How to Track House Work With a Printable Calendar

Scheduling is a delicate subject that many avoid discussing about. It’s always busy, with priorities and emergencies and postponed activities that you don’t have time for any more. Schedule is also divided between work, family time and home responsibilities. However, these are problems which have an easy solution. The printable calendar is a tool that can fully organize your time and house work, if used correctly.

The printable calendar can be efficient for monthly planning of your time, including the days you need for house work. There can be many efficient ways to use a calendar, if you remain involved in updating your available time. How exactly can you manage your house work with a printable calendar?

Why a Printable Calendar?

Printable calendars are monthly paper tools that include information about workdays vs. weekends, how many days a month has and much more. A simple calendar format can be even more efficient, if you mark and update information on it. It’s best used for more than a month, so that you can evaluate your former work and time distribution.

Calendars help you manage your time and calculate the duration of different projects. Before we begin, you should remember that this is not a daily planner or a to-do list. Therefore, refrain from adding information about tasks or responsibilities which last less than 4 hours.

Also, take note that the calendar’s purpose is only to manage your time and house work. Its purpose is not to be completely assigned, as you will need time for yourself, your family and vacations. So, don’t give into the temptation to fill a day with unnecessary tasks. The calendar needs unmarked days for time planning and unexpected activities. You cannot fully plan a few months entirely ahead.

The Guide to Tracking Your House Work with the Printable Calendar

Set Time for Making Time

Organizing your printable calendar might last up to one – two hours. This is a task you cannot do during a break, as you end up not paying attention to details. These are essential. So, print a calendar for the next four – six months and grab a few pens in distinct colors.

  • Define house work categories you need to complete daily, weekly or monthly. Organize them by importance and complexity.
  • Set house work priorities, regardless of how much you’ve postponed them so far.
  • Consider all house work, including dishes, laundry, decluttering, dusting, cleaning tools, organizing your garage. Shopping for cleaning supplies is also related to house work.
  • Write the available time you have for house work. Exclude work hours, days for more complex tasks which get you tired, family time, potential gym time or days for hobbies.

Color Code

Now you have a calendar, a list of house work tasks and a list of your time. The three must match. However, they bring you efficiency if you optimize them before writing them down into your calendar.

Color Code
Color Code
  • Integrate categories into larger categories which sum up over four hours of work.
  • Find a color and a symbol for each category. You can choose intense colors for monthly or rare activities.
  • Cut out busy days and start marking the time you have remained.
  • Find place for house work in the morning. You’re faster and more efficient after you wake up. Also, you won’t feel like cleaning lasted for an entire day.
  • Add the color codes to your calendar.

Set a Time Frame

Optimizing your house work is a project, so you should treat is as such. According to a study, women spend more time doing house work. However, some cleaning tasks are men-exclusive. Therefore, if your house duties are already split with your partner, you can inform them of your project.

  • Your project should reflect the time you spend cleaning and optimize your future tasks. Therefore, keep the printable calendar sheet once the month ends and evaluate after a while.
  • Time frame helps you schedule the activities you’ve previously postponed and allows you to prepare the tools you need for the work.
  • Remember to consider the time you need realistically.
  • Recurrent activities should be postponed regularly. For example, Monday could be your laundry washing day, while Saturday is time for cleaning the front yard.

Expect the Unexpected

There are unexpected situations which you cannot avoid. You may have visits or spontaneous trips you will need to take. Taking note of the unexpected lets you postpone your activities for some other day.

Your printable calendar is efficient only if you allow it to. Place the calendar in a visible area and keep your colored writing tools at hand. You can provide your family members with access to see your schedule, but not edit it.

  • Find a place for your printable calendar in the kitchen, close to the area where you drink coffee.
  • Study the calendar every morning and remember to always update it.

Final Words

These are the five steps that can organize your house work and get those tasks you’ve postponed done. Make sure you tick each of them and evaluate your work. If you keep information realistic, you will be able to improve your house work time and efficiency, while having more free time!

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