Sometimes while trying to load a page or a website, your browser might fail to load it and show a message which reads, How to fix This Page Has a Redirect Loop error. If this is the problem you are facing while trying to load a page, then you are at the right place. Before understanding how to solve this issue, it is essential to understand the problem and its reason. A redirect loop error occurs when the redirection of the old URL to the new URL is not in a linear flow. The linear flow of redirection is what ensures navigation from one web page to another webpage is possible.

If you encounter the “Too many redirects” error message, which is also referred to as a redirect loop, it means that the browser was unable to load any content due to multiple redirects that occurred. To resolve this issue, you will need to address the conflict in the redirection path.

In easy terms redirect loop is when A page points to B page and B page points to A page. This makes the browser end up in an infinite loop. Earlier, whenever this happened, the browser used to crash. However, the browser nowadays is smart enough to detect this problem and show a message which reads, ‘This Page Has a Redirect Loop.’ This problem can be because of both sides, i.e., server-side or client-side. Here are some ways to solve this problem.

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Why Is It Showing “This Webpage Has A Redirect Loop” In Chrome?

What is a redirect loop? A redirect loop is when the web browser fails to find the desired file we searched for. Then we see this webpage has a redirect loop chrome that often occurs on the PC. This problem can occur for many reasons, such as when your browser has a problem or fails to find the website or file you want.

Too many junk and cache files can slow down the browser’s working. The slowdown browser fails to locate the desired file, causing a redirecting problem.

redirect loop error

Other than this, when too many files are open at once or the browser has crashed due to any other reason may cause an infinite redirect loop. Also, other problems can be there, which may cause the redirect loop. No one can tell what the cause of the particular redirect loop is. 

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Effects Of Redirect Loops On Files

The loop does not directly affect the files you had stored on the computer. It is a problem with google chrome or the browser you are using. 

cloud system redirect

But yes, if the file had been uploaded into any cloud system, you have to open the file through the browser. Then the files may not open or crash, but most probably, the files are safe, and the file will open once the redirect loop problem has been solved. Also, to check the safety of the file, try another browser to check on.

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Fix The Error- “This Page Has A Redirect Loop” 

Here are some of the ways through which you can solve the given error. Do try all of them.

Delete Cookies And Cache

Google Chrome stores cookies when you visit various websites. Adobe Flash cookie is one of the examples of the types of cookies stored in Google Chrome.

If your Google Chrome is not working correctly, this might be due to many unwanted cookies stored in your browser. This can also create “This Page Has a Redirect Loop error.”

clear cookies

You can quickly delete these cookies by following these simple steps.

  1. Click on the three dots in the top-right corner of your Google Chrome.three dots
  2. Open settings. After that, open advanced settings and click privacy and security settings.privacy and security
  3. Open content settings.content settings
  4. Select the clear all cookies option.clear all cookies

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Check Your System Time And Time Zone

Although it might sound silly and too simple, system time and time zone are significant when it comes to the smooth functioning of your browser. Although, Windows update the system time and time zone automatically.

Sometimes, it might fail to do so due to some reasons. This might lead to various problems, like the crashing of your browser.

windows date & time

You can follow the following steps to fix this problem.

  1. Press Windows + Q button.
  2. Type the date and time.
  3. Click on the Change and time system change
  4. Check if the server is set to ‘’
  5. Click on update now.server

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Reset The Browser To Default Settings

Sometimes, resetting your browser to default settings may solve this issue. Some wrong settings in your browser might be the root of all the problems in your browser. This is a method to try and solve the issue of ‘This web page has a redirect loop.’

To reset your browser to default settings, match the following instructions.

reset browser setting

  1. Type chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings in your Chrome search bar.
  2. Confirm the action. This will reset all the settings in your browser to default settings.reset settings

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How do I fix too many redirects infinite loop?

The occurrence of a redirect loop is not something to be feared. Many face this problem while working on their pc—close all the tabs. Try clearing the cache and junk files. Disconnect all the connections and then restart the PC again.

What causes a redirect loop?

Redirect loop may occur due to various reasons; it can occur due to the crashing of the web browser, or it may arise due to poor maintenance of web files. Some suggest that viruses in the web browser may also give rise to this kind of problem.

How do you clear a redirect?

Try going to the chrome developer tool, then try clearing all the HTTPS search or cache files. Clearing these cache files often clears the redirect problem.

How do I stop redirects on google chrome?

To stop redirects, you have to change the settings of Chrome, choose 'settings,' opt for the security and privacy menu and choose site setting. You opt for 'Don't allow sites to send pop-ups or use directs.' And you are done.


If you are a client, above mentioned are some things that you can try to solve the issue of ‘This website has a redirect issue.’ However, as a web developer, you can check the .htaccess file and ensure it is clean. You can check for codes causing redirection or too many cyclic errors. Keeping the .htaccess file clean is essential as it can easily affect the website’s existence. I hope your “This Page Has a Redirect Loop” error is solved after this. Also, visit Learn How To Stop Websites From Redirecting On Android | Quick

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