Streaming sticks are an excellent investment if you’re someone who loves to watch movies and TV shows. In short, a streaming stick is a device that allows you to stream movies, music, TV shows, etc., spanning across multiple genres. Also, if you are a Mac user, You can Mirror Mac to Firestick and watch all your shows.

Several companies produce streaming sticks, some of the most popular being Amazon’s Firestick, Chromecast, and Roku. These streaming sticks are also reasonably priced; their demand has skyrocketed ever since their launch. Now, you can always enjoy streamed content from your phone or PC from platforms like Netflix, HULU, etc.

You also access a free Netflix account these days. It doesn’t even hold a candle compared to watching this content on the big screen with your friends and family. Now, it is always beneficial to learn the functionalities of your streaming stick. Therefore, in today’s article, we will cover unpairing the Fire TV remote. 

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What Is Amazon’s Firestick

Amazon’s Firestick is one of the most popular streaming sticks out there. It offers a simple yet intuitive interface, which has made it a fan favorite. This how-to pair/unpair fire tv remote guide applies to the following models. 

  1. Amazon FireStick 2nd Gen
  2. FireStick 4K
  3. Fire TV Cube

However, this how-to unpair firestick remote guide can also be deemed appropriate for the older device versions.

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How To Pair Fire TV Remote

Considering various scenarios, this article covers how to pair/unpair a Fire TV remote. Scroll down to find the one you feel is most applicable to your situation. 

Pairing the Firestick remote during the setup process

Now the pairing process of the remote during setup is as simple as it can get. It is the very first step in the setup of your firestick. You will need the Firestick remote to perform each action in the following setup process.

firestickAll you need to do to pair the remote during setup is press the Pause/Play button. Please ensure you have inserted the batteries into your Firestick remote before performing the earlier steps.

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Pairing a new Firestick remote

If you’ve bought a new remote due to damage to the previous one, follow the next steps to pair it. 

  1. Unlink the firestick from its power
  2. Insert the batteries into the new remote
  3. Next, power up your firestick once again. At this stage, the new remote should automatically pair with the TV. Check to see if that’s the case.
  4. Now, if the remote hasn’t paired, hold down on the Home button on the remote for approximately 10-20 seconds.
  5. A notification should appear on your TV, stating that the pairing was successful. If not, utilize the remote to see if it works with the TV.

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Pairing more than one Firestick

Amazon Firestick allows you to pair more than one remote to the TV. This is a handy feature when one remote doesn’t function properly. Therefore, if you want to pair more than one firestick to your TV, follow the next steps.

add new remote

  1. Go into the settings of your Firestick from the home screen.
  2. Click on ‘Controllers & Bluetooth Devicescontrollers & bluetooth devices
  3. Select ‘Amazon Fire TV Remotes’
  4. Next, select the option titled ‘Add New Remote.’add new remote
  5. At this stage, the firestick will try to detect a new remote
  6. Press down on the remote’s home button you would like to pair with the firestick for a minimum of 10 seconds. pair fire tv remote
  7. Once the firestick detects the new remote, press down on the ‘select’ button of your old remote to confirm the pairing of the new remote.

Use the new remote to see if it has been paired up. 

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How To Unpair Fire TV Remote

If you’re looking to unpair the Firestick remote, then the following are two possible scenarios that can be associated with the same. Check out the one that suits your situation the most. 

Unpairing the only remote associated with the TV

It is impossible to use a remote to unpair it with the firestick it is connected with. However, that is possible if you wish to use that remote to connect to another firestick. Unplug your firestick from its power source to unpair the fire stick remote.

unplug your firestick

Use one of the above methods to pair your Firestick TV remote with another Firestick. 

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Unpairing the additional remote associated with the TV

To unpair the Fire TV remote in case there are multiple remotes linked to the Firestick, follow the next set of steps

  1. Go into the settings of your Firestick from the home screen
  2. Click on ‘Controllers & Bluetooth Devices
  3. Click on ‘Amazon Fire TV Remotes’
  4. Next, select the Firestick remote you wish to unpair
  5. Select the hamburger icon on another remote that is linked to the Firestick 
  6. Finally, hold down on the ‘select’ button on the other remote. 
  7. Your remote has now been unpaired.

So that’s how to unpair the Amazon Fire tv remote when you have multiple remotes connected to a single Firestick. Know What Are Amazon Digital Downloads? Just by clicking here!

So here’s how to pair/unpair the Fire TV remote with your Firestick. Now that you’ve cleared your dilemma, you can get back to streaming your favorite sports or any content in no time! 
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Can I unpair a Fire TV remote from the remote itself?

No, you cannot unpair a Fire TV remote directly from the remote itself. The unpairing process needs to be done through the settings menu on the Fire TV device.

Will unpairing a Fire TV remote reset it?

No, unpairing a Fire TV remote will not reset it. Unpairing disconnects the remote from the Fire TV device but does not erase any settings or configurations stored on the remote.

How do I pair a new remote after unpairing the old one?

After unpairing the old remote, pair a new remote with your Fire TV by going to the settings menu, selecting Controllers & Bluetooth Devices, choosing Amazon Fire TV Remotes, and following the on-screen instructions to pair the new remote.

Can I unpair multiple Fire TV remotes at once?

No, you can only unpair one Fire TV remote at a time. If multiple remotes need to be unpair, you must repeat the unpairing process for each remote individually.

Will unpairing a Fire TV remote affect other pair devices?

Unpairing a Fire TV remote will only affect the specific remote being unpaired. It will not affect other pair devices or connections like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

What should I do if I accidentally unpair a Fire TV remote?

If you accidentally unpair a Fire TV remote, you can pair it again by following the instructions. Go to the settings menu, select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices, choose Amazon Fire TV Remotes, and then follow the on-screen instructions to pair the remote again.

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