In the current era of low-cost wireless earbuds, TOZO has long ruled the audio market and still does. The praise is due to their excellent goods, like TOZO Golden X1. Here is the TOZO Golden X1 review.

Many headset enthusiasts prefer TOZO’s fantastic Golden X1 headset. Tozo’s first attempt to enter the premium, accurate wireless earbud market was the Golden X1. They did an excellent job. The fit and isolation are excellent while feeling casually comfortable, which is the point of strength. The best sounds are offered for the lowest price of USD 149.99.

The TOZO Golden X1 in-ear headphones are a wise choice. You get high-quality audio customized to your hearing needs and sound preferences. Read below to learn more about the TOZO Golden X1 review. Don’t forget to check out our review on TOZO Open Buds!

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Sound Performance And Quality

The TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds have great sound and are straightforward. They produce not only a deep, rich bass but also a very well-balanced treble. The effective combination of Armature drivers and Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic delivers a wide frequency range. So whether you listen to heavy metal, rock, drumming, etc., these earbuds sound fantastic.

tozo golden x1 box and earbuds


The TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds are among the most “accurate-sounding” earbuds. These earphones benefit audiophiles, as per the TOZO Golden X1 review. The soundscape on the TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds is expansive.

It features high-quality, OrigX and Hi-Res Audio Wireless sound technologies.

Transparency, ANC, And ENC Modes

Dual noise-canceling power includes the TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds. It reduces background noise and has superior bass quality in TOZO Golden X1 review.

While ENC uses built-in microphones to minimize background noise while maintaining the subject’s voice, ANC cancels out undesired background noise to help reduce it. ENC functions only when you are utilizing the USB microphone.

tozo x1 review

ENC can improve the quality of your talks by removing outside disturbances while maintaining the speaker’s voice. At the same time, ANC can be adequate for canceling out external noises.

Another plus for TOZO Golden X1 is the Reduce Wind Noise feature. The combined effect of ANC and ENC can reduce ambient noise by up to 42 dB. With this feature, you won’t be distracted from your favorite music.

Last, but not least, activate the Transparency option to hear what is going on around you.

Comfortability Of TOZO Golden X1

During light and shallow, TOZO has produced a casual and durable product. The Golden X1 fits just right—the first wireless earphones in its class to maintain an almost perfect seal.

tozo golden x1 earfit

The majority of more expensive in-ear headphones are performance-oriented. However, some people are uncomfortable with objects that seem intrusive in their ear canals. The TOZO Golden X1 would be the best option in the TOZO Golden X1 review. It applies pressure with a more forceful, tighter seal.

The TOZO Golden X1 earphones are also exceptionally convenient to take off and put back on because of the tiny little stems.

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Features Of TOZO Golden X1

Here are some fantastic features of TOZO Golden X1.

  • LDAC Compatibility: High-resolution audio streaming over Bluetooth is made possible by the Golden X1 earphones’ LDAC compatibility. Remember the fact that LDAC is only appropriate for Android-based devices.
  • Multipoint Connectivity: These earphones employ the most recent Bluetooth 5.3 technology. It allows for the connection of two devices at once. You won’t need to switch between devices like a phone and a laptop frequently. Any high-end pair of earphones must now have a multipoint.

tozo golden x1 with case

  • Hybrid Driver System: There is a hybrid speaker system in the Golden X1s. It combines a Knowles Electronics balanced armature tweeter with a 12mm dynamic bass midrange driver. According to the TOZO Golden X1 review, the large-diameter driver should produce good bass. The balanced armature should have a more evenly spread sound.
  • IPX6 Rating: The Golden X1 suits workouts and most outdoor activities. They are waterproof to the approved IPX6 standard. They can withstand even a complete soaking and are resistant to sweat. Not many earbuds have an IPX6 rating, including these. Compared to earphones that are more often used, it boosts their level of water resistance.
  • Battery Life: TOZO claims that these earphones have an 8-hour battery life one-time charge and a 32-hour battery life when used with the charging case. The charging case gives a USB-C connection and includes a USB-C cable. You can also charge these devices wirelessly. An LED display within the charging case displays the battery life of each earbud. As per the TOZO Golden X1 review, you can also check the battery level on the TOZO app.

Controls Of TOZO Golden X1

The TOZO Golden X1 Earbuds touch controls are simple to use and intuitive. You can activate various powers by pushing the earphones once, twice, or thrice. You can hold and press them for up to two seconds.

tozo x1 earbuds controls

Use both earbuds to play and pause music, take and reject phone calls, and answer calls. However, in the TOZO Golden X1 review, each earbud has a few exclusive features. Remember that you can change the controls using the TOZO app.

The Verdict

A customizable, crystal-clear sound quality complements the Golden X1’s striking design. Its EQ is exceptionally receptive and could be influential. It is still different from where you would like it to be. Numerous other features make it an excellent phone accessory.

tozo golden x1

There have now been sales of more than 16 million pairs in the US. Nine hundred thousand buyers have remarked on the brand. So the Golden X1 TOZO is a perfect option as per the TOZO Golden X1 review.


Can TOZO connect to multiple devices?

Pair each of them separately. Pull out from one; attach to the gadget. Pull out the second device and link it to the casing after moving the first one out of the connection range.

How can I locate my TOZO headphones?

If your headphones are nearby, they appear on the Seen Devices screen. On them, tap. Circulate gently. As you approach your misplaced headphones, the tracker will shift from Cold to Warm to Hot.

Is there a transparency mode in TOZO?

Thanks to transparency mode, you can hear what's happening around you without removing your headphones, enhancing your perception of background noise and the voice frequency band. The TOZO works best in transparency mode when it fits properly and is worn as intended.

Is the TOZO Golden X1 Dust and Water resistant?

The Golden X1 is officially classified as IPX6 ingress protected. The final '6' number indicates water resistance up to moderately pressurized jets. The penultimate 'X' implies no formal protection against dust. Simple outdoor activities like working out are appropriate there.

What is the ANC mode on TOZO earbuds?

A microphone that faces the outside can detect outside sounds while enabling active noise cancellation. When this happens, the earphones respond with anti-noise, canceling or muting the outside noise before you even notice it.


That was all about the TOZO Golden X1 review. The TOZO Golden X1 sound system perfectly synthesizes a balanced armature driver and a midrange dynamic speaker. Other factors are also highly beneficial.

TOZO always dedicates to the creation and use of high-quality digital products. In conclusion, choose the Golden X1 without a second thought if you want superior features.

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