16 Best Underwater Drones You Can Buy in 2021

Drones have taken the market by storm. It has been used by filmmakers, athletes, Wildlife enthusiasts, even photography companies. Drones are very useful in taking those wide-aerial shots without the help of a crane or a telescopic camera. Since it was first introduced, drones have become better and better. The companies making drones have been focusing on adding more features to the drones and making them cheaper at the same time. More and more types of Underwater Drones are being introduced now and then.

One of the latest types of drones to be introduced is the underwater drone. These drones have been a massive hit in the market. It has become as popular as the standard flying drones if not more. If you are a filmmaker who wants to get that perfect underwater shot without spending a lot of money, these are a great option.

Even swimmers and divers are buying underwater drones for capturing the beauties inside water bodies. Usually, these drones have a good quality camera for recording the things underwater as it is. There are a lot of underwater drones available in the market nowadays. Choosing the right one might be hard and confusing for a person. Don’t worry about it, we have done the work and have shortlisted the best underwater drone that you can buy right now.

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Top 12 Underwater Drones

Here are the top Drones for your Underwater Experience in 2020

Blueye Pioneer 

Blueye pioneer is one of the best designed underwater drones. Due to its impressive specifications and features, this drone will surely make your underwater experience unforgettable. It has a depth capacity of 150 meters and a 2-hour long battery life. Its full Hd camera (1080P/30fps) provides better picture quality for the user. Powerful led (3300 lumens) lights help in picturing and searching in the dark also.

Blueye pioneer

With automatic sensing of depth, Blueye pioneer has excellent speed and functionality in rough conditions. A single user can easily operate this drone. Apart from these features, it has a greater storage capacity of 64 GB. So, if you are looking to buy an underwater drone for the next task, we will recommend this drone.

Visit: Blueye Pioneer 

ThorRobotics Trenchrover 110ROV-

Trechrover 110 RV is the product of Thor Robotics Inc, which is in Yuhang, China. Thor robotics supplies the best underwater tool. This underwater drone performs various typical tasks like underwater researches and photography. With four-vector propellers and two LED spotlights, it works all charges fast. With its small size, it can be transportable anywhere.

ThorRobotics Trenchrover 110ROV

With 5 meters cable and floating antenna, it can collect images from rough and tiny places as well. Unique features like brushless motors 4pcs and brushless ESC. Its smooth controller and user-friendly interface make it ready to use by anyone. These characteristics make this drone gain popularity, among others.

RJE Oceanbotics SRV-8

RJE Oceanbotics™ SRV-8 provides an excellent underwater drone for superior performance. It is known as SRV-8n because it has eight thruster motors DVC (dynamic vector control), which helps in maintaining stability and control. Its excellent features include having 6 six degrees of freedom and a depth capacity of 305 meters.

RJE Oceanbotics SRV-8
RJE Oceanbotics SRV-8

Dual Hd camera and smart navigation help the professional in shooting perfect pictures. The Operation of this drone is easy with fast responses. It has a long battery life of 6 hours. It takes only 3 minutes or even less to set up and deploy. The Xbox gaming controller makes it in demand.

Visit:RJE Oceanbotics SRV-8

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Youcan Robot BW Space Pro 4K

The BW Space Pro is a product made by keeping photographers in mind. It is offering a wide range of different cameras with a 6x zoom and image stabilizer. It has a strong body, along with more excellent stability. Having direction sensing and can go up to 330 ft depth underwater. The adjustable tilt angle of 45-degree pitch for up or down view and 5-hours long battery life. Characteristics like intelligent auto-adjusting of light, depth maintenance, and AI object-tracking. B space pro also delivers fully immersive VR adventure to its users. You can too remote control this drone with the app having real-time preview through mobile phones or iPad.

