Top 5 Best Time Management Apps for Android & iPhone


If it seems as though life, in general, is getting busier and the pace of the average day is growing faster, you don’t imagine things. In today’s world, there are many, many demands placed on our time. Thus, you must know about the finest Time Management Apps out there! The inertia of our lives can make it difficult to keep up with – or even remember – important tasks.

Still, as the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of invention,” and the developers of the following mobile productivity apps understand this concept better than most. With an ever-increasing need for more effective time management strategies has come a floodgate of productivity and time management apps aimed at making the task of getting things done easier. We think these five do a better-than-average job of it than average.

5 Best Time Management Apps to Get in 2018

Remember the Milk

It can be a real struggle managing every task that makes up an average day, especially if your work or other responsibilities demand the use of multiple devices throughout the day.

Remember the Milk
Remember the Milk

Dubbed “the smart to-do app for busy people,” Remember the Milk features a powerful mobile version but also a desktop counterpart that allows the user to put down one device, pick up another, and seamlessly pick up with the same task right away. This is an excellent free tool that not only syncs devices but also applications like Gmail and Outlook, too.


One of the best time-saving apps for students or those tasked with writing as a full-time job, EasyBib helps compile information quickly and develop citations that comply with all major term paper and essay formats. It is also an easy way to quickly reference information gathered in web searches and other research-oriented tasks. Whether you are a professional paper writers who know what to do or needs help quickly organizing an introduction sentence outline for an upcoming writing assignment or presentation, EasyBib can handle the task.

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Whether we require to acknowledge it or not, most of us don’t use our time as wisely or efficiently as we should. This is the driving force behind RescueTime. This powerful Time Management Apps delivers reliable metrics on how people spend their time and offers helpful advice on how to increase productivity. Most people have no evidence how much time they waste in a given day.


RescueTime points all of that out and provides a channel of both surveillance and accountability. Those who use it long term find that the app helps develop more productive habits that ultimately lead to having more discretionary time to use as desired.


For anyone who has ever wondered, “Where did all my time go today?” we strongly recommend checking out Toggl. That’s the question that the app aims to answer and it does so in a way that promotes developing better time management habits. Better still, this one of the Time Management Apps has features for managing other areas of life including money, lists of any description (not just to-do lists like other comparable apps).

It also allows for seamless “toggling” between devices, so there is never an interruption in productivity while waiting to re-organize or sync data between phone and desktop/laptop PC. You can watch an explainer video (tutorial) to learn more about how this application works.


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Taking its cues from other powerful productivity apps like Evernote, Pocket makes the task of gathering, retaining, and sorting information easy. It suggests content relevant to specific tasks and interests and stores pages and content for offline engagement. Saving information with Pocket is as easy as sending an email, and its interface connects seamlessly with over 1500 other apps including most popular social media platforms.


We hope the above recommendations of Time Management Apps give you some good ideas on how to better manage your day and complete tasks faster easier. While we may not possess much control over the inertia of our lives, we can make better use of our time. The five above apps can help you learn how. We hope you’ll click on the links and check them all out today.



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