Is the quality of your photographs grainy, hazy, or unclear? Pixelated images are a bummer. But how about you? We tell you that now you can UnPixelate images. Pixelation is an annoyance that is frequently noticed with low-resolution photographs. Furthermore, the image’s quality visibly degrades due to incorrect resizing or compression, rendering it unusable.


You will learn numerous Photoshop techniques for fixing pixelated photographs to address the issue. Using various Online photo editors, you will also learn how to depixelate an image on your PC and mobile phone without Photoshop.

Are you seeking simple and quick ways how to Unpixelate images? In this post, you will learn how to restore pixelated photographs on PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone using Photoshop, free tools, and other online apps.

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What exactly is Pixelation?

Pixels are composed of one-by-one color chunks. As the title suggests, Pixelation is the process of splitting an image into specific areas and transforming these areas into making color chunks clear, combined to produce a graphic.

what exactly is pixelation.

 It is pretty similar to color composition. Described as rasterization, rasterization converts a vector graphic into a dot pattern of pixels.

What Causes Pixelation in Photos?

The most common cause of Pixelation in photos is image scaling. 

  • A blurry image can be a result of shaky hands or some issue with the camera.

what causes pixelation in photos

  • When scanning images, the scanner’s quality can occasionally compel them to appear pixelated.
  • Pixelation occurs when images are opened in incompatible programs or applications.

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How to Make a Picture Less Blurry Using an Online Photo Editor?

Do you want to know how to Unpixelate images online? If you want to quickly Unpixelate images without Photoshop, this is a simple and effective way to Unpixelate a photo online.

 Fotor Is An Excellent App for UnPixelate Images.

Several editing options include basic editing, photo enhancer, shape, and designing. Follow the steps below to use Fotor’s pixelized image to clear up your fuzzy photos.unpixilate image

Step 1: Install the Fotor editor.fotor editor

Step 2: Upload your blurry photo.upload image

Step 3: Select the “AI Enlarger” tool from the “Adjust” menu.fotor editor

Step 4: After selecting the tool, the preview image will appear on the canvas, and it is clear that the picture is much sharper than the original after using this tool.preview image Click on “Apply” to save your photo.

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How to UnPixel a picture in Photoshop? 

The Filter is an essential tool in Photoshop. Numerous options are available in the Photoshop filter menu, which is critical in picture processing. Want to know how to UnPixelate an image? Let’s employ the generally used sharpening filter.

how to unpixelate images in photoshop

Step 1: Upload the blurred photo to Photoshop, then use the shortcut Ctrl + J to duplicate a layer and right-click to convert it to a Smart Object. The advantage of smart objects is that they safeguard the image while increasing the flexibility of screen objects

Step 2: Navigate to Filter >Other >High Pass Filter on layer 1, and the adjustment window will appear on the page.layer 1

When setting the radius, keep the image in mind and make the radius as large as feasible while keeping the color difference. The primary goal of this phase is to maintain the sharpened image’s edge contour lines through solid contrast.

Step 3: On layer 1, use Filter> Sharpen > Unsharp Mask. The USM filter (UnSharp Mask) can assemble the UnPixelate images by increasing the contrast between nearby pixels.unsharp mask

Step 4: When you’re through with the adjustment, click OK, return to the Layers panel, and change the layer blend mode to Overlaid. Choose Curves from the Adjustments tab to brighten and make the image less dull.adjust radius

Step 5: Use the shortcut Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ E to merge the layers and tone the image with [Filter-Camera Raw].raw filter

You can use this effect to subtly modify the sharpness of the image by raising contrast, reducing noise, or emphasizing visual textures.

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How To DePixelate An Image Using An Online Photo Editor?

You can now recognize how to make images clearly, but what happens if you occasionally need to pixelate images? Fotor provides you with everything you need quickly and effectively. Pixelate your images.

how to unpixelate images using an online photo editor

Step 1: Upload your image to the Fotor editor.fotor

Step 2: Find the “Mosaic” tool by clicking “Adjust.”mosiac on fotor

Step 3:  Choose your preferred blurry pixels effect & resize the brush to paint on your image.before and after unpixilating

Step 4: Click on “Apply” to save your pixelate on apply

So, these are the steps to unpixelate images using Fotor.

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What Can I Do To Avoid Creating Pixelate Images?

These steps can help you Unpixelate images. Your camera settings should be appropriate for the photo you’re settings If you witness visible pixels in your images, it is possible that your camera is not positioned accurately.


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What is the process of resizing photos?

You can use any of these tools, like Microsoft Paint or GIMP. But if you don't have any of these, browse for them. In your browser, type PicResize. PicResize resizes images without compromising the image quality. Then you can upload a picture and select the desired size.

What results in a pixelated image?

Image scaling is the most common cause of Pixelation in pictures. The bitmaps show up on the screen if you magnify a jpeg image to its larger counterpart without making any changes in technology to its resolution. As a consequence, the overall image gets foggy and messy.

Is PNG a pixelated format?

The compressed image can lead to a hazy image. When you adjust a photo, text, or design, you also reduce and increase the number of pixels. While moderate scaling should result in no loss of quality, severe reduction of JPG images will result in a noticeably inferior image.

How can I clear up unclear photographs online for free?

To unblur the image online. Drag a blurry image to our picture sharpening, select Unblur, let the photo sharpener do its magic, and transform your blurry image into a clear image. Instantly get extremely sharp images with no halos or artifacts.

How can I obtain a free image with a greater resolution?

Visit An Upscaler is a free AI-powered image scaling service. There's no need to sign up. However, if you want to upscale more than three pictures, sign-in is needed. Drag and drop your picture into the given area. Confirm the terms, then select one of the resizing options below.

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Nothing beats a high-quality photograph; if you want that, you must prevent pixelation problems. However, if you encounter such issues, photo editing software can become your best friend in resolving them—software such as Photoshop and Paint NET. Photoshop can also help you get elevated prints from low-resolution images.

You can also use free web programs to sharpen and unpixelate images. In addition, to cure Pixelation in images on Android and iPhone, you can try numerous photo editing programs from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store to unpixelate images. If all other methods fail, you could attempt Stellar Repair for Photo. It can fix image issues such as file corruption, improper compression, and Pixelation or blurriness. The program is available for free. It corrects pixelated images and displays a preview of the corrected image.

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