Youcan robot BW SpacePro 4k
Youcan robot BW SpacePro 4k

Visit:Youcan Robot BW Space Pro 4K


iBubble is the best and the most intelligent underwater drone manufactured to date. Unlike other underwater drones, you don’t have to attach iBubble with a wire. Yes, it is entirely hands-free. Just imagine the possibilities. There is no wire-length limit anymore. This means you can make it go anywhere you want without thinking about the length of the wire. iBubble is designed to follow a person and record him in high quality.

Underwater Drones

How do iBubble know whom to follow? The thing here is that you will have to wear an iBubble band that comes with this drone. This band acts as a beacon device. iBubble was designed to follow the person wearing that band. The maximum limit of the distance that can be kept between the person wearing the band and this drone is 25 meters. This band can also be used for calling the drone to you.

Visit: iBubble


Trident is a product of Open ROV. Open ROV is a leading drone manufacturing company. Trident is one of the best underwater drones available in the market right now. The size of this drone is minimal as compared to the iBubble underwater drone. Trident can dive up to 100 meters. The battery life of Trident is up to 3 hours. The battery life depends on various factors like the depth, speed, quality of the video, etc.


You can use Trident for recording 1080p videos. This drone is pretty fast and can travel at a speed of 2m/sec. Trident is very convenient to carry around as it weighs only 3 kgs. This underwater drone has become the favorite of thousands of scuba divers and filmmakers.

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DTG2 is a product of Deep Trekker. It is one of the best underwater drones available right now. This underwater drone is known for its maneuverability. Two thrusters power it. These two thrusters help DTG2 in moving quickly.

DTG2 has an inbuilt camera with a 330-degree view. The battery life is 6-8 hours and you can charge it fully within 1.5 hours. It can dive up to 150 meters. The best part about this underwater drone is that you will get to see the live feed directly on your hand-held controller.


You can look at the portable controller and control the DTG2 accordingly. Thousands of people are using DTG2 for recording high-quality underwater videos. The quality of the video recorder using this underwater drone is high-quality. The speed of this drone is 2.5 knots.

Visit: DTG2

Fathom One

This is one of the cheapest underwater drones available right now. The size of the Fathom One drone is minimal as compared to the other drones in this list. The Fathom one has three thrusters. It has two permanent thrusters, and you can remove or attach the third one as per your wish. The company presents Fathom One with extra lights, sensors, thrusters, cameras, etc. on this drone so that the users can customize and add modifications to this drone.

Fathom One
Fathom One

You can attach it to a 100 feet wire. And, you can control this using a controller with a live feed as well. You can connect the drone to an Android or IOS device within the range of 100 feet. The speedo of Fathom one is good and you can control it as well.

Visit: Fathom

Sea otter 2

Sea otter 2 is a product of JW fishers. This is one of the best underwater drones that you can buy. The best thing about this drone is that it has 2 cameras on the front and the rear. There are bright LED rings on the rear of this drone. The front camera has two shiny LED panels. This drone has an attachment of 250 feet cable.

Sea otter 2
Sea otter 2

Also, a hand-held controller can control it. JW Fisher is one of the leading underwater drone manufacturers. Now, the state-of-the-art technology and world-class quality makes Sea otter 2 one of the best drones for underwater.

Visit: Sea Otter 2

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Power Vision Power Ray

PowerVision’s PowerRay Wizard Underwater ROV Kit enables you to capture 4K video and precious pics. You don’t have to get your toes wet for this. The kit comes with a PowerRay base station and vehicle, 64GB memory card, wireless controller and 64-meter tether.
Though there are all these features, the best feature is most likely the ZEISS VR ONE Plus Goggles.

Power Vision Power Ray
Power Vision Power Ray

These pair of goggles are unique, which makes you experience streaming 3D video in real-time from the deep dark blue. PowerVision’s PowerRay Wizard Underwater is simply a perfect choice for underwater shoots. It is one of the perfect Underwater Drones.

Visit: PowerVision’s Power Ray


AquaBotix is one of the best portable remotely operated underwater drones. You can bet on this underwater drone that will never betray you. These models are smart, agile, and fairly priced.

