Top 7 Best iTunes Visualizer you can Download Right Now


You can watch cool light shows and moving graphics that respond actively to the music being played using iTunes visualizer. It was a tremendous hit when it was initially introduced to the iTunes, but as time passed by, it lost its initial charm. There are still people who are a fan of iTunes visualizer. It is not one of the most important features in i Phone for sure. But it is a cool one. You can watch cool graphics and animations while listening to music.

Looking at an iTunes visualizer while listening to a song from it is cool and fun, as you can see the lights dancing to the beats of the songs being played. If you are having a party, iTunes visualizer will make the party even more fun. There is an inbuilt iTunes visualizer and iTunes Classic visualizer that is pretty good. If you want to try out more fun and cool visualizers, you can easily download extra visualizers. There are many visualizers for iTunes out there. Following are some of the best and most used iTunes visualizers that you can download right now for making your music listening experience more fun.

iTunes Visualizer you can Download

Aqua Flow Visualizer

iTunes Visualizer
Top 7 Best iTunes Visualizer you can Download Right Now – TechWhoop

This is a very catchy and attractive visualizer. In this visualizer, the lights flow from one of the screen to the other end. The light flows in rhythm to the beats of the song being played. This flow of light is very soothing to see. The movement of the light is very fluid which makes it one of the best iTunes visualizer. It is very elegant and attractive. You can add fun to your music listening experience by downloading Aqua Flow iTunes visualizer. Tech requirement for installing this visualizer is-

  1. INTEL
  2. Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
  3. iTunes 8.0.1 or later.

Dragon Visualizer

This is one of the best and most attractive iTunes visualizers that you can download for enhancing your music listening experience. You can listen to your favorite song and watch Dragon visualizer moving to its beat and have a good time. It is very catchy. You will not be able to take your eyes away from the dancing dragon. This music visualizer mac is very rich in color and details. The scales of the dragon look very realistic. The movement of the dragon depends on the tempo of the song being played.


Fountain Music Visualizer

This music visualizer mac has a fountain of particles dancing to the tempo of the music being played on your iTunes. The best thing about this visualizer is that the color of the particles changes according to the beats and the tempo of the music. All the colors are very sharp and bright. It is very elegant to watch and is definitely one of the best iTunes visualizers that you can download. You can also resolve whether you require changing the shape of your fountain or not. Tech requirement for downloading this visualizer is-

  1. Mac OS X Snow leopard (10.6 or later)
  2. iTunes 10.0 or later.

Cubism Visualizer


In this visualizer, huge towers made out of colored cubes are formed into outer space. The background is pitch- black which makes the colorful cubes look even more attractive. This is much like the game of Tetris, except the fact that you have no control over its formation. The Size, shape, and color of the towers made out of cubes all depend on the songs you play. This is a very interesting visualizer to download.

High Particles

This is a very basic iTunes visualizer. If you do not really fancy visualizers with too much animation and graphics, this visualizer is perfect for you. Basically, in this visualizer, you will get to see particle bursts on the screen. This particle burst depends on the tempo and beats of the songs being played. The color of the burst also changes which it makes look even cooler. The burst will be more if the tempo of the song is high and vice versa. Tech requirement for downloading High particles are the following –

  1. Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
  2. iTunes 8.1 or later.

One Day

This visualizer is for people who like calm music. This visualizer makes you feel as if you are flying up in the sky like a bird. The movement in the sky depends on the rhythm of the song. The movement will be really fast if the song has fast beats and vice versa. You can see clouds and a distant sun in the music visualizer mac which makes it feel realistic. If you play a really slow song, the theme of the visualizer changes from day to night. Instead of clouds and sun, you will be able to see stars and a distant moon.



It is a customizable iTunes visualizer. In this visualizer, you can select the visuals that you want to see while playing a song. There are various graphics to choose from. It changes from one graphic to another automatically during a song. You can also select the time-period for each graphics if you want. All the graphics are pretty cool and catchy. You can combine different graphics as per your choice. This iTune visualizer has a free version and a paid version.

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