4 Best Free T-Mobile IMEI Checker Tools


IMEI is also called International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. This fundamental purpose of IMEI number is to identify the device. Every device has a 14-16-digit IMEI number through which, one can tell everything about that particular device along with all its features starting from GSM and OS to its activation date, model number and history. IMEI is also used to prevent theft and stealing of your device and therefore stopping the stolen devices accessing network.

To find IMEI number of your phone, open the dial pad in your phone and type “ *#06#”. If it doesn’t work, its always written on the back of your phone. You can remove the battery and check.

Well, if you are buying a new phone, it’s vital that you check its IMEI number and previous history. You must know if it’s IMEI as reported as stolen or lost and maybe it’s there on any blacklist. In that case, you might not be able to use all the network operators as once the device is reported as stolen, it gets blocked to stop it from accessing network. You can also try Apple IMEI checker, Sprint IMEI checker, MetroPCS IMEI checker or AT&T IMEI checker tools too if you’re using any other mobile network.

List of Best T-Mobile IMEI Checker

So, if you want to avoid all that, you would need an IMEI checker tool. And if you’re looking for one, you are just at the right place. In this article, you are going to know about some of the best T-Mobile IMEI checker tools and their specific features. Here’s we go.

IMEI info

IMEI info is a free website which tells you about every little detail of the device that IMEI number belongs to. All you got to do is enter a valid 15-digits IMEI number in the required box and press ‘Check’.

Just to make sure you’re not a bot, it has this ‘I’m not a bot’ box, make sure you tick mark it before pressing the Check button. IMEI info also allows you some extra features such as checking the warranty of the device, Unlocking the device, Blacklist and many more.


It tells you information from the model number of the device to the GSM used. I can check if the IMEI number your device has is clean or it’s on any blacklist.

IMEI status

Well, if you don’t want to waste much time reading the features and data about your device because you already know them, you can go with IMEI status. It’s again free T-Mobile IMEI checker tool.

It is pretty basic and straight to the point. It asks for the 14-16-digit IMEI number of the device. Just enter the number in the required box and hit the Submit button. IMEI status lets you know if the IMEI number is a Bad IMEI or Clean.

IMEI Status
IMEI Status

It tells you if the given number is present in any blacklist or it’s clear to use. If you are concerned with only this, IMEI status is perfect for you. It easy to use and does what it says.

Free International IMEI Blacklist Checker

As the name itself suggests, it’s a free T-Mobile IMEI checker tool. Free international IMEI blacklist checker promises that the result is 99% accurate. It ensures if the particular IMEI number is reported as lost/ stolen or blacklisted.


Sometimes other IMEI checker tool might not be able to show the status of the given IMEI number because of the mobile model but you don’t have to worry about this because this software supports all the manufacturers and mobile models, for example, Samsung, Lenovo, iPhone, HP, Moto and many more.

Just put the IMEI number of your device in the required box and you are ready to go.

iPhoneIMEI Info

If you are an iPhone user, this is precisely for you. Although even the enlisted websites will also work, this iPhoneIMEI Info has better and prosperous with features. Talking about the interface, it’s effortless to use.


Enter the valid IMEI number in the required box and there you go. iPhoneIMEI Info provides you with the whole history of your iPhone. Starting with the IMEI sim lock, features to version, model number and Activation date.

iPhoneIMEI has it all. And like every other T-Mobile IMEI checker tool, even this one also tells you if the given IMEI number is reported as stolen/lost or is present in any blacklist. It provides all the information you will ever need to know about your device and its IMEI number. So, if you are an iPhone user, this is perfect for you.

Final Words

If you are getting a new device, it’s crucial that you know everything about that device including all its history because why taking chances when you can be sure.

The softwares mentioned above are one the best T-Mobile IMEI checker tools and you can always rely on them. They will provide every required information about your device and help you choose the right one.


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