10 Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Screenshots play a pivotal role in the lives of people of today who use screens more than any generation who have lived on the earth. But taking a screenshot can be a complicated or confusing process. Hence today we are here to discuss 10 Ways to Take Screenshots in Windows with only the in-built tools.

How to Take Screenshots in Windows | 10 Methods

The following are various ways which the user can follow and execute to take screenshots in windows:

Print Screen (PrntScn or Ctrl+PrntScn)

The usage of the Print Screen (PrtScn) key has been considered as one of the most direct and simplest methods to take screenshots in windows. This is on the condition that your computer or laptop sports the key necessary to print the screen.

You can take screenshots by pressing the Print Screen (PrtScn) key or the combination (Ctrl+PrtScn).

Upon pressing these keys the computer takes a screenshot and saves it by delivering the picture to the clipboard. Mind you when the computer saves an item to the clipboard it doesn’t mean it’s creating a save in the hard drive, but instead a short-term memory which can be used to store a variety of information.

Once the computer has copied the screenshot to the clipboard, the user has to launch paint in turn to access the screenshot. It doesn’t necessarily need to paint and can also be a Word document or any other photo editing software.

Windows Screenshot
Windows Screenshot

Once he or she has reached the necessary application which deserves the screenshot, the user can take the screenshot by Ctrl+V. This is the standard combination to paste a corresponding image or text within the program.

After the screenshot has been pasted unto the program in use (in this case paint), the user can save the file by following the required steps to save a file in the corresponding software for future references of the screenshot.

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Windows plus Print Screen (Win+PrtScn)

Another way the user can take screenshots in windows is by the utilization of a combination of keys. Those keys are the Windows and the Print screen keys (Win+PrtScn).

This particular combination of keys will allow the user not only to take a screenshot but also to save it in the default pictures folder within the computer.

Once you use this combination up to your wish, you can then access these screenshots within the default pictures folder.
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Alt key plus Print Screen (Alt+PrtScn)

One of the lesser known methods to take screenshots in windows is by pressing the Alt key plus the Print Screen key simultaneously. This combination of keys utilizes the same mechanics of the first step and hence are similar in style too.

This is because as soon the combination of keys has been pressed the user has to go and paste it into any photo editor or word editor which supports images.

Windows Plus Shift Plus the “S” key

This key combination won’t be a surprise for all the power users of Windows 10 out there to take screenshots in windows.

The special purpose of this combo is that you can use it for taking snaps of a specific region.

To execute this process, the user has to press the Windows plus shift plus “S” key (Win+shift+S) simultaneously. Once this combination of keys has been pressed the screen will immediately get dimmed and the cursor would have transformed into a cross.

With the cursor transformed the user can select the area he or she wants to take a screenshot of. After finishing the process of selecting the region which needs to be screenshotted, the user can paste it into any photo editing software or even a word file if it suits his or her needs. This is because before the picture is pasted, it is stored in the clipboard.


This might be the most used and known method on this list to take screenshots in windows and that is the process of utilizing the snipping tool.

The snipping tool is the primary go-to tool for anyone who to take screenshots of windows. The program also allows you to do minor edits to the screenshot it has taken.

People use it because it pretty fast and light weight. It also allows you to save the screenshot to the desired location you want it to be saved in.

You can access the snipping tool by asking Cortana (Windows newly introduced voice assistant) or by searching it in the search bar next to the windows icon which will give the user access to the program menu.

Snip tablet

Taking Screenshots in Windows tablet has always been a hassle and confusing. Hence this tip will help the Microsoft tablet users out there.

To take screenshots in a windows tablet, the user has to press a combination of hardware keys which is Win+VolDwn. The only disadvantage of this process is that it takes the screenshot of the whole region.


The newest update of Windows 10 features a new “Game Bar”. The game bar is an addon aimed at gamers who want to take screenshots in windows and also to record the screen. It mostly comes into play when a game is running.

Windows 10 Gamebar
Windows 10 Gamebar

To take screenshots in Windows while you’re playing any game, just use the following combo (Win+Alt+PrtScn).

Once you press the corresponding keys, you can easily get the screenshot in the videos section. It is usually under the name of the game he or she has been playing.

Fn key plus Windows plus Print Screen

This tip is apt for users who have laptops. Mainly if the user is wondering what the Fn key is utilized for. To use the Fn key to take screenshots in Windows, Fn+Win+PrtScn.

This key command allows the Windows to not only to take a screenshot but also to save the respective screenshot. You can do so within the pictures folder where you would find the Screenshots folder.

Fn plus Alt plus Print Screen

This key combination of (Fn+Alt+PrtScn) will allow the user to take screenshots in windows but only the active window. It’s the equivalent of the Alt+Print Screen in a standard desktop.

Fn plus Print Screen

Using Fn+PrtScn. Another property of this combination of keys is that it takes a screenshot of the corresponding screen but only to save it to the clipboard, hence forcing the user to paste it in any photo editing application or even a word document.

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