for generating efficiency in the swot analysis creator. Some of you look for large data to apprehend the analysis that can be confusing. However, it is better to convert any small information that is relevant to your business. Further, Canva is known for its huge gallery of stock images that helps to manage your online platforms. You can even share the SWOT analysis with team members to discuss and get the most effective output. There are no potential charges in using Canva unless you are not going for the premium version.

canva app
Canva app

Visit: Canva

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The next name on the list of SWOT Analysis Generator Tools is Smartsheet. As the name suggests, the tool will help you in making desired templates for the business. Moreover, you can use an in-built template gallery to get an overview. Thus, you can get an idea for making templates regarding Powerpoint, Excel, and Word. Also, there are some special additions to templates that allow you to track the competition. The overall user interface is quite impressive and lets you conduct everything strategically. Hence, give it a try today as there are no charges for using Spreadsheet.

smartsheet app
Smartsheet app

Visit: SmartSheet


The importance of swot analysis generator is increasing day by day. Hence, users are shifting towards genuine tools like Creately that serve well. You have the option to create a set of various diagrams and eventually make strategies. Further, it is quite effective on both large and small business scales. In the beginning, you can freely download five diagrams for use. After which, there will be a minor charge of $5 that will give you access for 30 days for the monthly subscription. Also, it provides assistance to the new users for having an effective SWOT analysis.

creately swot analysis
Creately swot analysis

Visit: Creately


Gliffy is another SWOT Analysis Generator Tools on the list that claims to get the job done with the least user effort. This will give you a better physical experience as everything will have practical information behind it.

The only fault is that the facility of existing templates helps you out. However, you can start from scratch and create analysis in no time. Further, you can take advantage of the diagrams generating feature in Gliffy. Therefore, you only have to pay $7.99 for a single user. In the case of a team subscription, it will charge $4.99 in total.

gliffy app
Gliffy app

Visit: Gliffy

Mind Tools

Many users often tend to look for free SWOT Analysis Generator Tools that are both easy and effective. Mind Tools will undoubtedly be one of the best software that will provide everything for SWOT analysis. Some of the major factors are infographics, diagrams, charts, and even video tutorials.

mindtools app
MindTools app

Moreover, it will give some important tips for analyzing the data more effectively. Hence, this tool is preferred by beginners as it provides a headstart in the business. Further, the tool is completely free to use, which becomes the icing on the cake. You can also refer to this SWOT analysis template powerpoint for more information on SWOT analysis.

Visit: Mind Tools 


Nothing could be more practical than using the swot analysis tool for SWOT analysis maker. It is available online to make you aware of the various aspects of the process. Also, you can view several installed templates in the tool to get an overview. This will help you to create a new project or use the existing template and modify it. You can match the preference according to your needs for the business. Moreover, the team can put forward their feedback and vote for the most suitable option. This will enhance the overall performance of the tool in the long run. Also, the tool is free to use for everyone regardless of compatibility.

swot analysis tool
SWOT analysis tool

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Wiki Wealth

At last but not least, we have a Wiki Wealth SWOT analysis generator tool that has some filled sections for the process. Thus, you only need to put the necessary information as most of the things are automated. Further, make sure to choose desired weaknesses and strengths of the weakness. The overall functionality of the tool is quite simple and elegant to use. Also, once the analysis is complete, you can track all the aspects of it. Also, you will get detailed information on every step during the process. There are minor charges for using Wiki Wealth, but you can also use the free version.

Visit: Wiki Wealth


We hope that our list of best SWOT Analysis Generator Tools for your business. Make sure to give it a try and choose the most effective tool. Moreover, the decisions made after the SWOT analysis are far more effective.

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