5 Types of Legal Software Every Law Firm Needs

As the owner of a law firm, you would agree your client is going to be furious if your firm forgets the date of their hearing, right? Owning and managing a thriving law firm is no easy feat. You have to maintain a grasp of all client information, from case files to hearing dates. Make life easier for yourself and integrate these different types of legal software into your firm.

Different Kinds of Legal Software

With so many options in the market, it’s tough to understand what software is the most important for your law firm. It can be hard to evaluate all the different options available where legal software comes in.

The software can ease out the most mundane tasks like keeping reminders on the one hand while also tracking data, such as car accidents andsemi-truck accident statistics your firm has dealt with. Below are some examples.

Billing Software

Timekeeping is a legal software allows you to categorize tasks by the client and measure how much time you spend on each one. Mobile applications are the most popular, as they enable busy lawyers to operate their firms from anywhere.

bill4time software
Bill4Time Software

Bill4Time is one of the types of legal software for law firm management software. It comes with functionalities of time tracking, billing, and full case management features. Bill4Time also works in unity with other programs and websites like PayPal and QuickBooks. It boasts of a free trial and its compatibility with Android and IOS devices. Similarly, the hosting is cloud-based. 

Video Conferencing Software

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world, law firms are adopting remote work systems at a high rate. Video conferencing and video calling software have gained much popularity since then.

This software enables you to simulate face-to-face meetings with your employees and clients online. The software also allows you to keep tabs on each session for future reference.

video conferencing softwares
Video Conferencing Softwares

A great example of such software is Zoom. It is a must-have software for organizations managing remote employees and communicating with clients.

Document Management Software

Every issue you engage in is accompanied by a large number of files and data. It’s not a good idea to keep such sensitive data on your computer’s hard disk for an extended length of time. The reason lies in protecting yourself in the event of a cybersecurity crisis, such as a hacking incident. 

document management software
Document Management Software

You can store these files in a digital vault with the aid of a legal management tool that includes functional organizational capabilities. Google Drive, for example, is one of several free, secure file storage options.

Password Management Software

Far too many professionals take too few precautions to protect their accounts and passwords from cybercriminals. In case a cyberattack takes place, your data is endangered and the password needs to be reset.

There are different types of legal software for password management that help you to keep your accounts safe. They store all of your passwords within a secure application, which you can use to retrieve your password anytime. In this case, you have the freedom to create complex, hard to bypass passwords you could typically not remember.

LastPass software
LastPass Software

One of the most popular and preferred password managers is LastPass. It is a premium web browser extension and mobile app compatible with most browsers and operating systems. Many of these systems are also cloud-based, allowing legal teams to communicate and view documents from anywhere.

Payment Processing Software Online

60% of payments are made without using cash. 40% of respondents said they would never choose an attorney who does not take electronic payments. You may securely satisfy your clientele’s choices by accepting online payments. This legal software allows customers to pay for services online or by mobile phone.

secure billing software
Secure Billing Software

It’s usually a good idea to utilize attorney-specific payment tools. A good example is LawPay. It protects your trust account against third-party debiting and prohibits the mixing of earned and unearned assets. 

Find the Right Legal Software to Grow Your Law Firm

There a 100 types of legal software, each serving a different purpose. Regardless of which legal software you choose, your practice will thank you for taking advantage of the latest technology designed.

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