Technology plays a major role in businesses today. Even very traditional companies have turned to technology to speed up certain processes, save time, reduce costs, and offer a better experience to their customers. Given these situations, the talk of underrated technology

While there are several pieces of technology that every business will use, some don’t get as much attention as they should. These can easily be termed as underrated technology. With that in mind, this guide will review some of the best technology your business should use.

Employee Monitoring Software

One piece of software that more companies should use is employee monitoring software. These tools can assist you in ensuring that employees remain on task and avoid distractions, and they can also assist you in identifying potential issues with your workflow. You can monitor the sites they visit, the things they download, their inputs, and more. The legality of monitoring and tracking may vary depending on the region, so it is important to be aware of what is legal and what is not. The infrequent use of this software is also an example of underrated technology.  employee monitoring software

Some people can work well without monitoring, but others may increase their focus when they know they are being monitored. Therefore, the monitoring system can help reduce the chances of employees being distracted by their phone or browsing the internet when they should be working

In particular, this type of technology is great if you need to monitor remote employees and keep them on task. This software is also brilliant for identifying employee strengths and weaknesses and lets you fine-tune your processes based on the information you collect when monitoring.

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A Self-Service Platform

Quality customer service is integral to almost every business. Unfortunately, delivering great customer service can take a lot of employees, time and effort. However, it doesn’t have to. Implementing a self-service portal can reduce the workload on your customer support staff.self-service

This is an online destination that contains a ton of useful information and answers about your product, services, or company as a whole. Not only does it make things easier on your end, but it also allows customers to help themselves and get answers quickly without having to get on the phone or send an email.

Once you create this resource and have the answers to many customer questions and concerns available online, it should dramatically reduce the amount of time your team needs to spend answering questions or helping customers in some cases. While it may take some time to create this resource, the benefits are worth it in the long run.

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Predictive Analytics

Another great software that is underrated for the benefits it can provide is predictive analytics technology. Predictive analytics is essentially the use of data and stats to make business predictions. The technology looks at both current and historical patterns to provide businesses with a better idea of the future.predictiveanalytics

You can use it to predict future sales, detect fraud, reduce future risk, determine staffing needs, and more. The use of predictive analytics is growing, but many more businesses should be making use of it. It’s not perfect, but it can give businesses a ton more information to help them make educated decisions.

In conclusion, these are some of the most underrated tools and technology that your company should be using.

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