6 Websites to Trace Mobile Number Location in India [2019]

Sometimes due to some reason, you might want to know the location of the person using a particular phone number. The reason might be different for different people. Some might receive a prank or fraud call and would want to know the location or even someone might want to Trace Mobile Number Location because of any reason whatsoever. Tracing the location of the number is possible online with the help of mobile number tracking websites.

These websites show the location of the number that you type quickly and easily. The entire process is just a few seconds. There are many websites which let you trace the location on mobile numbers in India.

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Some of the sites are fake and might contain malware. We have done the laborious work of finding legit websites to trace mobile number location in India for you. Following are the 6 websites to trace mobile number location in India.

Best Websites Trace Mobile Number Location in India

Check out the list of best websites which can be effective to trace unknown suspicious mobile numbers.


Mobilenumbertracker is a website which lets you trace the mobile number location in India easily. The UI of the website is very manageable and basic. All you have to do is type the number that you need to trace and press enter.


The website will show you information such as the state which the user is in, whether it is GSM or CDMA number and the mobile network provider for this number.

This website has other useful features like STD and ISD codes of different places, finding out page rank of the website, etc. This website can be used from any phone or computer.


  • Aside from finding a portable number, this free telephone number tracker site likewise enables you to follow a landline number.
  • Accompanies a Page Rank component that encourages you to find the best positioning sites.
  • Consistently works with Nokia, Blackberry, Android, and iPhone gadgets.
  • Is 100% free with no concealed charges. It gives you a wide scope of following alternatives running from landline numbers, versatile numbers and vehicle numbers.
  • Accompanies an easy to use interface subsequently making it simpler for you to follow your actual telephone number. Finding results are recovered in less than 10 seconds.
  • McAfee security verifies the site.
  • Free Phone Tracer bolsters both versatile, and landline looks.
  • A simple to utilize interface makes it simple for you to use and follow any number.
  • You can scan landline and versatile numbers for nothing.


  • It just follows versatile numbers situated in India. Just like the other versatile numbers following locales.
  • This portable number tracker site enables you to enter in your objective portable number and quest for it.
  • Just the system supplier, telephone type, and line type are accessible for nothing.
  • You should enlist with the site before following any number of intrigues.
  • Numbers recognizable are just US-based.

Visit: Mobilenumbertracker 

Bharatiya Mobile

Bharatiya Mobile is another website for tracing mobile number location in India. The excellent thing about this website is that it is free. On the homepage, you will find a search box which can be used for typing the number that you want to trace.

It is an Indian free site utilized for different purposes like to follow versatile number area, discover STD codes state shrewd, follow vehicle area by RTO office, discover IP address, discover Google page rank, FM radio station close you, portable applications for Indians, free SMS, and a lot more stuff.

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Bharatiya Mobile
Bharatiya Mobile

This website has other interesting features like tracing vehicle number, finding FM stations near you, finding PIN codes, etc.

Visit: Bharatiya Mobile


Bmobile is an Indian website for tracing mobile numbers. Unlike the above-mentioned websites, Bmobile focuses solely on location tracing of the phone number. The website is user-friendly and very easy to use.


The person visiting this website for tracing the location of a phone number won’t find any difficulty whatsoever in doing so because, as soon as the person visits this website; there is a huge search box which can be used for typing in the number that the person wishes to trace.

It is straightforward and simple to utilize because its landing page will demonstrate to you a first portable tracker bar, and you need to enter a versatile number and hit enter. The subtleties, including the area or locale of a portable number, will appear in front of you.

Visit: Bmobile 

Mobile Tracker

Mobile Tracker is dedicated to people looking to trace mobile number locations in India. The website is really easy to use. There are not many annoying ads like other websites. There might be hardly 1-2 ads which are fairly less compared to other websites.

Tracker MobileRingtonStore
Tracker MobileRingtonStore

The layout of the website is really simple. The international code for India (+91) is already there in the search box. So, all you must do is enter the ten digits mobile number and hit enter.

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Visit: Mobile Tracker


Indiatrace offers various tracking services like mobile number tracing, IP address tracking, vehicle number tracking, track pin code and traces landline numbers. This website is a really useful website for any person wishing to trace anything that is mentioned above.


Here you have to tap on Trace Mobile number area, and in a new screen, a tracker bar will appear. Enter a versatile number to follow the area and hit enter. Versatile number area including some extra subtleties will be revealed in only one moment.

When you tour the website, you will find a log of all the tracking services provided by this website. You need to click on mobile number tracing option for tracing mobile number location in India. All you require to do is type the mobile number that you want to trace and press enter.

Visit: Indiatrace


This is another genuine website which you can use to Trace Mobile Number Location in India. Once you type the number you wish to trace and press enter, the website will show information such as the state, city, mobile network operator, etc. of the number. This whole process of tracing a number on this website is very quick and hardly takes 2-3 seconds.

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This is another comparable site where you can check the area of the number, its administrator and different subtleties. It indicates telecom hover on the guide. Indian Mobile Number Tracker with the assistance of Indian versatile number tracker, you can discover the area of any guest number. This is a fundamental site to look into telephone numbers, and it just gives the area of the guest.


These were the websites using which you can trace mobile number locations in India. However, what you need to know is disclosing the exact home address and the name of the person using any mobile number is illegal in India and hence, the information that you get on these websites regarding the location of the number that you search is in a broader view.

Visit: MobileNumberTracker


These are some of the most common used mobile number trackers and can be helpful for your investigation to that unknown call which is constantly bugging you from long back.

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