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There has been a tremendous upvote in the usage of computers. One of the things that are happening is that there has been a rise in the transferring of data. Whenever you download a file or folder, you might shift it to some other location. The default copy-paste option can do this shifting. However, sometimes this process might take a lot more time than it really should. You can use several Teracopy alternative tools to perform the copying and pasting of the files. 

Teracopy Alternative
Teracopy Alternative

There is certainly something that can help you fix this problem. This tool was introduced in November 2020 by Code Sector. The initial release of Teracopy was in the summer of 2007. Teracopy is one of the oldest tools that can be relied upon. This tool is a freemium option, so it becomes impractical to pay for features that you can get for free.

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However, this tool cannot always be the perfect one to trust. So, you must keep some alternatives in mind. There are numerous Teracopy alternative options that you can consider. This article will present to you the best alternatives to Teracopy you can choose from.

Top 6 Teracopy Alternative Tools To Choose From

For all the Mac users, here is a spoiler alert. Teracopy does not work on a device with Mac OS. So, you will have to look for alternatives to proceed with the task.

1. Ultra Copier

Ultra Copier is one Teracopy alternative you should know about. The copy-paste speed is going to improve with this free too tremendously. The usage of copying engines speeds up the process, and as a result, there is efficiency.

Ultra Copier

Apart from this, you can move a series of items at once in a queue. Plus, You can change this order and can pause the process too. This application can be ported as well, so it stands out from the rest of the options.

The best is for the last – it can work on any operating system. It does not matter if you own a Mac or a Windows device. It can work perfectly on both.

2. FastCopy

As its name suggests, this Teracopy alternative makes sure that your work is done in a jiffy. This is only possible because of the lightweight application FastCopy is. So, you do not have to fear the tool taking a lot of space in your device.


There is also another option to alter the user mode as well. You can also adjust the speed of copying and pasting with the help of FastCopy. There is also an additional feature of verifying the copied files. This tool will ask you whether or not it has to overwrite any document. The only drawback is that Mac users cannot make use of this application.

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3. ExtremeCopy

Another Teracopy alternative that you should know about is ExtremeCopy. This is an amazing yet simple way to operate the tool. Numerous advanced features are easy to use. There is only dragging and dropping, so it does not require a professional skill. Moreover, these tasks are done at supersonic speed as well.

Extreme Copy

It also is an extremely fast tool despite being so advanced. Extremecopy can help move many files at once, and you do not have to do it one by one. In case it fails, there is an auto-retry option that will keep you going. There is a free and pro-version of this tool that costs around $19.95,

4. Copy Handler

Copy Handler is a little advanced Teracopy alternative, but it becomes easy to use once you start using it. The key feature is that you can customize Copy Handler according to your needs. Furthermore, it fully integrates with the operating system that is being used.

Copy Handler

There is no restriction on the copying and moving of the number of files. Moreover, there is an option to add your buffer size. It acts as a driving factor to increase speed. Copy Handler is a completely free tool. That is the reason why it works as a good option, to begin with,

5. Mini Copier

One more lightweight Teracopy alternative is Mini Copier. This tool does not even require 20 MB of space to operate itself. You can expect speedy transferring of files with the help of a Mini Copier. Furthermore, a drag and drop interface makes it a point that everyone can use it easily.

6. NiceCopier

NiceCopier is one Teracopy alternative that is compatible with all Windows operating systems. This tool instantly integrates with the operating system and gets to work immediately. There is an option to pause the copying and pasting whenever you require it to stop. 


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You now have a long list of Teracopy alternative options to choose from. Windows do have this in-built feature already. However, it is not efficient enough. If you want to perform such tasks frequently, it can become a problem. At times, Windows acts a little slow, and can hamper your work because of that. A third-party application will ensure that you are covered and that such a thing does not happen to you.

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It depends on your operating system when you want to choose the best Teracopy alternative. If you own a Mac, you will have to be picky while you select the tool. The tool should be compatible, or else there is no point in investing or downloading that tool.


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