Tailor Brands Review – AI Meets Logo Design


There is no dearth of graphic design apps and services on the Internet. You have professional programs like Adobe Photoshop that allow you to create some of the most complex and beautiful designs if you have the required skills and experience, and there are also more user-friendly apps like Canva that are suited to the average users. However, Tailor Brands is an app that clearly takes the cake as it offers professional-quality results with negligible work on your end.

What is Tailor Brands?

Tailor Brands is an online logo maker that allows you to create premium and unique logos in a matter of minutes. What makes it so special and better than other logo makers on the web is its advanced artificial technology.

Tailor Brands
Tailor Brands

That’s capable of understanding your design requirements just like a human graphics designer. So, even though you essentially use a software program, it does have a human touch that makes the design work a lot easier and faster.

How does it Work?

Simply put, Tailor Brands uses the information provided by you to understand what kind of designs would be suitable for your brand. For instance, when you open the app or website, then it asks you a few basic questions about your brand, the nature of your business and industry, etc. This helps it to narrow down the options accordingly.

However, you still have a lot of control on the designs as it also asks you to select one design out of two that are shown to you in several sets. Once all this information is provided, it accesses a massive content library that has thousands of icons, fonts, colors, etc. to create some of the most amazing logos that fit your needs. You can then select the best design, make changes if you need, or just download it directly.

As you can see, using Tailor Brands is quite easy. However, its significance is especially huge in today’s startup industry where the entrepreneurs have access to all kinds of digital marketing courses that allow them to take their business to the next level, but there isn’t a lot out there on creating a brand identity. Tailor Brands may not be perfect, but it’s doing a great job at filling this gap.


If you want to check out the features of Tailor Brands firsthand, then you don’t have to have to pay any money. However, if you want to download a logo and use it for your website or blog, then you need to choose any of the following plans:



($3.99 per month): High-quality logo files, brand guidelines, watermark and logo resizing tools, etc.


($9.99 per month): Everything under the basic plan plus vector EPS files, business card and stationary tool, design library, unlimited storage, designed presentation templates, business deck. etc.


($15.99 per month): Everything under the standard plan plus social media auto-scheduler service, social media analytics tool, and access to over 3 million posts and articles, and over 1,000 editable designs that you can share on your social media accounts, etc.



Tailor Brands is extremely easy to use. It will hold your hand if you want, but you still have control over the designs that you want to create. It’s intuitive, has a minimalistic interface, and doesn’t take long getting used to especially when you compare it with other programs in that market.


It’s true that there are logo makers on various app stores and websites that are absolutely free. However, if you want a quality product, and you should want a quality product since we are talking about building a brand here, then you must be open to spending a small amount of money for it. Tailor Brands is easily affordable, and you are sure to get a bang for your buck with it.

Tons of Features

Tailor Brands is mainly known for its logo maker. However, there are many other amazing features that you can use as well. These include merchandise branding, brand book, and dedicated tools for social media marketing and branding like scheduled posts, Facebook assets, advanced analytics, etc.


Editing Tools

The objective of Tailor Brands is to make the graphic design simpler. So, if you are expecting a comprehensive toolkit for editing your logos and other images, then you will be disappointed. However, you still get all the basic tools for changing fonts, icons, etc.


Tailor Brands isn’t free. You can produce as many logos as you want, but if you want to download them, then you have to pay for the service.


Overall, Tailor Brands is easily one of the graphic design tools on the Internet. It’s a pocket-friendly solution for budding entrepreneurs who don’t have advanced graphic design skills, and also professionals who want to make their jobs easier. You can’t go wrong with it.


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