How to Customize Messages Using Text Bubble Color Changer in iOS?

There is no doubt that text messages are quite convenient for two-way communication between users. It allows you to share information and attach various files along with appropriate text cover. Apple iPhones are one of the most popular mobile devices, with millions of active users. Several users want to customize their text bubble texts to have a better experience. Moreover, iMessage is a great texting and chatting platform for iOS devices. It is a great application to connect with your friends and relatives through texts. It doesn’t have other features like photo sharing like many other apps. However, there are not many customizations available in the recent models of the app. The developers at Apple are not providing enough detailing on bringing better color schemes and layouts for the same. Further, many of our readers don’t know how to use a text bubble color changer.


We are here with some latest ways to proceed with the method, especially if you are a beginner. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned in this guide for the best results. Let’s begin without wasting any more time.

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Why Do You Need to Change iMessage Color?

Some of you might think about the need to use a text bubble color changer on your iPhone. It depends from user to user as everyone has their tastes in color schemes and textures. Before proceeding, you must have a reason to change the text bubble color. The default colors for any text of iMessage are Blue and Green. When you send a message, the bubble appears blue. On the other hand, the Green shade is for the message you receive in the inbox.


Users can alter the design style template and color of the text to make it look attractive and interesting. The changes will also reflect on the other iPhone. It means that another person will also see the changes in the text color. He will observe the new text bubble colors accordingly. Hence, you can change color and text style and have fun with your friends. It is a great way to surprise them as you have something unique. We will follow some steps to help you change the iMessage color on iOS 10 and the newer versions.

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Selecting Text Bubble Color Changer App

Earlier, Apple provided some basic customizing options regarding the bubble text. However, we don’t find it often in the latest versions of iOS. It forces the users to switch to various third-party applications. These tools are quite reliable and perform extremely well in changing the text bubble color. We find assorted top-notch text bubble color changes that you can use accordingly,

  • Fancy Bubble
  • Handcent
  • Color Text Bubbles

The apps mentioned above are the most used and easy to activate bubble text colors. Therefore, you will also need to download a similar tool on your iPhone or iPad. We recommend you choose from our list as they have better user feedback.

How to Change Text Bubble Color on iPhone?

Now we are heading towards the section where you will learn how to change the iMessage color iOS 10. No doubt we have several options like sending emojis and stickers while chatting on Apple iPhones. However, customizing text bubble color is still a classic way to interact with your friends. The steps for the same are,

Downloading Appropriate Tool

There are multiple tools available online on the official App Store that are quite effective as text bubble color changers. Several third-party websites also provide similar applications that you can download for free. Therefore, you must choose the perfect app according to your requirements. We will consider the Fancy Bubble tool for this guide. It is a free-to-use app that has various positive reviews from real users. Hence, you will not face any difficulty in setting it up.

fancy bubble

Also, you can choose various font styles and colors to match up with the background of the text bubble. You can get it from the official App Store by searching the name. Tap on the icon to get the app and fill in your Apple ID credentials. Some phones might ask for Face ID verification, after which the download will begin. Please wait for the app to install before using it.

Download: FancyBubble

Using Fancy Bubble

Once you have set up the application, users can use the text bubble color changer to send colorful text bubbles by,

Step 1

Go to the iMessage app and create a new text draft to send.

Step 2

Click on the Fancy Bubble icon from various options appearing on the top of your keyboard.

Step 3

Select various bubble styles according to your taste.

text bubble color changer

When you click on your favorite design, a new window will open on the screen.

Step 4

You can easily type in the text along with various customizations that are available on the tool. It allows you to change font style, size, and color.

Step 5

Finally, you can send the text bubble once your message is ready. Also, you can switch between different color options for multiple messages.

text bubble color changer

Note- These steps are working on the latest iOS version and can be used on older phones.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you have enough information to use the text bubble color changer on your iPhone adequately. If you wish to get rid of the application, uninstall Fancy Bubble from the Settings menu. Also, avoid using tools from unknown sources as they might be unsafe for private data on your phone. If you face any difficulties, try using a different application depending on the version of iOS on your mobile.

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