As the year progresses, we continue to see a sizable number of new Xbox One games in development. Since the Xbox Series X’s introduction a little more than two years ago, many new games are arriving on the new-gen system for 2023. Despite the switch to the newest hardware, the Xbox One will still receive several thrilling new titles this year and in the years to come. Here is a list of the upcoming Xbox One games for you to play. 

Hogwarts Legacy, Minecraft Legends, System Shock Remake, Diablo 4, and Lies of P are some of the best upcoming Xbox One games in 2023. 

We have many exciting new adventures from Microsoft Game Studios, including titles like Minecraft Legends and some beautiful additions to Xbox Game Pass shortly. You can browse a list of the most eagerly awaited and thrilling upcoming Xbox One games below, organized by release date. But before going through games we also recommend you to know how to power your Xbox One without Brick.

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Top 10 Upcoming Xbox One Games

Suppose you’re curious about what Microsoft has in stock for the upcoming years. Then you’ve come to the right place. As we’ve compiled a list of every game confirmed.


Nightdive Studio has been working on its authentic recreation of the legendary realistic game System Shock for quite some time now. It is finally set to launch in March. Among the most coveted shooters of the year and most anticipated upcoming Xbox releases, this reboot of System Shock is driven by a balance of respect and restraint.shooting system shock Even though Nightdive hasn’t mentioned a console release in a while, we’re optimistic that it will still come to Xbox One. Such Xbox games are coming soon for gamers.

Developed by: Nightdive Studios

Date of release: March( Not confirmed)

Game pass requirement: no



After the success of Minecraft Dungeons, Microsoft Gaming continues to promote the growth of its collaborative building property by developing an intuitive real-time strategy game in collaboration with Blackbird Interactive and Mojang.minecraft legends With simple controls and surprisingly complex concepts, Minecraft Legends is a lot of fun and is among the best upcoming Xbox One games. It also features multiplayer PvP for the first time in its history.

Developed by: Blackbird Interactive

Date of release: April 18, 2023

Game pass requirement: no



Dead Island 2 is officially ready to dump us into helLA, a combination of hell (due to the undead) and LA (owing to the bright backdrop of this multiplayer action game), after spending a decade in development torment.dead island 2 The game Dead Island 2 is about chopping and shooting your way through swarms of the undead, gathering more ridiculous weapons, and trying to live in a vast open area, whether playing by yourself or with a group of pals. It is a tonne of fun!

Developed by: Dambuster Studios

Date of release: April 21, 2023

Game pass requirement: no



The Harry Potter, video game series fans have always wished to play Hogwarts Legacy. At least, based on the gameplay we have seen thus far, that is how we perceive it.hogwarts legacy You can enroll as a specially made fifth-year student at the renowned school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Before facing off against dark forces, you’ll have the chance to meet new people, attend classes to improve your spellcraft and choose your House and wand.

Developed by: Avalanche Software

Date of release: May 5, 2023

Game pass requirement: No



Action RPGs like Diablo 4 have the potential to ruin your life. Even though Diablo 3 releases ten years ago, it continues to rank among the best co-op games available and features life steal. What about the follow-up in 2023?diablo Given its vast shared open world, gothic style, and abundance of weapons, getting a Diablo 4 Stacked Account and Diablo 4 appears to be a tremendous advancement of the series’ fundamental principles.

Developed by: Blizzard

Date of release: June 6, 2023

Game pass requirement: No

Visit: DIABLO 4 


The follow-up to Hollow Knight, one of the best dungeon-crawler games of the last decade, is eagerly anticipated. The original goal of the game’s developer, Team Cherry, was to provide DLC for the first title.hollow knight However, its original plan swiftly went out of control as it labored on a new cosmos to traverse, a new avatar, and various new combat features. Due to everything above, Hollow Knight Silksong is one of the most eagerly awaited Collectors Edition releases of 2023. And one of the best upcoming Xbox One games.

Developed by: Team Cherry

Date of Release: March 2023

Game pass requirement: Yes



You may be familiar with FromSoftware as the developer of games like Elden Ring and Dark Souls. Yet before concentrating on crafting action RPGs with pronounced difficulty spikes, FromSoftware built a name for itself by making larger-than-life mech games.armored core It will finally return to them in 2023 with the Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. We are excited to return to this brand with the promise of powerful mechs to pilot and an appropriately destroyed world to discover. 

Developed by: FromSoftware

Date of release : 2023(Not confirmed)

Game pass requirement: No

Visit: Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon


Ubisoft is moving away from expansive open environments and action-RPG combat for the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed games.assassins creed With a “more intimate size,” Assassin’s Creed Mirage returns to the series’ beginnings by emphasizing secrecy, acrobatics, and assassinations. It is set in Baghdad(9th center)  and promises fresh air for all weary of the enormity of games like Odyssey, AC Origins, and Valhalla.

Developed by: Ubisoft

Date of release : 2023(To be conformed)

Game pass requirement: No



Xbox users have been pleading for their Bloodborne for years, and Lies of P could be the next smartest idea. The time players spent with the game last year impressed them, and it was noted that it might very well be a “record-breaking action RPG of 2023.”lies of p You play Pinocchio in this new souls-like as he battles to reclaim his humanity and find his maker, Mr. Geppetto, in an appropriately gloomy universe. Seeing such nerve-wracking new games coming out on Xbox will be exciting. 

Developed by: Neowiz Games

Date of release : 2023(Not confirmed)

Game pass requirement: Yes

Visit: LIES OF P


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is one of the upcoming Xbox games and the newest iconic IP to jump on the asymmetrical horror game bandwagon. We’re interested to see how the game performs when it debuts on Xbox One (and Game Pass) this year.texas chain You’ll need to collaborate with your friends to survive the family, and we can only assume that there will be a great deal of conflict in internet chat rooms over who gets to play as Leatherface.

Developed by: Gun Interactive

Date of release : 2023(Not confirmed)

Game pass requirement: Yes



What is the top game on XBox right now?

Call of duty, Hogwarts Legacy, and Minecraft are among the top games available on Xbox.

Will new games continue to release on Xbox One?

The Xbox One will stop receiving new games because it is an old console. However, developers are bringing in updated versions of popular games with some new features.

Which Android game is played most in the world?

Roblox is considered a top game among Android games.

Which is the most prominent gaming console currently?

First, the PS5 is now in the lead in terms of games. On the other side, Xbox fans have had to deal with a fewer list of top-tier exclusives.

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So that’s our list of the top 10 upcoming Xbox One games for 2023. We hope that you enjoyed reading it and that you were able to discover some great new video games that you hadn’t heard of before. Play them to your heart’s core and on a marketplace like GGSel, you can buy Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Please let us know in the comments what you think of the list and if there are any games you think should be on it.

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