6 Ways to Fix the Remote Procedure Call Failed


A remote procedure call is a computer term that deals with various computers and various programs. It is a protocol that one program uses for a service from another program which is located in some other system on a specific network but without having to understand the practicalities of the network. The term stand for subroutine call that takes place from time to time. It is synonymous with a client-server model, under which, the program that asks for the service is the client while the one that complies with the request is the server.

For instance, you are trying to view a picture, and you come across an error that says ‘The Remote Procedure Call Failed”, you need not worry. There are various methods by which you can to rectify this failure of the protocol. The Remote Procedure Failed usually pops up when there is an incorrect allocation of registry entries, which were probably tweaked by third-party applications. You should first check whether the services are functioning correctly or not. You can do so by running services.msc. After this, you can look into the registry tweak. Make sure that you restore your system before addressing the problem of the registry tweak.

Windows Services
Windows Services

Unfortunately, there is nothing provided by the software to help you cope with the issue of the Remote Procedure Call Failed; no error code is available, neither is there a help link through which we can ask for support. In this scenario, you should first try out the necessary steps that are used to overcome any technical error. These include restarting your system, re-installing your apps, disabling all third-party apps, switching to Microsoft account from the local account, resetting app cache, running Windows applications, troubleshooting for the source of the problem and running the System File Checker command.

Following are the methods that will surely help you resolve the issue of ‘The Remote Procedure Call Failed’:

How to Fix the Remote Procedure Call Failed

Use ‘Open with’ to open the photo

If there is a problem and the picture that you want to see is not open to view, then you should right click on the photo that you want to open and select Properties.

Four options will be displayed on your screen namely, General, Security, Details, Previous Versions. You should go to the general properties and press the Change button to change the default app through which the photo is viewed.

You can select any other desirable view source through which the picture can be opened and seen as per your wish. Then, you should go to the Security option, and in that dialog box, you should click on OK, and then you can open the photo.

Run the Built-in Windows Store Apps troubleshooter

This method is only accessible by those people who are using Windows 8,8.1 and Windows 10. In case, you are using Windows 7; you should skip this process and try to solve your issue through the other given methods.

This method involves you opening the Control Panel. You should view by Large Icons and click on the option Troubleshooting. Then, you need to press View all on the left panel. After this, you should click on Windows Store apps, and you will be directed a set of instructions on the screen which you will need to follow.

Check for some related services

Along with Remote Procedure Call, there are various other services which are related to it, for example – Remote Procedure Call Locator, DCOM Server Process Launcher, etc. To check their settings, you should press Win+R together.

A Run dialog box will open as soon as you complete this step. You need to type services.msc in the box and press the OK button. Furthermore, you need to locate the service – Remote Procedure Call and then double click on it and make sure that the Startup Type is automatic and not manual, and the status is ‘Started.’

The same goes for DCOM Server Process Launcher, but for the Remote Procedure Call Locator, you need to set the Startup type to manual.

Run the antivirus Software

The Remote Procedure Call failed error can be the cause of some virus or corrupted application. To detect the source of the malware, You should download anti-virus software on your system if you have not yet installed one and run it to find out the root of the problem and then take corrective action.

The anti-virus will do the necessary job and free your system from any corrupted application or virus that is present.

Uninstall any Registry Cleaner

The Remote Procedure Call Failed is an error that need not occur. It comes to light if a registry cleaner has by chance deleted some critical files for a particular application, due to which the problem has arisen and is causing a great deal of inconvenience. You should uninstall the registry cleaner if you have one on your system.

Run the System Files Checker to check the System Files

The error might have occurred due to a corrupted system file and to fix the issue of ‘The Remote Procedure Call Failed, you should find the file and fix it. To do so, you can open Command Prompt as an administrator and type sfc/scannow and click on the Enter key. The process will take time, and therefore, you should wait until the verification shows that it is 100% complete.

These methods will surely fix your problem namely ‘The Remote Procedure Call Failed’ and you will not have to face such an issue in the future. If you keep these steps in mind and keep checking for any virus, etc. from time to time, i.e., if you take precautionary measures, the error will not come on your screen ever again.


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