How to Unlock Disabled iPad [iTunes Alternatives]

We often forget our unlock code/password to our device. Be it Android, iPhones, locked personal computers, or even iPads. Finding a solution to such frustrating problems was very difficult in the past. But, as of now, you can find lots of different ways to troubleshoot such issues. If you have a disabled iPad and you are looking for a solution, you’re at the right place.

Alike methods to unlock an Android device, you will find some easy ways to unlock a disabled iPad. 

disabled ipad
Disabled iPad

People usually make use of their iTunes account to unlock a disabled iOS device. However, if you are looking for iTunes alternatives to reset your disabled iPad or maybe iPhone, follow this detailed guide. 

You can check this tutorial that explains how to unlock a disabled iPad without iTunes. This tutorial and the guide explained below apply to all iPad and iPhone models.

2 Easy Ways to Fix a Disabled iPad Without iTunes

For iOS users who have encountered the situation of disabled iPad or iPhone, using iTunes to recover or reset their iOS device is the most obvious option. However, for those iPad users who do not use iTunes, you can follow the guide below to unlock your locked iPad. 

Solution 1: Unlock your disabled iPad using the iMobie AnyUnlock tool. 

AnyUnlock is a password unlocker software tool for your disabled iPhone, iPod, and iPad in no time. This password unlocker tool can unlock any iPad lock: a custom PIN code, alphanumeric security code, Face ID, pattern lock, Touch ID, etc. You can download it for free for both iOS devices and Windows. 

Although AnyUnlock is a popular password unlocker tool for disabled iPhones and iPads, one thing you need to be mindful about is that you will lose your data. That is to say; you are going to risk everything present on your iPad if you choose this method to unlock or reset your locked iPad. Suppose you want to recover your lost data after unlocking your iPad. In that case, you should not forget to prepare a backup file on your iCloud. 

any unlock
Any Unlock

Therefore, if you are okay with using this AnyUnlock third-party tool to unlock your disabled iPad, the steps to use it are explained right ahead. 

Steps to Use AnyUnlock to Unlock Disabled iPad

  • First, find the AnyUnlock software tool to download and install it on your personal computer. Its installation process is just the same as any other app. 
  • Now, do not forget to connect your personal computer or Mac with your disabled iPad without iTunes. You can make use of the cable to link both of them securely. 
  • As both the iPad and your personal computer are securely connected, run the AnyUnlock software application on your PC or Mac. 
  • When you first run the AnyUnlock application, you can see the unlocking process instructed on the screen. 
  • Select the “Unlock Screen Passcode” option from the next screen out of all the other options. 
unlock ipad screen passcode
Unlock iPad Screen Passcode
  • Then, put your iPad into recovery mode. 
  • As soon as your disabled iPad goes into recovery mode, you will be prompted to download the latest related firmware package. 
  • To start downloading the newest firmware version for your iPad, you have to tap on the Download button when the prompt appears. 
  • Once the latest firmware package is downloaded for your iPad, the AnyUnlock application will begin the unlocking process of your disabled iPad. For that, you have to click on the “Start Unlocking” option. 
start unlock
Start Unlock
  • Like I mentioned in the earlier part of the post, the unlocking process of the AnyLock app is an automated one. Thus, as soon as you click on the Unlocking button, the system will erase everything on your iPad. The system will then install the newly downloaded firmware package.
  • As the installation of the new firmware is finished, you will notice a message on the screen stating, “your passcode has been unlocked successfully.” 

And just like that, your disabled iPad is unlocked without the use of iTunes. You can now freshly configure your iPad like a wholly new iOS device. 

Solution 2: Unlock Your Disabled iPad Using the Find My iPhone Feature. 

Assuming that you do not have iTunes on your personal computer or, say, Mac, you can utilize the Find My iPhone feature. This is possible provided you previously enabled this feature. 

You can follow the steps ahead to reset your disabled iPad using the Find My iPhone feature.

  • Firstly, go to the “Find My iPhone” website or to the “iCloud” website. There, you have to log in to your iCloud account. (If you are using any other iOS device, find the “Find My iPhone” application on that device. Enter your iCloud ID to access it).  
  • After accessing your iCloud account through the website, click the option that says “Find iPhone.” Next, click on “All Devices”> select the disabled device, i.e., your disabled iPad > click on “Erase iPad.” Your disabled iPad is now undergoing a factory reset. 
find my iphone
Find My iPhone
  • Suppose you have logged in to your iCloud account through the Find My iPhone application. In that case, your following action should be to choose your disabled iPad out of all the available devices. After you tap on the Actions button, click on Erase iPad. You need to confirm the same by clicking on the “Erase Mac” button. 

This method also deletes all the data and other existing content of your disabled iPad. You can restore the necessary data from the recent backup file after restarting your iPad.

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The ways mentioned above can help you unlock your disabled/locked iPad by using alternatives to iTunes. If you prefer not to use iTunes to access your disabled iPad or iPhone, you cannot utilize the built-in reset option to unlock it. 

I hope the guide explained above is understandable to you and would be practically helpful to you if, in any case, such a disabled iPad or iPhone issue occurs. 

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