Tinder is the most popular dating app all across the globe. The app runs on both Android as well as the iOS platform. It allows communication between two reciprocally interested users. Tinder offers its user to voice chat with them once they have matched to each other. The app is trendy among the teenagers and the youngsters below 25-28 years of age. But don’t you hate the time when you really want to use it and “Tinder Login Failed” occurs. Read further to fix your Tinder not working issue.

Tinder Login Failed

Once you Login to the app, you will get many options to set your profile, add your details, add photos, adjust the region and age, etc.

But if you are using the Android version of the app you will face some issues regarding Login Failed.

Therefore keeping this in mind, we have tried to reduce your burden listing out some techniques by which you can overcome the ‘Facebook Login Cancelled’ problem on your Android device. Check out this guide on how to solve the issue of Tinder Login Failed.

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Solve Tinder Login Failed Error

Here are simple steps to follow to get rid of the Tinder Login Failed Error. Read this article, to get an idea of the Best Outlook Password Decryptor Tools.

Troubleshoot the Facebook App

Many people try to log in to Tinder through their Facebook accounts. If you are one of them, make sure that the Facebook version you are using isn’t outdated. This can bring lots of bugs to your account, and you’ll find it crashing often.

facebook troubleshoot

However, troubleshooting the Facebook app can fix the bugs; thus, fixing your Tinder login issues. You can go to the play store and verify whether you are using the updated version of Facebook or not.

How do you Update Facebook?

  •  Go to the top of the Facebook page and click on the drop-down menu.
  • Edit it and update Public Info.
  • Fill all the necessary details in the form that appears on your screen.
  • Click on the “Update” button.

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Reinstall the App

You can always resort to this option if all other options don’t work. Go to the Play store in your Android device and uninstall the app. Please clean up the cache of your device before you install it again.

reinstall tinder

When you are done, try logging in to Tinder, however, if you are still facing problems signing in to the application again after uninstalling. It might just start working again. Make sure that the Facebook account through which you are trying to sign up is updated and free of bugs to fix the Tinder Login Failed issue.

“Something went wrong” Error

If this error is popping up on your screen, again and again, you can try contacting the Tinder team.

something went wrong

You can verify if your account is banned and that you have infringed any rule. However, if the prohibition is valid, you can build a new Tinder account and start your dating journey again.

Check Application Permission

  1. Download the official Tinder application from the Google Play Store or the App Store.Tinder download app store
  2. Ensure that you have the most recent edition of the Tinder application.
  3. This is critical: Make beyond any doubt that the date and time on your system’s clock are right.
  4. Make sure that you have logged inside to your Google account on your Android gadget.sign in to google accountIf you haven’t included a Google account in your profile, make a point to set up one. This should fix the Tinder Login Failed issue.
  5. Your Google account should be substantial. To watch that, go to Settings>>Accounts>>Google Account and check whether it’s valid. If not, you will most likely experience the sync error.Settings>>Accounts>>Google Account
  6. Log out of your Tinder application from your smartphone.
  7. Now, go to your Facebook App/account and search for “Tinder” under “Applications.” Then, check whether the Tinder application has been granted the permissions required to connect with the Facebook application.
  8. Head back to your Tinder application and attempt to log in once more. You will have the capacity to effectively login this time.tinder login screen

Here are a few other methods if this one doesn’t work for you.

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Reboot the Device

A straightforward reboot should settle the issue, rebooting dispenses with the technical problem assuming any and fixes the Tinder Login Failed problem.

reboot android

Reboot additionally helps in clearing RAM by slaughtering background applications that are not playing out any activities and along these lines giving the Tinder application all the more free space to run.

Clear Tinder Cache and Data

Tinder clients regularly gripe that they continue seeing a Tinder Login Failed error message showing up on their screen when they attempt to log in to the application.

This happens frequently, so you are by all accounts not the only one confronting this issue.

If you have as of late reset your password for Facebook or Tinder, you might encounter an alternate arrangement of issues or issues from the Tinder server side. Also, it can likewise be caused by changing your Google account’s password from another gadget; you can secure your password and fix this by following the directions underneath.

  1. Open Settings for your Android gadget.
  2. Tap on the option called Apps or App manager.
  3. Under ‘All,’ search for the Tinder application.
  4. Now Clear cache and data took after by snappy reboot to fix the Tinder Login Failed issue.Clear Tinder Cache and Data

Note: Clearing Cache and Data will erase application information like preference settings made, the account related to the application and data, and so on.

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Reset all App Preferences

  1. Go to Settings of your Android gadget to fix the Tinder Login Failed issue.
  2. Open Apps/Apps director.
  3. Check for All Apps.
  4. Tap on the menu symbol.
  5. Click on ‘Reset App Preferences.’Reset all App Preferences

Clear Google Play Services Cache To Solve Tinder Login Failed

  1. Open Settings for your Android gadget.
  2. Then, tap on the option called Apps or App manager.
  3. Under ’All,’ search for the Google Play Services application.
  4. Now Clear cache, took after by a brisk reboot."">Application Tap on “Force stop” and at that point tap on the “Clear cache” button.
  5. Reboot your gadget."">Select.
  6. Following that, go to Settings>>Apps>>All>>Google Play services>>Tap Uninstall updates.
  7. Play Services is naturally updated if any application requires an updated form.
  8. Now, head to Settings>>Select Security>>Device administrators>>Activate Android Device Manager.
  9. Reboot your gadget to solve the Tinder Login Failed issue.
    Update your Google Play Services
    Update your Google Play Services

On the off chance that these solutions don’t work for you to fix “Tinder Login Failed“, there might be a mistake with the Tinder server. Inform Tinder support and sit tight on the issue to be settled.

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We hope, this clears the problem of “Tinder Login Failed” or Facebook Login Cancelled on Tinder. Let us know in the comments. Also, refer to this article to know about top free dating sites and find “the one” for your lifetime.

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