AquaBotix-underwater drone

Not only the quality of the drone but also the way a user can operate it is pretty easy. Unlike other drones, AquaBotix is very easy to master. It uses Highly advanced technology in the making of this efficient Underwater Vehicle. AquaBotix is very capable and boasts sufficient to undertake challenging tasks.

Chasing M2

The Chasing M2 is packed with some very advanced controls and premium features. On the plus side, this drone is very easy to control, and it has an excellent build quality. Even at a good depth of 330ft underwater, it films really well. There are about eight corner-mounted thrusters that are well protected.

chasing m2
Chasing M2

There sure could be some improvements with the lighting. It does not deliver the best footage if the water isn’t crystal clear. A downside to it is that difficulty to navigate can arise without regular positional feedback.

Robosea BIKI

Robosea BIKI is a very small drone, but it has some terrific features. These features include automated balance, return to base, and obstacle avoidance. This small yet among the most powerful underwater drones supports 4K camera, which gives you the pleasure of viewing some beautiful sights with full clarity.

Robosea BIKI
Robosea BIKI

It has strong Built-in GPS and amazing route customization. The wireless control of Robosea BIKI is seamless. As the name implies, it is not just an underwater drone but an underwater robot.

Visit: Robosea BIKI

Chasing Dory

This underwater drone is an innovational masterpiece. Weighing 2.5 Kg, this drone is a fantastic buy with up to 1 hour of battery life. It comes at a modest price with a camera resolution of 1080p. It incorporates a great design and goes up to a depth of 50ft underwater.

chasing dory-underwater drone
Chasing Dory

It incorporates the depth lock feature. The drone, however, is only supported by 250 lumens of light. It can be controlled by the umbilical and a wifi unit. The wifi buoy can be thrown in the water, and as long as you’re within the range, you get full control of the drone. To sum up, with its decent specifications, it surely is a good deal.

Visit: Chasing Dory

Geneinno Titan ROV

The Geneinno Titan ROV is popularly suggested for underwater explorers. Its impressive factor is the four-thruster arrangement. This factor is usually a selling point for people who operate aerial drones. It also has a 4K Video ability strengthened with a 160-degree field view making underwater exploration easy. However, improvements in the camera stability are expected by the users.

geneinno titan ROV
Geneinno Titan ROV

A downside to it is the finite amount of power, but this gets overpowered by the 12 Knots and 3000 lumen LEDs that it comes with. Moreover, it comes with optional accessories that you may require, including a robot arm. How cool is that?

Visit: Geneinno Titan ROV

Chasing Gladius Mini

In addition to the Chasing family is the Gladius Mini which operates in seawater as well as freshwater. It comes with an amazing 12-megapixel camera and operates as far as 300 feet underwater. The five thrusters with a 45-degree tilt control are one of its remarkable features. Most importantly, the stills and videos are saved to 64Gb storage.

chasing gladius mini
Chasing Gladius Mini

The app is easy and compatible with VR as well as the 4K camera; in addition, can also live-stream your underwater footage. Setting up and operating the drone is very straightforward, except for the connection part. However, The wifi pairing could take a couple of attempts before its success. Improved image stabilization and a higher quality camera are anticipated by the users.

Visit: Chasing Gladius Mini


What is the deepest an underwater drone can go?

The deepest an underwater drone has gone is 492 feet. The model is called the Geneinno Drone T1 with a 4K HD Camera. It is also equipped with a robotic arm for further exploration.

How long do underwater drones last?

Every underwater drone has a different battery specification. How long it can last depends on a lot of factors like the depth is going up to or the weather. Typically, a drone can last about 8 hours.

What are underwater drones used for?

Initially, underwater drones were used for research purposes in different fields such as Military, Marine Biology or even in the Oil and Gas Sector. Lately, these are also being used for recreational purposes and personal discovery.

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Well, these were some of the best underwater drones available in the trade. As you have read all about underwater drones, compare the pros and cons, and choose the right one for you.

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